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Is 1 million enough for retirement in Malaysia? (2022)

Hi, I'm Terence and I'm
going to be 50 years old next year and you know I actually
plan to live until 100. I do plan to you know make use of
the rest of my life to be useful because I really buy
into what Steve Job once said you know "We are all here to
make a dent in the universe". Don't you agree with that? So
the question to you is, what do you love to do, how much
time do you want to have, and how much money do you need? And
here's the thing whether or not we want to continue to work on
what we love or we just want to retire relax, and take it easy
we should have been planning for it already you know on our wealth
generation otherwise nothing will be easy.

Because if we have
to depend on a paycheck to decide what we want to do, we
will not have the power of choice. And the power of a
choice is what we call financial freedom isn't it? You
see, with the inflation rate of about 2-3% every year in
Malaysia, how much money do you think you need to have when you
retire or have financial freedom? A decent meal easily
cost about RM15 right now. And when you have more time you are
probably going to spend even more time with your friends, and
your loved ones having 'Yumcha' sessions. and this is going to cost money
as well. And to get to where you want to
go for the Yumcha sessions you need a car too, how much are you
going to spend for that? A house in a decent location will
cost easily a million Ringgit, otherwise that means you have
to stay far far away and spend a lot of time in commuting to
where you want to go and that would translate to a RM4,000
monthly repayment easily and that's a lot of
money isn't it? And then there are things that we have to pay
every month, the monthly bills! So, we have the electricity bill,
we have the mobile phone bill, internet bill, Netflix, Disney
Plus, Amazon Prime.

No, no, no, okay, okay,
I'm going to cancel my Netflix. I'm not going to subscribe to
all those subscriptions alright? So take that off. But
it's still a lot of money. And if you add that up over 15 to
20 years, it's going to cost a few millions. And we have not
even talked about our children's education and our
annual family vacation yet. Now, imagine adding all this
up. It sounds like an impossible dream now, isn't it?
But, you can make this possible.

And one of the ways you can
make it happen is to invest in a stock market just like how we
did it. This is how a stock market index have grown over
the past 10 years. And it has outperformed any other assets
like gold, bonds, et cetera. To find out more on how you can
get started right now. We have a free webinar for you where
you can learn how you can get started safely and steadily, and
make your dreams come true. So click on the link and register
right now..

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