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Retirement Planning Series 1

Eh pensioto be able to care for their kids their family members in their absence. What you put area? As well as so it is very important as you would through webinar that you need to actively for your retired life. You require to points er for retirement. That'' s why NPRA this 3 tier pension scheme that they gave be able to aid you and I. I won'' t speak much yet let you understand that ment come whether you like or otherwise and it is importthat you effectively prepare you prepare based upon collections princiyou prepare based on able concepts and also you prepare in order to prefer not just you eh but your dependent well ehm the HSOPS has at heart they have an interest in events we ar possible to you then eh have the ability to place togeth fairlygood retired life that would certainly aid you to retire a smile.I pray we all this session. you can place down questions as well as sure they will certainly answerthem.

Give thanks to much as well as God you Thank you Pep can take Say thanks to extremely Amwatin, chair healthsector work-related n sch pleased have you us. sometimes, I w motivate you all again. Send the messagto coworkers as well as s, as well as inform that is not as well must register and join the webinaing their retired life. Eh, you be workinnow, you are fit, you out you tomorrWe can as well as for the finest. Nobody knows ow. Comprehend some of these so you can intend your effect Like I said previously, ehm, ment preparation collection has been placed in location by the educat board or the wellness industry occupa pensio.

This is the first the series, as well as a number even more of these rs will certainly coming your means in the nearby future Currently, if you have any questiask, we are going start the main tation other presens, kindly succeed to place it in the conversation box. We'' ll pick up later them you. over the platfoMister RansfoMatekowho is our primary speakefor today.As presented earlier, he is the head the busine advising enterp trustees. he has over 13 functioning experience in financservices sector. Covering insurance coverage and also ns. Mis Matikodi, we are extremely delighted to I'' m pleased to be here. Um, once more, great morninto everybody. And I also like to welcomeverybody to ehm, today'' session. vindicwe will be ng on the gene retired life ng. Um, couple of things make note we will certainly entering into what retirement actualmeans to us, and also ehm, ehm, steps consider when plannifor your retired life, risks avoid, and also fundamental pointers to help occasionally, and also ehm, some possibilities that ehm, exist for workerehm, both, you know, official industry i around the pensions, ehm, the pension room it involves ehm, retirement planniand then can take questions.A said ehm retirement to find whether we like it not, whether are prepared it or otherwise, we can, or we have the ability to, begin with ehm, with the planniso we specify retirement a time in life when ehm, your major source mov from gained revenue investincomethis means that it'' s in your life where you are no going to be ing ehm, monthly from your company, now you going to gotten on financial investment returns ehm financial investments that you'' vebeen able put or ret that you'' ve been to ehm set for this so thingsare chan are you'' ve either been required out of ehm either being compelled ehm ment or you'' ve gone retirement bulletry meanin voluntretirement at early fifty volunteer withdrfrom the from the task but either it'' s t going to.We ' re birthed we will certainly with the stages of life retire is among the really crucial. Pension plan room or people that have some knowledge of ns. We a talk to ody we come in call with retirement ng as well as retire planning. we require plan for ment. So in this brief going touch on a couple of that demand to take into consideration, ally fac for retirement. So the ment pla prep work process for after ehm, paid ends. We'' re that currently paid job has ended. You are currently entering into the secondphase of your retiresecond stage your So what are several of the important things that we need to take into consideration in this in retirement planning s. the very the really first which is of the vital ones is to recognize your all sourceof income. Okay as well as by mean going receive.There are resources income that you have i some upset you recognize some side e business the side. Um besides nine to five or have ehm some kind of ehm family members investment where they get returnevery month or some onal gratuities being available in from champ family inheritance or whatevwhichever ehm resource that revenue is comingfrom need to recognize it and write as of the resources we are simply going emphasis on your essentials ah we are going to concentrate on all s revenue you have so we to look all that is comingand p it the 2nd thing is to approximate your es Each as well as ne of has a fair concept of their month-to-month costs, exactly how you invest in every month on on acco expenses, on college costs, ehm, on standard, understand, standard, requirements, ody a reasonable idea, however it'' s excellent to place it down in composing, so you, you know, have little conversation, as well as put all expenses down, from the bigges expenditures, ehm, IE rental fee or home loan paymento school charges, to also the smallest one you get on way home job or the little tip you give here and also there is they are all component your expensand the requirement t is some of these expenses followyou into retireare that w ehm by the you are ng.Majoriof will follow you retired life. So if you are mosting likely to proceed havingthese es beca recurrexpenses into retireThen you to have a plan so you know much you spending tly ehm and also you recognize much you are going be investing by time you are ng perhaps in 1015 or years great quote exp well as well as put conserving program in position. It'' s to have strategy in your head.

Sometiwhen it'' s in head that ' sall it It remains in head. Put it down on paper. Place it down right into g. This I ' m claiming on a monthly basis g whatsoever my sourcefrom all my source of incomeI ' m dedicating this percentage, perhaps a 20% perhaps a 30% into a l conserving ehm, fund or special retirement ehm, portfoor or tha so that my savingplan, fine, possibly large plans for my retired life maybe coming e now will be adequate I to possibly a something the that likewise a plan, you all, you are, you coming up all these really ehm, very impressive down on paper, so have great ehm, a financial savings that you, that you have the ability to execute. is considering your your wellness insuraehm covers. It'' s extremely ant that you have a cap, you have life insuracover, it ' s very'importand I ' ll, I ' ll, I this for a great deal of reasonehm, number on that particular is, with you had'pass today, ehm, you wear ' t want a ion where benefici to use your ehm, retirement incometo you, or to ehm, eh, to take treatment renewal expenditures that develop out that, or also when you remain in r dies, you don'' t desire devote your retirement funds ehm, l ement as well as so on and also so So it'' s to a life insurance policy cover for lf and also coveriyour ehm beneficiaries as well as dependents well.And likewise a medical insurance cover. Good to to a e healthprovider. Um for kind wellness nce cover that will certainly into retirement years. To ment what the al Medical insurance will e you. That without that we shouldall at the very least a bare minimum have wellness nce government supplies we ought to have that a bare m and also bathroom cover since healthcare cost is one the biggesstrains peoplee portforetirement funds it ' s one the biggesdrains since a of peoplethere are whole lot of you understand develop illnesin their ehm thei or ehm, after retireyou understand, for s reasons, yes, can h lifestyle after retired life. Provided, we God for but in event you have healthissues, be able to have ehm, an insurance coverage that cover you, so you put on ' t end utilizing all your ehm, your retired life fund to deal with your wellness and also your retirement.And the last will to examine our ment compens as well as advantages.

One, blunder normally when we are ng a work, i discussing for bigger allocations because the tax obligation ramifications on allocations are fairly small.So individuals rather prefer ehm ehm eh a biggerallowance compared ehm a basic. this is where we have we are havingit all Ah ns, calculationsit ' s ah basic as well as not ah allowaSo it'' s very crucial deal or you discuss for bigger ehm percent of remnation to to y becausthey say desire want their now, ehm, they desire money now, they would certainly rather have it allocations they can ' t invest it now, the currently'is very important, yet not as essential considthe tomorr because you the, you, might many, lots of, several years after retired life, if you are going be living thirty, God can bless you, may on you retired life, you are going to be that long, are you to be ing so it'' s crucial consider the future a lot more than day So when w tasks when we also have opportunity to ehm have ehm contract negoti in currenportfolio.It is really ant increabasic

as opposed to boosted nces. Okay. Alrighso why we need to prepare for retirement? I specified previously on we have certain ehm, expenditure that never discontinues, so they are called recurriture, ehm, stated, like utility bills, ehm, like health and wellness care costs, ehm, accommn, are n ehm, expense that or expensthat do not end, never end, they long as are ali be taking of those expensand these ing e need to b of. So if you are going retired life where you are going reduction your revenue becausyou are longer going be e monthly wage or a month-to-month income from your emergency room. That that you require to have some funds to take of these reoccuring iture. Okay and importthat you enter into financial debt ehm you don'' t enter into debt this.You require to think about having correct ment fun care this. I likewise mentio the enhanced ehm training course in old for me this is the most importone. des retirement. functioned 20, 30, 35 years of life. in, day out. Morninto g to dust till Now is the moment for to retireNow the t the fruits of your labor. This is not the time for to ehm be living basic. don'' t believthat. You'' ve hard. need to retire conveniently. How you do Have ve retirement plan in So can be a properretirement portfolio you afford the kind retired life that you do be worthy of e you do God knows deserve it. for me this is the important you to prepare for a time e you e a comfo the of ment planniwe normally break down into 3 phases of our. Okay. Um it begins early as what we call the young ood. And also is the where eh most peoplewould be beginning ehm their working life will probabbe fresh out of institution or starting a ss on own but thi starting a great deal of points for a The important things this ehm, period in your is, we are starting out, okay, so you might be so you may not have much money to investbut things concerning it is, you have the moment on your and the is when ar.That is the best time when you are young since the ple of intensifying intereis a to u this in circumstance, is a hero to us in situation, due to the fact that you have the ability to taken care of. So to happen is, your funds are to expand a much longer as a result of compounding intereyou are going be havinga bigger portfoby the you are retiring, so take s thirty five eh twenty eh twenty sorry they regarding 35 years up until retired life that'' sa that ' s mighty very long time the downsiabout this is y individuals in this loss in this group when are in this team they not gaining simple to ehm begin thinking of oh puttinretirement ng or as well as at the end eh the back heater that is the blunder make here or the advicehere is to start no matter little. Start with something small. Yet what'' s importis the regularity the consistency. Begin with ing small on a mo it, you are continually contributing it. Day in and day out withoufail.Like exactly how currently the moment is

mosting likely to function e interefor you. Then come to the second you concern the stage, which ehm, we call early midline, to ensure that'' s in between ages of 36 to 50 years. Currently, this is the phase where a of individuals are now beginning family So you'' d have ehm, people g mar beginning to have households, individuals most likely now going their second ehm, I imply are st work in a circuit, in in a brand-new a y brand-new nment.So on so for some would currently ly this phase be ng for mortgage be using for certailoans to aid take treatment ehm n individual demands. Yes so on therefore forth.Now at this individuals'' s dispos are increacause now you'' ve been benefiting you know 10, 12 years, so your able earnings is enhancing. The very same your e risingas well. you to find excellent e, all right? So combination of earning even more and the time that still ha earn st makes DCS, you understand, some of best years for hostile savings becausnow have the and also have resources, You have di very carefully ehm this so can stil proceed ehm, with your retirement savingplan you had d, and also you t y d one, this is good time, it'' s the following time to start, this becausyou have have lost alreadit ' s not late, this is the secondbest time you to begin, after that have the latter midlife, is ehm, 51 to 65 years, ehm, this this phase, you are almostat retirestage or even getting in retirement phase, so one thing you would certainly realize is, have a great deal incomenow, the second stage due to the fact that at this accumulate action like, you more than likely of are no paying if you have a ge, you have actually repaid by by this periodyou a whole lot even more disposincome, yet what wear'' t have is so means are able to e ehm, your collection objective your established target for yo you, you, you have mind, Alrigh So in stating that, ehm, I'' ll just to go promptly to three tier pension ure, okay, ehm, e of th we tier one, tier 2 mandatory, ehm, adding to 18.5%. The provisis provisbeen produced us in by us a 3rd which is ehm, tier 3 bolunt ehm, provident and afterwards personal pension. This where an indivican take fee of own retired life say, alright, I desire to do even more than thirty, want tier two my use do on part. this is what I'' m going do. I ' m going to subscribe to a al pensions I will treat as individual portfoor my personal retired life plan. Okay, and I co Thankfdo appreciate some advantages ehm when contributing n structure as well as ehm, vital among those are is the tax waiver.So you as much as

16. 5% tax exception. Ehm, so as you butin individual ns or a three m plan. Okay, so this is the chance for to authorize and and and gain some some taxes, save money on some on some taxes for this particone which financial savings that are can go right into our ment profile fund that we buildiOkay. r is it also giv opportto established a dedicaretirement fund and we now have control over our ment readiness than we used than before due to the fact that now have the unity join to ehm person pensions is under the 3 tier pension structure so it'' s actualvery secure and also it ' s actualvery secureand you are teed a calm ehm relaxed ehm retired life ehm winter months time currently i that we are talkinabout, it'' s important to keep in mind a few things, a couple of, you recognize, mistakes that you require to avoid, or you incidents that you require to avoid, that you mak certaierrorsin reasoning when it concerns retirement planning, ehm, so we simply go h pension plan schemes, we appear be also people that you involve on retired life ng ehm yeah on retireplanning you that, my ehm, has one, rate for me, so I am okay.Oh, ehm, I ow set tier one, tier 2 myself as well as my personnel, so I'' m all right. Currently that ' sthe thing.So I to as standard pensio it'' s basic as well as it ' s, it'what ' sthe name it is, it ' s fundamental. It ' s simply enoughto alright? Quotes percenof your last income. And you are currenbarely finishes meet paycheimagine needing to that with 65% of your t paycheck. That would certainly be challenging which'' s what one as well as 2 will certainly be you by the you are ng. Scheming t would not be enoughthen there'' s the requirement make additional volunt contris to your very own retired life, own method. r blunder a great deal of peoplemake sign up with down on PF c PF ts when they alter jobs.Um y when

you'' re functioning with an ution, they would, they would certainly a TF, 3 PF, Provident Fund set up for you, as well as your various other workers, fellowemployees. When you'' re movingr policies, most of time, you'' re enabled to draw down on the, the 3 PF. do er desire to do people see as an unity to to profit their on peer. money, that was being deposited for your retired life at first, fine, if you'' re changijobs and also going it it makes good sense to continue contri to so you can, you can it transfto ehm, your new e that a relocating an additional emergency room who very same trus it, and ue buting to not in rush down on the PF, feel there'' s complimentary it'' s not, it ' s was up or reserved for our Usuallget better. typically get harderSo ten years time, whatevyou think, whatever warmth you believe you'' re sensation will also be hotterWouldn'' t instead desire have somethto aid you cool on that heat? In 10 years, then oh I I I points I now, I begin now, so perhaps next or following month, and also the years will come as well as you sanctuary'' t also started.And the warmth obtains So times are difficult, yeah however it ' s in fact be away. okay'? Um Another error people generally make not updatitheir beneficiarie really vital that updateour benefis every now as well as individuals obtain authorized SNET get signedon rate t functioning and also back then the majority of individuals singleSo, they might call a just a a parent or a brotheor simply a ve crucial that come update your beneficiaries with your ' s name when you have en, it ' s ant to them.More youngsters is vital'upgrade them as So at every in time, your beneficiary is d. If something to happen to you, roads, you to fol are going call. So if we go on as well as there ' no one to after that it ' s a m. Currently there ' s a m for your dependthat you ' veleft behindbecause they were not named benefis. Currently have to via to the courts and a of management which set you back a lot. Come and also there will be great deal of back forth before can ha something that have just a of days for them to ehm ehm have accessibility alright it ' update our ciaries we additionally our pension plans contributions regularly.Let ' s not till we are practically fifty 5 close to retired life

beforewe beginning examining our pensiostatement. Let ' s inspect them today. Let ' s inspect them month.Let ' s make sure er the butions'they are supposto be making on our behalf. Regulawe identify any kind of voids ately, draw t attentto it. If we don ' t, if we put on ' t check out our our'contributionstatements, we will be waiting, we ' ll be waiting, we ' ll be g and after that 3, 4 years till retired life, we ' ll choice our declarations up and you e there are gaps, currently settlement ends up being trouble, that ' s and 2, you would have shed so much'st, gaps that date as far back as y that rate of interest, have shed all that rate of interest, so it ' s very pension plans butions frequently, all right, as well as also have alright? As well as I earlier, I payingattention to your wellness your social It'' s component of retired life planning.You you need to

, wear'' t simply obtain up as well as particular things. Try to get married, choose have, require to intend them. So exactly how does my, does gettinmarried this year or following year fit retii age by particular age fit right into my retired life Yes. Granteehm, a of this would certainly be we look God for lot of however we likewise to because h with strategy often, So it'' s great to have an in place. I to get married a specific have en by a certain age that I will certainly be done paying fees a certaiage. That'' s it'' s it ' s it ' s just an example. I ' m down browse yet to reach his own, each his own, whichever one helps you, pick as well as with it.

there shouldbe a There shouldbe an around your social your your partnerships, your giving birth, there need to be a strategy. Okay t, in your retirement planning. As I r, it'' s really ant to begin ea you are unable to early, it ' s never far too late. As you can, as a lot as we can. Okay, e the power intensifying rate of interest. We will certainly be a space.The second point is get involved in a savings frame of mind. You need remember you seed to expand a tree. Okay? wear seeds grow a tree. You have a strategy in position, you wish to e s savingbe even more targeted with sav problewe'' re havingis claim basic savings is, if have actually gen somethoccurs, you anytime, somethoccurs, dip your right into it, e something all right, you dip your hands right into it, yet when you have certain cost savings, so I have financial savings plan for retire it'' s a maritimement alone.I have a specif retirement set for perhaps repaying my youngsters'' s That is

there.Have that specifehm retire profile established up for this for that. That'' s ed with your ehm retirement planniSo you not leavinanything to chat. Okay. You need strategy your retirement like all phases of your life. You other thingsyou plan what are going to do week, you what a beginning up next Yeah, currently you going to wear'' t you plan what are mosting likely to year you'' reretiring? 4th is defin retireI said a number of times. Um that'' s ting expenses.Um your energies, transportation and feeding. Estimathem and also knowing a lot they are mosting likely to cost you when you are going into retirement as well as making that you sufficient in your retired life Okay as well as make certain you sign up for a privat medicainsurance customized for senior citizens to supplement what the National Wellness Insuraoffer would certainly give you. So digest goes to talk my earlier talk about starting your retirement trip extremely early. So this is this a situation that we did for 6 s. diffe 25 to 50. Um providing an objective of saving approximately a n. As well as the ti you look the personthat'' s twenty 5, it'' s mosting likely to lead as little 90 Ghana CDs.Uh as'I start this, undoubtedly yes, our earlier audio speaker has able to touch on a number of issues ning a re is to on ah even more specifically it r update he did indicaSo me try share now.So I will ht to component of upgrade t givinga lot more various other points so that you know we can be

ehm, withinthe retirement plannias it states, let me go there promptly, ehm, he showed, you recognize, ah, I desire to simply add quicklin the healthsector operational n, th trustees have actually placed in a robust systemwhere when come those who retired, t are paid, so there is a system for a s of t settlement that reduced across ah I will from manager with the trustees then the custodian where the repayment are Now due to the fact that we are chatting regarding retirement preparation understand it ' s very importthat we are to do what we need to do regulabasis as we planning. You understand, us, because are continuing s, e it ' s even more of a relati, recognize, wi as much as you'have a place where this personmay not be ble to answer some'of questions, but filled up in your enrollment, your registration you are a d, probab you no longerbe there, all these impact exactly how benefit recognize, ah, ah, ah, are it ' s really home address, you know, let recognize this we go financdata, really extremely crucial, so these are points that we are expecting that, as a preparation retirement ng, so it c health across everywhere we are ing our participants will on on the normal basis certain that this due to the fact that information are that is an oil currently we are in in eh looking at it you so make sure that we have best information for you you recognize the statemyou recognize as much you can do the to the sta of course make that the statemthat we have on you is the appropriate ent understand eh the salaryyour is envision you have actually been probab You know have to that you it reflecin your 5%computations recognize so maintain an eye it. Hey administration are in in eh Tamali you ah they are eh Ta Kumasi, you know so these are they have also es go aroun when it be board, we have secretariatsthat are yo then we have telephone numbers any time.So to eh, eh, on your statement, you can alwayswalk in, we recognize that regarding 90%of our members when they are use for component they desire to ct with someb they ultimately, you recognize, eh, submit the, the ation, though you can downloyou can do whatever, pleaseeh, these are all messages, you can call, there ' s constantly line, you know, enterprise one very late, aha, so eh, you constantly call in, you understand, so those eh, channels you can contaceh, board or administratofor information on ent.does there'' s this from one as well as Moscowee What are the things to consider when intending on kind of exclusive job, one wish to after retireas to still earn a regulaincome that will certainly r boos benefiand investments one has obtained. When is ideal time to start private job, ehm, one like to do after retired life, start alongside activeservice or active e, what are some instances of best kinds of exclusive jobs one can do retired life, ehm, This Miserance Ford, Madikoli, h really give us specif jobs that are are mosting likely to gain as cash, even more money in the direction of retireyes.I ' ll, I'say ehm, it'' s an entirely persondecision, ehm, f sit, I would, what I would ask you is, why do want to in retirement? That'' s what'it is, it ' s ment, that ' s when you supposto be relaxing and also enjoying fruits of your labor, so you'' ve functioned hard, you'' ve ehm, your ment por require to go, you put on'' t requirement to go right into ehm, ehm, ment when yo could take up working as a consultant es wh unwinded, ehm, you can t with ehm, depending your area expertise so he can speak with regulafor teams as well as associations other organizationand what but it shouldn'' t be a full-time thing because currently hit sixty, very quickly mosting likely to be sixty-five, your health and wellness is, know, declining, this is not the time to currently be going right into active work, you'' re waking up at 5 AM, 4 AM to drive via the website traffic and also it'' s not the time, retired life is for rest, so invest extremely well in your g life, you can that ehm, and also appreciate that time and also deluxe and your followers you.Thant madam can

I to that quicklOkay. Yes, you know, I additionally shared that view yes, when is is retired life, you, you to have something to do like questioner was asking. I believ you, you work moderately. In some nation like UK and also others. they wear'' t have age a retired life. You recognize, they are not companies not sory to you say you go to this phase and go away. know, whenever you desire, you recognize, you go. Uh huh. Have that shared n that indeed, the questihe increased, you can b keeps healthy and balanced. So, there are like your location of expertThat'' s why constantly at. Your areas competence begin from there. As well as you wear'' t go and also start new es t to go and also do farming. All this time have a nurse.Right? As well as all time you have actually been a medical professional.

this you have medical professional or ing. Ha, in your area proficiency, ensure you learn it and are expertin that location. As high as feasible. You understand, I indicate, that you can do it by yourself. You recognize, I rememb remaining in an area where meet people like nurses that eh their continuing their Pharma that opened, you recognize, chemistry as well as all that. ng your working on some time, know like he said, this is not the to occupy full-t work yet there are numerous methods. think it'' s a to do y that the capital keep as keep claiming, money is really key at time. So, you have to start ng as we we indicabut that alternatives make certain you begin with you are workincurrently, where you trained instead of going to a different field completely.You quite.

Thanks quite, misterAndrewSablobi. So, BenjamTichi have about ehm financial obligations eh payments are in RS and also whether we are doing anything about it as HSOPS all these ehm possibly can see chairman'' s video if you intend to you want reply to it I would certainly love that for you yeah all right and after that when you complete it include ehm there is concern concerning the t situatthe economic climate terms of the DDEP all that how safe is our ment that is Rosafilo Adama, thanks Okay, so thank you quite Pep. I, when it to delaying payments, I th trouble we have actually had, given that the system d, doing everytpossible to attempt and also reduceit, but we all of issues that are going in e of that, there are significant delays when comes contributions govern as well as other employers. the se t plan does is to significantly ehm one eh we demand notifications that we send to the company at all times month.Eh we a system in place where followup with controeh the ehm together with the labor front in the healthsector there several engagements are makingwith the ry of minist of financry of ment labor relati Every one of these what gettin governments as well as various other companies to pay s eh payments that in arrears I I can ' t state have succee completely yet however we are making consistent s we that eh with I indicate the the y will certainly recovesoon as well as we really hope that soon all of these locations will certainly be cleareso that the butor inevitably advantage from when it comes DDP and ehm that is happening.The initially I have to is, one, you ought to eh rest ensured we, we,

we are not losing nobody is going shed eh, your, your standard funds, no, the funds secure. What has actually ed they co has to do with the capacity get ehm, these promo codes and maturities paid on Eh, that ' s why e the DDEP and all needed to as well as obtain ehm obtain these eh'invest changethe period to be able to change it a bit so it can allow ehm ehm governand various other company I suggest various other invest yes others to be to pay we are looking at it closely as you know eh pensions were offered waiverwhen it concerns the domestdebt exchange eh pen all funds within the n s waiverwhich we are still ng eh delayswhen it comes several of the eh coupont we are g a boardh with labor proactively on it to an every one of ios eh will certainly be paid thank you Pep you take a are muted Okay, thank yo really physician. So the ons maintain at this moment to contact misterKofius Melin.Um Sechi, that is also with EnterpTrusteUh scheme administrators to explai briefly since been a of questions and also ones have not review out, there are number of them that are askingabout exactly how can their payments their online or update their benefilist the s or just how to er ehm. So Kofi please you the the flooring. Alrighthank you madam pe suggested, there is an on the internet website that permits both members and also also companies to gain access to contributions on their own and in support of their employNow for employwhen we authorize you on, you can go to the wellness sectore internet site. WWW dot HSOPS Ghana. com. When go that you to participant At the member login area, it will certainly e as a or an employer. So you experience enrollment procedure. As soon as have the ability to er as then are able to view your declarations, updatebeneficiary info, update your nomineas well, likewise do pensions tions so is what a can do on the onlineportal y employer likewise has gain access to this particonline website a lot of times listen to members g to status of declaration for instanthey have no concept what do is when we established employco system specifically for IGF butor to be to check out ent so ought to th not able to their state themselves, can similarly work employer t as well as they will certainly have the ability to you your ent, take you h proces can equally advertisement your ent also member a member certificate.Tells you you a me healthsector job-related pension plan. You sign up onlinethese are some t that each member can have access to on the site. For those that are that who not h There ' a USSD code. Yet nevertheless, you understand exactly how codes

operatThey provid you with some easy standard atio celebrity 714 star three hash. Celebrity 7, celebrity, 3, 3, hash. adhere to prompt, you registthe portalit will certainly confiryour number in our data source if indeedyou are in data sources. You can after that go in sight your closing statement you can also watch your member information as we have in the.So you your membem as well as there something with it, you can out to the manager and can aid you t some informon your participant whilst going h the star seven one four 3 three 3 hash. various other new method we looking chairman with your consent.

we tly workinon an for the heal pension plan, sure that app will be be released, is also one more method where it it much simplef sight declaration, certifand do of this ciary habi shot and also any kind of challeyou to the he facility that exists, please phone call, reach to any of customservice they will certainly abl you througthe process, thanks really a lot perpetual. Ehm, you significantly and we thanks quite Kofi. We have ehm questions from Juliet Sappon and also FranciFaradu. They they have consis that on. intend to tand vary between the tier three and afterwards the tier. The the tier said ti discerning. Truth of matter is ehm the health industry pension scheme 2. So possibly you desire state is that you want recognize the en as well as as well as us senate. So what need to tand that basically the rate one is run by Snits and the rate two. our case wellness employees which is byr occupa pension plan plan They both required schemes.But the only differis that given that the eh emen and also initiation of pension plan s. When you on retired life because January twentyyou take your amount from tier Which in case is of pension plan. As well as after that uen your regular monthly pensiowill come ti Snits. That is eh, that is the ence. Yet we recognthe fact that there are some that have been working ehm in system a couple of years at the when SNET was handli every little thing. so ehm although the retirement, they will certainly insurance claims from Smith and will certainly have similarly claimsfrom wellness u Their case from tier rate one, that is the Smith considered a past credit.They will for as well as after that come and also take their sum from the wellness industry tional p of concerns we not have the ability to handleat all. we are quickly to conclude. I will certainly take ehm one or two and also we we can end this r. So eh concern from ehm from Abigail Delali eh something surge trustees, let me assure you this a schemeand we actually assign eh solution providnot only enterp we have a custodian we have 2 fund supervisors, we all assign them periods that they can which is signedinto a contract, as well as have KPIs that they are intended to accomplish withinthe periodand we r On day-to-day basis. In when it to your your cash, it comes HSOPS, we have problem. Um, in regards to our, our gs with these solution providSo allow just assure you that don ' t have any kind of problem. And we all wear ' t have any kind of issue it comes the h operational n system. As well as our servicproviders. Samson you have actually duplicated your concerns severaUm the swelling sum we have actually paid, these are not educate that we offer on webinars. assume our last AGM last year, component of the record, these kinds of details were were handed out'as God ready, an AGM next year.And we provide out'those informas well. You want to tand that e specialist has received the t operatpurchase system its opera that ehm it is information that conferences ehm in terms of ehm How many, just how numerous monthsis federal government owing in s in total? Please, mister i, pleas consider that to there ' s a on on ca advantages after 60 when I returnto Ghana? Yes, of, if o as well as you have y added when, and you, onc the of sixty, you use and also declare whatever have you have the that has been running as ments for Ehm m if I have done 14 years of rate one and also tier 2 contris beforeleaving country, exist any arrang for to continI think addressed that questiin'the previoanswers.Ehm Millicent Wahima, exactly how I access the rate and also tier 2 when one leaves country? Ehm I assume we have described already, I think a lot of questileft are just repetitions. I ' ll offer AndrewA opportto answerthe questithat just close to him th chairman of the trustefor some closing s after that w webinar. Thank you significantly. Madam, madam presid continuous. Um indeed, the paymenwe received from federal government as a plan is September twentytwentyAnd that ' sthe last repayment we ' ve ly but from health sectorbecaus we have IGF normally IG like peoplewho are ly utilize facilities all that those settlement eh do comes ah so directto the concern I can tha can do the about it ' s concerning eight or much seven to eight months you recognize ah y in a that ' s what straight to examine after that you ask a concern whetheyou are e alright y it ' s actually tier you know year 2, the means it is is that eh'becausof the es of eh, having your salary and afterwards making that percent, as well as the nature it being required, aha, but the concern is, fine, maybe you are working right here currently, and afterwards you a transfer to one more nation to'exist an instant and back.You alw as soon as you are receiving salary', you know, with your er, they ca You recognize, so ah, as a, a system, I state that wherever, when you living you k porting, it is scheme to scheme, don ' t pay to indiviaccounts, it ' s not a retired life, that ' s what I include in this Say thanks to quite. Thanks much. that are different are the very same. Ehm take acknowledgment that e ehm we, we, our very own laws, it may be

, might be employer in a certaiiction to p percent of your bution right here, so most of have actually contributed right into HSOPS ready as well as you intendto migrat or have actually ed already, you'concentrate on ns out there, after that ehm, obtain included, obtain involved in individual pension plans as well as various other of your pensions.At this time, ehm, we go over the chairman of the trustein the person of doctor Derek Amoate offer some closing ehm comments so you once again eh it ' s been an interesting time we ' ve had emergency room and thank you all the speakers ehm we had we we ' ve chatting an introduction of eh pensions eh essentially introduction of ment and also exactly how to prepare eh for retirement as you mentiomentioned r this j beginning of other involvements that will certainly come I ' m certain they introduce the date for various other r prior to we leave right here eh yet of one sticks around on my mind, that you need to take your retirement seriously, a great deal of'we young, w is 20 it ' s 30 years, it ' s 40 years And also so we not tak anything ment.Or anything pension plans, however I assume start early.You must start early by all means. You need to obtain a savings t. And also you have to prepare. You to specify your retirement you need t savi are really really great tidbits that will assist everyone of if we take seriously. I make sure as we accompany there are certain locations will certainly be ng withi subsequent webinaand I to encourage and also your pals as well as familyto component of these sessions. Uh are to y wellness sector work-related pension is right here for you. We below for your st. You reach us whenever. We have a workplace at Zoti in Kolegu. Uh additionally have one in. A practically. can obtain us in all t electrical outlets, social media electrical outlets that been supplied. Then whenever you have n, simply to We excellent retiretake care of yourseAnd hopefully as you to conserve little, to save early, we will all retireg together. Thank you much as well as God you. you much doctor Derek Amoateand the an of boars of the sector operational patienteam. So ehm just we you the beginnthis is a webinar series your method. Um the auspices the education commitof the sectorol pension plan, are about the part of the very first, the initial series, and also the second series will be coming, the 2nd eh, August17th As well as on that day, we are to take you h the of retireplanning as well as ment choi So will look all stages retireand the ment choic askingquestions concerning can I do, what task can I do as well as all I make and all of that. You will be listening to a whole lot much more it in our second r which will certainly show up on the 17th August 2023.

So on this note, we give thanks to all so much for joining today ' s webinar. It ' s been extremely interactive in of lots of questions that we asked significantly for joining. Without have a success. We thank our speakefor today. that is Mister rd Matikole from Enterprise Trustees, the new businewing, adviso wing, then mister Andrews Ablobialso our independent trustee for being us As well as most give thanks to the chairman of the board, DoctorDerika for joining as well as other of trustewho on the And also we to the education commitof the health market of n for effort at bringing contributors of the this r serieson this note, thanks all extremely much for joinin and we'that you risk-free. When talk wellness sector occupational clients in Thank you all quite joininAnd bye bye for currently. Bye. Free of cost can end the webinar please. you.

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