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Don’t get bored in retirement! Steps so you don’t fall into this retirement trap.

because there are many people who leave retirement with a huge sense of relief and excitement you have your life back maybe they were shocked when a month or six months or a year or even longer went by and they finally hit a wall for some it creeps up sooner and others it hits later and harder and that you get that feeling of okay so so now what or the feeling like everything feels a little out of control although I'm bored which is kind of a strange juxtaposition today we want to focus on how to prevent boredom in this phase of life boredom is the silent killer that can end your retirement way too soon if you begin to let the days unfold with Lila or no planning you're going to find yourself with idle time and that can lead down a path of self-destruction or at a minimum feel lost and a little scared about what the next 30 years of your life will more and there is boredom leads to loneliness which leads to a list of chronic illnesses such as heart disease anxiety depression and more today we're going to give you some easy Surefire steps to make sure this doesn't happen to you and you're going to finish this video knowing that what you can expect and make a plan to avoid this largest retirement Challenge and stay to the end where we're going to give you three easy steps to bounce back if you feel bored but before we go any further we want to introduce ourselves my name is Mark Rollins and I'm Jody Rollins and we started retirement transformed not only for us but also for you and the 10 000 people turning 65 every day now we don't focus on the financial aspects of retirement but rather lifestyle Health relationships and more if you're new here please hit the Subscribe button and also the notification button so you'll get notified when our videos come out all right let's get into it during your career or if you are a stay-at-home uh mom or dad you were busy right 40 to 60 hours a week and you had a built-in schedule you did if you had children then that was your schedule running them from place to place organizing being involved and you had routines and you had routines that were commonplace maybe you got up at six there was coffee you checked emails maybe had breakfast you did a little exercise that was what our morning was like but it was just automatic we didn't even think about it we had to do that right and then at night at night we would uh come home uh open a bottle of wine cook some dinner and put another bottle have another bottle of wine watch some TV and almost busy Beyond busy in fact we made busy a thing in our house yeah during the week it was it was sort of Controlled Chaos yeah so sometimes it was just chaos weekends for us was rest catching up doing chores doing laundry going dry cleaners having fun with friends but then and they landed that's right you land in retirement and there's this huge relief that now you're free to commit and do whatever you want to do without a schedule and you're free from your from you're free from being Tethered to your career with all of those responsibilities and time commitments that's right and it opens up I remember our first Monday after retirement we retired at the end of 2018 on a Friday at three in the afternoon we walked out of the office with our boxes with our boxes and I remember that Monday the weekend was kind of cool but I remember Monday we still got up at six because our bodies were used to it we still had the coffee we still watched the news but then we had more coffee more news and we said hey we've never really been able to watch the morning shows let's do that all of a sudden it was 10 30 and we're looking at each other like now what do we do well and then if you think about it on that Monday where the blues were just starting to sink in we decided to shower and go out for lunch right and what we didn't really click into was most restaurants were closed on Mondays that we would go to so we came home when we made a list of chores we needed to do around the house well wait a second what we were going to do you made a list of chores I needed to do around the house which wasn't really fair but that's not true you wanted to keep me busy well and then Mark will say things like let's go to Home Depot and before I know it we're at like nine other stops and we finally get to Home Depot well we also decided let's start a Netflix series which we had never really gotten into no so all of a sudden it's six o'clock in the afternoon and we hadn't done anything other than made a list went to Home Depot watched three hours of TV and now it's time to cook dinner and then before we knew it Tuesday looked like that Wednesday looked like that Thursday looked like that and Bam there we are with a board retirement and that was embarrassing to say boredom had set in and we we didn't even want to say to each other but there it was right it was there so we got to work we did we dug ourselves out of that feeling and invested some real time in figuring out how would we fill our days you know maybe you had a different experience because there are many people who leave retirement with a huge sense of relief and excitement you have your life back maybe they were shocked when a month or six months or a year or even longer went by and they finally hit a wall for some it creeps up sooner and others it hits later and harder and that you get that feeling of okay so so now what or the feeling like everything feels a little out of control although I'm bored which is kind of a strange juxtaposition today we want to focus on how to prevent boredom in this phase of life so the first thing you need to do is you need to do some planning now I know I know what you're thinking and you've heard us say this before you've heard us say this before but there's no way you went through a 30 or 40 year career without planning so you need to plan in retirement too because you want to plan on how to fill this new found 40 plus hours of free time that come your way and it's going to guarantee you have at least one activity each day to look forward to you know it's also going to open up you know opportunity for you to make some commitments yes you know we had a client Deb who ended up making a commitment to her College roommates after she retired that she was going to do 52 new things a year that was one new thing every week for a year sometimes alone sometimes with her friends but that's the other thing about this phase book sometime with your friends go to a gym play golf with a friend just go have a cup of coffee or carve out time for your partner Jody and I carve out a lot of time during the week for each other and I would say also especially as a prior recovering working executive mom workaholic maybe you know carve some time out for just yourself what is it that you want to do but again by planning you're going to open up your calendar and you're going to be able to make these commitments so morning time yeah our coffee we sit and chat no TV we just it's funny because we watch we did the whole thing in the beginning with the Netflix series and binging we've really stepped away from TV we don't do it that much if it's a rainy day and we get the urge maybe but our coffee time is pretty sacred I think that's important it is and you know we don't even really turn on the news anymore because there's so many ways that we get news right so news comes at us through our phones and our laptops and you know YouTube and all these other people besides the planning that we do when we're having coffee we just have nice conversations we chat about the kids and things we're going to do or dinner plans or opportunities each of us may have been given for the week and we also talk about what we're grateful for yeah now a lot of people say okay we heard you say that but what do you fill your days with well we obviously have this business but you also need to find something for for ourselves a hobby exercise reading research go to the library when was the last time you were in the library and got lost in some research on a hobby or a or anything that you wanted to learn something about or spend time with a friend you know having a community in retirement is really critical I also think this is a great time you know I know for me weekends were filled with chores when I was working because that was the only time I had a chance to do them but they were always the emergency chores well there are also chores that like kind of overwhelmed me because I had to get it all done now you know I can space out you know I can clean a closet I can clean a drawer I can organize part of the basement I can take a load of stuff to a charity you know so you know adding a chore or something like that to do each day actually makes it a little more fun and a lot less pressure you know the other thing that we've found is that we retired with closets filled with work clothes that we haven't worn in years we've already purged twice right really give serious thought to getting rid of your work clothes so that someone else can wear them you know I think that's really really important you know I think it's important to remember that building each day with a plan begin with your plan it'll do wonders for your boredom it almost negates the opportunity for boredom to get in plus I think it's okay at the end of the day when we're having dinner whatever to check in and see how did we do today right what was it what was the best thing that we did today and what are we looking forward to tomorrow right you know if you stick to this schedule with the morning planning making commitments and activities and filling your days putting in some down time too you'll feel less bored and more excited about what tomorrow brings so the last thing we want to share with you to make sure boredom does not creep into your retirement is to protect your weekends we did talk about that a little bit how weekends were so important to us during our career but they're really important now too we really like our weekends we do and you know we we fight that urge and we fight that wave and we actually fight some clients on the fact that they say shouldn't every day be a Saturday now that I'm retired but our weekends we still do fun weekends right and our response is no you know protect your weekend Savor your weekend still make Saturday Saturday plus you do want to plan some things we did another video on this we want you want to plant some things so you know what day of the week it is right you don't want to just feel like every day is a Saturday but we do certain things on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays and all of that but the other thing about weekends is a lot of our friends are younger and they still work right so we plan things to do on the weekend with them because they're more available yeah I mean even if it's dinner out or a farmer's market or breakfast or you know a day trip to a to a village nearby we plan that on the weekends really savoring that weekend time you know what you don't want to do is be a weekend homebody because because there are crowds you know it's okay these days to get out you know bring your own crowd into the weekend bring your own energy into the weekend so we're big fan of weekends so make your weekends fun all right we're at the end and we wanted to give you three steps to get unstuck if you feel like you're bored first thing is as soon as you feel bored do something fun for yourself do not sit there in your sadness work on the hobby read for an hour call a bunch of friends just pick up your phone and call your friends don't just sit there and lament that you're bored you know something easy you can do is to just turn on some music loud music dance sing I like loud music Mark doesn't so much but I turn on music when I feel that boredom creeping in the second thing is spend some time planning a vacation Dream a Little Google some fun places pick some great hotels or Resorts make it a project that when you have time you feel that you can work on it get a folder include kids don't include kids include another couple talk to your spouse where do you want to go and how can you dream there's actually science around the fact that you get happier oh yeah when you're planning a vacation as opposed to even just going on the vacation so yeah if you get happier planning your day if you just sit there and plan your day even if you don't do everything it gets exciting right all right right you're feeling bored here's the third thing you can do get out of the house and take a walk fresh air if it's raining if it's snowy it doesn't matter dress for the weather go to a beach and walk along the beach or walk in the in the woods on a trail the Japanese call that Forest bathing if you're bored get out and move you know feeling bored is not a good feeling and it's not an option for you in retirement if it continues for a long period of time it can be debilitating when it kicks in adjust and do something to get you out of this funk now if you want to learn more ideas on having fun in retirement check out this video right here we just posted a while ago and it gives you a lot of great ideas and if you enjoyed this please share with your friends and also please subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button below and finally join our free Facebook Community the link is also in the notes below thanks for being with us today and we'll be back again soon

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