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Our Day In Retirement / A Day In The Life

well team i obtained a favored beatles tune from way back when can you inform what the title is i was gon na claim is it a tough day'' s evening norm well that could explain a marital relationship however uh hey yay no i was believing about day in the life oh that'' s that ' s an excellent topic for a video group it is however before we get to that we are tina as well as standard and also we chat all points retirement lifestyle and traveling when we can'take a trip and also if you ' re brand-new to the channel thanks for joining us and also please consider subscribing it truly does help our channel expand soden a day in the life and also the reason we'' re doing this is because we ' ve had fairly a great deal of audiences actually state to us what do we carry out in a day so we thought we would talk you through it so it'' s fairly basic group i rise i being in my chair which'' s it i don ' t do anything no that ' s not true is that completion of the video clip in actual truth norm is the early bird he gets uh at around 5 30ish in the early morning as well as he will certainly creep away and also go right into the office and he will do video editing and enhancing or photos or pictures whatever is required for youtube or for supply that'' s appropriate tina ' s a difficult job master she boots me out of bed so i appreciate that since it'' s silent i obtain a great deal of job done i'' m able to focus on video clip editing and enhancing as well as picture editing and i i quite appreciate that so after that around uh well i can listen to i know when it'' s 6 30 since i begin to scent coffee floating with from the kitchen area oh yeah that'' s a great kind of tiny alarm clock isn ' t it i put on ' t also have to look at my viewing in fact no you can hear it gurgling distant so coffee goes off on the coffee manufacturer at 6 30.

My work at quarter to 7 7 o'' clock is to obtain her highness here or a cup of tea in bed what the excellent method to begin the day i love to do it as well as so we uh i wake her up with the group bed and also i put on'' t toss it at him no we placed a light on and uh as well as then we start having our initial conversation of the day yeah we um at that point we do look at our youtube network we do simply to make sure there'' s no mischievous remarks on there that need removing we constantly like to see like if where the subscriber numbers are how several sights we'' ve had on the videos we'' ve put up we just normally simply have a fast chat about it don ' t we'we do and after we ' ve done that we will certainly then move through into the kitchen where we will have breakfast between around 7 30 to 8.

Yeah as well as after that usually that'' s uh we we have a tendency to like eggs and um as as we'' ve told you in a in a video it seems a long long period of time ago we go to an egg ranch that'' s uh that ' s simply in the countryside not as well much from here and also we get fresh eggs from the farmer and also they'' re absolutely great so we will certainly have eggs for breakfast of some description and also and also once again we will certainly pay attention to the news on our tool yeah we can'' t state a name because'you ' ll start speaking now we ' ve actually taken pleasure in paying attention or placing that on and also simply speaking about the information that'' s going on and present affairs keep up the date to make sure that we psychologically caught it it captures us as well as maintains us um boosted as well as knowledgeable about what'' s taking place doesn ' t it that ' s sort of nice to do that and afterwards after breakfast i will um being in a nice comfortable chair and i like to do several of these mind video games type of either word problems or suduko um yeah you like those don'' t you i simply feel as though your brain needs to be kept energetic as well as exercised as as much as your muscles do and um so i do that on a daily basis and afterwards um yeah typically while you'' re doing that i ' ll do like remarks and that on'the youtube channel won ' t i tina ' s the chief analyst replier on our youtube network i help her out with comments however tina does a terrible great deal of the remarks so you'know who at fault if you don ' t like the comment and also after that we might have maybe perhaps a mid-morning coffee or after that we'' ll rotina ' s favorite is either a hot cross bun or a currant bun from our baker good friend out in the countryside with coffee so she would have that daily at 10 30 toasted with butter yeah however we have actually tried to cut that down a bit looking type of weight and also points sanctuary'' t we yeah the injuries are starting to load on as well as then we will certainly try to choose a walk um if we can we'' ll go with about an hour approximately it has been truly cold recently so when we need to adapt to the weather condition as well as if it'' s really truly chilly we ' ll in some cases just pace the floors as well as go up and down the stairs in the home building and it'' s a terrific way of working out um in some cases i will certainly go swimming but the swimming pool'' s being closed with any luck it ' s mosting likely to be opening quickly so after that i may go swimming as well it'' s had a leak which has opposed uh taking care of for a very long time so it appears like it may be coming back on-line um tina would certainly swim each day um so and afterwards with the markets being open i like i have a watch list uh that i have put with each other i have two in fact i have uh the international mail paper has a watch checklist that you'' re able to establish up and also yahoo money does and also i'' ve just switched over to the yahoo finance one since it it permits you to input your supplies into there as a portfolio as well as it reveals the running amount by the second as the marketplace is trading it'' s really addicting to rest there as well as it ' s really extremely interesting isn'' t it since as'we ' re buying new stocks as well as you'' re placing them on there after that you can immediately with any luck that we'' re earning money instead of losing it however you see the chart rise and it is quite amazing isn'' t it'however we put on ' t we believe it ' s vital to be conscious if you if you are spent directly in the stock exchange um since the one point that we have actually done is to is to leave a fair quantity of money in uh high passion savings account and if we see a pullback after that we will invest if it'' s the kind of supply that we are interested we simply recently did that with the bank of nova scotia as well as the cibc financial institution and acquired them at a at a wonderful discount they they decreased in a day and also uh they'' ve returned up yeah it'' s wonderful we ' re doing really well on those aren ' t we so we spend a fair bit of time or you spend a lot even more time than i do on that particular but we do that and afterwards usually tina there ' s that magic hr of the day comes around oh that one hello you'' ve missed out on lunch break norm oh i'' m on a diet regimen so generally we will after that have lunch and after that we could do great deals of different points in the afternoon we could go grocery buying yeah um we might just choose a gone out simply for the heck of it to go out the home due to the fact that as you realize this particular day is generally various due to the fact that we'' re at home with the pandemic isn'' t it but this at this time of year as we'' re making this video clip we would typically be uh someplace sunny uh either portugal or the us all locations yet to be discovered yet we can'' t do that currently so we'' re adjusting to about here on we are we'' re adjusting to having an uninteresting day really and sometimes normal say in the morning this is similar to groundhog day since he feels it'' s the same day in day out and also it kind of is isn'' t it however it ' ll improve which takes us to that well-earned great time of the day which occurs at 4 o'' clock doesn ' t it standard yep pleased hour yay so we have been doing um online delighted hours with buddies yeah as well as i need to admit this it'' s been functioning really well hasn ' t it so we use facetime however yet just to to save all our very own modesties we we simply do it as audio message uh facetime so our friends can be in their pyjamas if they intend to be as well as we normally chat for an hour and a fifty percent to 2 hrs conveniently put on'' t we we ' ll have a beverage or 2 as well as uh chat regarding information what'' s raving common pals yeah as well as however the beauty is that then you can really begin to prepare your dish your dinner as well while you'' re chatting as well as having your satisfied hour so you know we could be chatting for an hour and also a fifty percent and also after that in the last half hr we'' ll beginning to prepare dinner which is terrific isn'' t it and there are two manner ins which we eat supper we'' ll either sit at our table as well as once again continue talking we we have a great deal to speak about with our youtube channel no shortage is this our stock digital photography service as well as with with places that we'' ve recognized we'' d like to travel yep so we will certainly chat about that well the other means is we simply stick the great old tele on as well as we remain on the sofa with our dinner and also enjoy a movie or a program as well as we'' ve been discovering some actually great programs on our brand-new television with some wonderful flicks to ensure that'' s been functioning actually well it'' s been really delightful which'' s type of what we carry out in the night currently we will additionally check after that our youtube network before we go to sleep see what'' s taking place there um get updated with comments and also things as well as typically we'' re we ' re in bed by 10 o ' clock yeah as well as have a really audio rest and after that it'' s groundhog day once more and afterwards residence rises at 5 30 in the morning currently we are hoping this will certainly change slightly as we advance to being able to go to the trailer in may we do we'' re eagerly anticipating yeah which will certainly be excellent but essentially that'' s kind of what we do we'' re just ordinary individuals day in the life of isn'' t it as well as what you locate in retired life is you you question exactly how you'' re mosting likely to invest the days however those minutes just discover a means of filling on all on their own and also you'' ll be swept along with it yeah so that'' s our day in the life and many thanks for seeing and we hope that everyone is staying secure as well as maintaining well till the next time bye bye bye

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