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If you hate being debt-free, you can always get back in

listen if you hate it if you hate being debt free you can always get back in goor that's what you choose and that's the life you want you can always do it but there's something about living in this mentality when you don't owe someone anything nothing it's just a few of those decisions painful hard decisions sometimes when you're in the midst of it but it's just saying hey this this and this for a period of time and that's the problem John I think is that people they're comfortable where they are and it kind of is working I mean you know what I mean like this is a great example I'm like yeah $28,000 car loan $28,000 St I we could kind of just truck along pay you know an extra thousand a month you know and you're in it for for three four years and it's oh man I need new tires well you can just Finance those just kind of like go along and then you look up it's been five years and you're like we've made I've made no progress like and I dug my whole deeper right yeah that's right that's right so the habits you guys if you're not happy with the situation you're in financially that means the way you're handling money the way you're viewing it it has to change

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