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Our Day In Retirement / A Day In The Life

well team i got a favorite beatles song from way back when can you tell what the title is i was gonna say is it a hard day's night norm well that might describe a marriage but uh hey yay no i was thinking about day in the life oh that's that's a great topic for a video team it is but before we get to that we are tina and norm and we talk all things retirement lifestyle and travel when we can travel and if you're new to the channel um thank you for joining us and please consider subscribing it really does help our channel grow soden a day in the life and the reason we're doing this is because we've had quite a lot of viewers actually say to us what do we do in a day so we thought we would talk you through it so it's quite simple team i get up i sit in my chair and that's it i don't do anything no that's not true is that the end of the video in actual fact norm is the early riser he gets uh at around 5 30ish in the morning and he will creep away and go into the office and he will do video editing or photos or pictures whatever is needed um for youtube or for stock that's right tina's a hard task master she boots me out of bed so i enjoy that because it's quiet i get a lot of work done i'm able to concentrate on video editing and photo editing and i i quite enjoy that so then around uh well i can hear i know when it's 6 30 because i start to smell coffee wafting through from the kitchen oh yeah that's a good sort of mini alarm clock isn't it i don't even have to look at my watching actually no you can hear it gurgling in the distance so coffee goes off on the coffee maker at 6 30.

So my job at quarter to seven seven o'clock is to get her highness here or a cup of tea in bed what the perfect way to start the day i love to do it and so we uh i wake her up with the team bed and i don't throw it at him no we put a light on and uh and then we start having our first discussion of the day yeah we um at that point we do look at our youtube channel we do just to make sure there's no naughty comments on there that need deleting we always like to see like if where the subscriber numbers are how many views we've had on the videos we've put up we just generally just have a quick chat about it don't we we do and after we've done that we will then move through into the kitchen where we will have breakfast between around 7 30 to 8.

Yeah and then normally that's uh we we tend to like eggs and um as as we've told you in a in a video it seems a long long time ago we go to an egg farm that's uh that's just in the countryside not too far from here and we get fresh eggs from the farmer and um they're absolutely fantastic so we will have eggs for breakfast of some description and um and once again we will listen to the news um on our amazon device yeah we can't say a name because you'll start talking now we've really enjoyed listening or putting that on and just talking about the news that's going on and current affairs keep up the date so that we mentally caught it it catches us and keeps us um stimulated and aware of what's going on doesn't it that's kind of nice to do that and then after breakfast i will um sit in a nice comfortable chair and i like to do some of these brain games sort of either word puzzles or suduko um yeah you like those don't you i just feel as though your brain needs to be kept active and exercised as as much as your muscles do and um so i do that every day and then um yeah generally while you're doing that i'll do like comments and that on the youtube channel won't i tina's the chief commentator replier on our youtube channel i help her out with comments but tina does an awful lot of the comments so you know who to blame if you don't like the comment and then we might have maybe maybe a mid-morning coffee or after that we'll rotina's favorite is either a hot cross bun or a currant bun from our baker friend out in the countryside with coffee so she would have that every day at 10 30 toasted with butter yeah but we have tried to cut that down a bit looking sort of weight and things haven't we yeah the injuries are starting to pack on and then we will try to go for a walk um if we can we'll go for about an hour or so it has been really cold lately so when we have to adapt to the weather and if it's really really cold we'll sometimes just walk up and down the floors and go up and down the stairs in the apartment building and it's a great way of exercising um sometimes i will go swimming but the pool's being closed hopefully it's going to be opening soon so then i might go swimming too it's had a leak which has defied uh fixing for a long time so it looks like it might be coming back online um tina would swim every day um so and then with the markets being open i like i have a watch list uh that i have put together i have two actually i have uh the global mail newspaper has a watch list that you're able to set up and also yahoo finance does and i've just switched to the yahoo finance one because it it allows you to input your stocks into there as a portfolio and it shows the running amount by the second as the market is trading it's very addictive to sit there and it's actually very interesting isn't it because as we're buying new stocks and you're putting them on there then you can instantly hopefully that we're making money as opposed to losing it but you see the graph go up and it is quite exciting isn't it but we don't we think it's important to be aware if you if you are invested directly in the stock market um because the one thing that we have done is to is to leave a fair amount of cash in uh high interest bank accounts and if we see a pullback then we will invest if it's the type of stock that we are interested we just recently did that with the bank of nova scotia and the cibc bank and bought them at a at a nice discount they they dropped in a day um and uh they've gone back up yeah it's great we're doing really well on those aren't we so we spend quite a bit of time or you spend a lot more time than i do on that but we do that and then normally tina there's that magic hour of the day comes around oh that one hey you've missed lunchtime norm oh i'm on a diet so generally we will then have lunch and then we might do lots of different things in the afternoon we might go grocery shopping yeah um we might just go for a run out just for the hell of it to get out the apartment because as you realize this day is generally different because we're at home with the pandemic isn't it but this at this time of year as we're making this video we would normally be uh somewhere sunny uh either portugal or the us all destinations yet to be explored but we can't do that at the moment so we're adapting to around here on we are we're adapting to having a boring day actually and sometimes normal say in the morning this is just like groundhog day because he feels it's the same day in day out and it kind of is isn't it but it'll get better and that takes us to that well-earned great time of the day which happens at four o'clock doesn't it norm yep happy hour yay so we have been doing um virtual happy hours with friends yeah and i must admit this it's been working really well hasn't it so we use facetime but but just to to save all our own modesties we we just do it as audio um message uh facetime so our friends can be in their pajamas if they want to be and we normally chat for an hour and a half to two hours easily don't we we'll have a beverage or two and uh chat about news what's going on about mutual friends yeah and but the beauty is that then you can actually start to prepare your meal your dinner as well while you're chatting and having your happy hour so you know we might be chatting for an hour and a half and then in the last half hour we'll start to prepare dinner which is great isn't it and there are two ways that we eat dinner we'll either sit at our table and once again continue chatting we we have a lot to talk about with our youtube channel no shortage is this our stock photography business and with with places that we've identified we'd like to travel yeah so we will chat about that well the other way is we just stick the good old tele on and we sit on the couch with our dinner and watch a movie or a show and we've been finding some really good shows on our new tv with some great movies so that's been working really well it's been very enjoyable and that's kind of what we do in the evening now we will also check then our youtube channel before we go to bed see what's happening there um get updated with comments and things and normally we're we're in bed by 10 o'clock yeah and have a really sound sleep and then it's groundhog day again and then home gets up at 5 30 in the morning now we are hoping this will change slightly as we progress to being able to go to the trailer in may we do we're looking forward to yeah which will be great but basically that's kind of what we do we're just ordinary people day in the life of isn't it and what you find in retirement is you you wonder how you're going to spend the days but those minutes just find a way of filling up on all on their own and you'll be swept along with it yeah so that's our day in the life and thanks for watching and we hope that everybody is staying safe and keeping well till the next time bye bye bye

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