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Is There Ever A Time You Wouldn’t Give Away Money?

[Music] foreign brought to you by the every dollar app start budgeting for free today today's question comes from Andrew in Nevada hey guys I love listening to your show and it's helped me give me a lot of comfort in my life I've heard Dave says he gives a 10 tithe and I do as well and believe the same my question is will there ever be a time when you wouldn't tithe in order to get yourself out of a bad financial situation I was in a situation where it was hard to tithe and I'm just curious as to what thoughts you guys have I realize this is probably more of a spiritual question than a money question um what do you think I'm 100 sure that your tithe has nothing to do with your salvation I'm 100 sure from scripture that God loves you if you tither if you don't tithe exactly the same he's wildly crazy about you the purpose of the tithe is not to get a Boy Scout badge in heaven that's not the purpose of the tithe your father who's crazy about you says hon the best way to live your life is give a tenth of your income off the top before you do anything and I'll love you anyway whether you do that or not but your father says stay out of debt because the borrower is slave to the lender your father says don't build a tower without first cutting the calls unless you get halfway up and you're unable to finish and all who see you begin to mock you and this man began to build and was unable to finish that's Jesus's words sang to a budget don't bill without a plan don't build without a plan this is your father none of these things affect his love for you or your salvation so Tyler don't tithe God still loves you now if my dad who's crazy about me and knows more than me says tithe a tithe but it has nothing to do with earning anything the my grace is taken care of it's substantial it's substantial it's taken care of so you know it's way more crazy to answer your question I tithe all the way into bankruptcy court and all the way out but it had nothing to do with I was scared of God it had nothing to do with I was trying to earn his favor it had to do with apparently you can live on ninety percent of whatever if you're not making much and you're having a hard time it's not it's ten percent of not much and so I did I tied all the way in all the way out and it wasn't because I'm a legalist and it wasn't because of that it was because I I think it's the best way to live just like I think staying out of debt's the best way to live yeah I I like to look at some of these um quote unquote rules these scriptural rules as they're not this is the best way to live your life they're not rude it's a gift it's the best exactly so um there's something about giving there's something about a spirit of gratitude that keeps your head your eyes out of your navel and helps you look up and see your neighbor it just changes the way you you work your way through life and there's something about meeting people eye to eye hand to hand that changes the way you your heart beats and so I think this is much less a it is a spiritual question more than a money question but it's actually a physiological question it's a relationship question it's a way to do life it's a way to do life and and your father who is The Great I Am who's standing there five years from now knows where you're going to be and they've stand there five years ago and knows where you came from at the same time not bound by time is is saying son best way to live and so I'm it's for me it's just like it's a it's an Act of Faith at that point faith in in that but it's not but if someone says uh you can't you can't be blessed because God because you're not tithing not true yeah not true at all not true can't find it in scripture oh you can find scripture taken out of context to point to that but um God is not God does not need your money he's God if he wanted your money he'd take it and there'll be a greasy spot where you were sitting he's God he doesn't need your money but he wants you to win he wants you to have an abundant life

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