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Our Day In Retirement / A Day In The Life

well group i got a favorite beatles song ago when can you tell what the title is i was gon na say is it a hard day'' s night norm well that could explain a marriage yet uh hey yay no i was thinking of day in the life oh that'' s that ' s a great subject for a video group it is yet prior to we reach that we are tina and also standard and we speak all points retirement way of life and also traveling when we can'travel and if you ' re brand-new to the channel um thanks for joining us and please consider subscribing it actually does aid our channel expand soden a day in the life as well as the reason we'' re doing this is since we ' ve had rather a great deal of audiences in fact claim to us what do we perform in a day so we assumed we would certainly chat you via it so it'' s fairly simple group i obtain up i rest in my chair as well as that'' s it i don ' t do anything no that ' s not true is that the end of the video clip in actual truth norm is the early bird he gets uh at around 5 30ish in the early morning as well as he will certainly sneak away and enter into the workplace and he will certainly do video clip modifying or photos or images whatever is required um for youtube or for stock that'' s right tina ' s a tough job master she boots me out of bed so i appreciate that because it'' s peaceful i get a great deal of work done i'' m able to focus on video clip editing and picture editing as well as i i fairly take pleasure in that so then around uh well i can listen to i know when it'' s 6 30 since i start to smell coffee wafting through from the kitchen area oh yeah that'' s a great kind of miniature alarm clock isn ' t it i put on ' t also have to take a look at my watching really no you can hear it gurgling distant so coffee goes off on the coffee manufacturer at 6 30.

My task at quarter to seven seven o'' clock is to get her highness below or a cup of tea in bed what the perfect method to start the day i love to do it as well as so we uh i wake her up with the group bed and i don'' t throw it at him no we placed a light on and also uh and also after that we begin having our initial conversation of the day yes we um at that factor we do look at our youtube network we do just to make sure there'' s no mischievous remarks on there that require deleting we constantly such as to see like if where the client numbers are just how several views we'' ve had on the video clips we'' ve put up we simply typically just have a quick conversation about it wear ' t we'we do as well as after we ' ve done that we will then move through right into the kitchen area where we will certainly have morning meal between around 7 30 to 8. yeah and also then usually that'' s uh we we tend to such as eggs as well as um as as we'' ve told you in a in a video clip it appears a long very long time ago we most likely to an egg ranch that'' s uh that ' s simply in the countryside not too much from right here as well as we get fresh eggs from the farmer and they'' re definitely fantastic so we will have eggs for morning meal of some summary and also um and also once again we will certainly listen to the news um on our device yeah we can'' t say a name because'you ' ll begin speaking now we ' ve truly enjoyed paying attention or putting that on as well as just discussing the information that'' s going on and also existing events keep up the date to ensure that we psychologically caught it it captures us as well as keeps us boosted and familiar with what'' s taking place doesn ' t it that ' s sort of good to do that and afterwards after morning meal i will certainly um being in a nice comfy chair as well as i like to do some of these brain video games sort of either word challenges or suduko um yeah you like those don'' t you i just really feel as though your mind requires to be kept energetic as well as exercised as as high as your muscles do as well as um so i do that daily and after that um yeah normally while you'' re doing that i ' ll do like remarks which on'the youtube channel won ' t i tina ' s the chief commentator replier on our youtube channel i aid her out with comments yet tina does a terrible lot of the comments so you'recognize who responsible if you wear ' t like the remark and after that we might have perhaps perhaps a mid-morning coffee or after that we'' ll rotina ' s preferred is either a hot cross bun or a currant bun from our baker friend out in the countryside with coffee so she would have that everyday at 10 30 toasted with butter yeah yet we have attempted to reduce that down a bit looking sort of weight and things place'' t we yeah the injuries are beginning to load on and afterwards we will try to opt for a walk um if we can we'' ll go with regarding a hr approximately it has been really chilly lately so when we need to adapt to the weather condition and if it'' s actually truly cool we ' ll in some cases just walk up and down the floorings and also fluctuate the stairways in the apartment and it'' s a terrific way of working out um sometimes i will certainly go swimming yet the swimming pool'' s being closed with any luck it ' s going to be opening quickly so then i may go swimming as well it'' s had a leak which has actually defied uh fixing for a lengthy time so it appears like it may be coming back on the internet tina would swim everyday um so and after that with the markets being open i like i have a watch listing uh that i have created i have two in fact i have uh the worldwide mail newspaper has a watch checklist that you'' re able to establish as well as also yahoo financing does as well as i'' ve simply switched to the yahoo finance one since it it enables you to input your stocks into there as a portfolio as well as it reveals the running quantity by the second as the market is trading it'' s very habit forming to sit there and also it ' s in fact really fascinating isn'' t it due to the fact that as'we ' re buying new supplies and also you'' re putting them on there after that you can quickly ideally that we'' re generating income instead of losing it but you see the chart rise as well as it is fairly amazing isn'' t it'but we wear ' t we assume it ' s crucial to be conscious if you if you are invested directly in the securities market um because the something that we have actually done is to is to leave a reasonable quantity of cash money in uh high interest checking account as well as if we see a pullback after that we will certainly invest if it'' s the sort of supply that we are interested we just recently did that with the bank of nova scotia and also the cibc bank and bought them at a at a great discount they they decreased in a day um as well as uh they'' ve gone back up yeah it'' s fantastic we ' re doing truly well on those aren ' t we so we spend fairly a bit of time or you invest a whole lot more time than i do on that particular yet we do that and also then usually tina there ' s that magic hour of the day happens oh that a person hello you'' ve missed lunch norm oh i'' m on a diet so typically we will then have lunch and after that we might do great deals of various points in the mid-day we could go grocery shopping yeah um we might just opt for a run out just for the heck of it to get out the apartment or condo because as you recognize this particular day is normally different since we'' re at house with the pandemic isn'' t it however this right now of year as we'' re making this video we would typically be uh someplace bright uh either portugal or the us all destinations yet to be discovered however we can'' t do that right now so we'' re adapting to around below on we are we'' re adjusting to having a dull day in fact and also often regular say in the morning this is much like groundhog day due to the fact that he feels it'' s the exact same day in day out and it sort of is isn'' t it however it ' ll improve and also that takes us to that well-earned fun time of the day which takes place at four o'' clock doesn ' t it standard yep pleased hr yay so we have been doing um virtual delighted hours with buddies yeah and i need to confess this it'' s been functioning really well hasn ' t it so we use facetime but yet just to to save all our very own discreetness we we just do it as audio message uh facetime so our good friends can be in their pyjamas if they intend to be and also we normally conversation for a hr and a half to two hrs quickly don'' t we we ' ll have a beverage or 2 as well as uh conversation about news what'' s going on concerning mutual friends yeah and also yet the beauty is that then you can actually begin to prepare your meal your dinner as well while you'' re chatting and also having your pleased hr so you understand we may be talking for an hour as well as a fifty percent as well as then in the last half hour we'' ll begin to prepare dinner which is fantastic isn'' t it and there are two methods that we consume supper we'' ll either sit at our table as well as once more continue talking we we have a great deal to talk concerning with our youtube network no shortage is this our supply photography company and also with with places that we'' ve identified we'' d like to travel yeah so we will certainly chat about that well the other means is we simply stick the good old tele on as well as we rest on the sofa with our supper and also view a film or a show as well as we'' ve been locating some actually excellent programs on our brand-new television with some wonderful motion pictures to make sure that'' s been working actually well it'' s been extremely delightful which'' s kind of what we do in the night now we will certainly likewise inspect after that our youtube channel prior to we go to sleep see what'' s happening there um obtain updated with comments and also points and also generally we'' re we ' re in bed by 10 o ' clock yeah and have an actually audio sleep and after that it'' s groundhog day once more and after that house gets up at 5 30 in the early morning currently we are hoping this will certainly transform somewhat as we progress to being able to go to the trailer in might we do we'' re expecting yeah which will certainly be fantastic yet generally that'' s kind of what we do we'' re simply normal people day in the life of isn'' t it and what you find in retirement is you you ask yourself exactly how you'' re mosting likely to invest the days yet those mins just find a means of filling on all by themselves and you'' ll be swept along with it yep to ensure that'' s our day in the life and thanks for enjoying and we wish that everybody is staying secure and keeping well till the next time bye bye bye

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