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Revealing Our Fat FIRE Locations | How to Pick Your Early Retirement Location

welcome to fightsidechat my name is i so how do i choose the right area to retire very early let'' s state you have achieved financial independence and also you'' re seeking a brand-new location to retire somewhere in the united states what are several of the considerations you must have prior to you select an area to retire allow me know in the remark section listed below if you want me to make a video regarding retirement locations outside the us choosing a retirement place will also rely on your fire number as well as the kind of fire you attained watch till the end of this video clip and also i'' ll share several of the places we desire to live when we retire early your lean fire could offer you anywhere around 40 000 a year your typical fire number might be anywhere in between 50 and also 90 000 a year your fat fire number should go to least one hundred thousand dollars a year so if you'' re wanting to retire in a high expense of living location like a significant metropolitan city you might need greater easy earnings to retire if you'' re just doing this lean fire after that you could require to select an area that has a lower expense of living the first factor to consider is taxes when you retire early there are currently 9 states without an income tax washington alaska southern dakota texas nevada that'' s where i online florida wyoming new hampshire and tennessee these states more than likely use various other kinds of tax obligations to create profits nevertheless if you'' re relocating to brand-new hampshire currently they do tax your rate of interest as well as dividends so keep that in mind it is phasing out passion as well as returns tax obligation starting in 2024 and also then completely eliminated in 2027 so allow'' s say you narrow down to these states that don'' t need you to pay state revenue tax obligations these states do have higher taxes in other locations to spend for their roads institutions and any other public infrastructure tennessee as an example has a 9.55 sales tax which is the greatest in any type of state and also the washington state imposes a gas tax obligation at 49.4 cents per gallon which is the highest possible rate in the country texas and also new hampshire have one of the highest real estate tax prices but new hampshire doesn'' t have a sales tax obligation as well as texas examinations non-prescription medicines from sales taxes the following consideration is the cost of living an inexpensive living and real estate prices are probably one of the most important factors to consider when you compute just how much you'' re aiming to invest every year in very early retirement current cpi information showing 7.5 percent inflation may frighten you a bit but you can still contrast the price of living index state by state besides housing various other expenses you desire to think about are utilities transport and also grocery stores these are your baseline expenditures when you'' re retired states with the lowest cost living are mississippi oklahoma arkansas kansas and also missouri respectively mentions with the highest expense of living are hawaii washington d.c california oregon and brand-new york taking a look at the states without any state earnings taxes tennessee was number six on the lowest price of living category and also surprisingly alaska is rated number six greatest in the cost of living index i wouldn'' t directly just select the state based upon this index if you intend to stay in a smaller community in tennessee then your expense of living could be a lot less than residing in a major city like memphis or nashville a great deal of senior citizens like to live beyond the major city so buying a residence possibly 45 minutes away from nashville may be less costly than living inside nashville right by the method if you desire our cost-free fire resources see us at contact talking homes a great deal of early retirees that pick to relocate put on'' t generally purchase homes today unless they recognize the area really well i believe right currently people seem like they'' re mosting likely to shed more money from renting out than acquiring a house i would suggest that you drive or fly to these towns or cities as well as get airbnb for a while i'' ve check out some reddit messages that individuals purchase a camper and drive around the entire country to pick a retired life location according to the nationwide organization of real estate professionals they detailed the following 10 best housing markets in the u.s including the significant cities and the surrounding towns and residential areas these warm markets remain in dallas fort worth texas fair hope farley alabama springdale rogers and arkansas and also missouri huntsville alabama knoxville tennessee hand bay and also pensacola florida san antonio texas spartanburg south carolina and tucson arizona knoxville tennessee had the most budget friendly residence rates with median worth of residential property being available in at 229 thousand dollars right here are some other considerations when you'' re looking into for a place to retire take a look at the area'' s high quality of life and neighborhood destinations i stay in the las vegas location yet i put on'' t real-time anywhere near where all the visitor destinations are and i live like thirty minutes away from the strip so it'' s not loud or anything like that you could wish to consider what your commutes are mosting likely to be like so do you choose to live in a location where driving a cars and truck to places is a necessity or do you like to ride your bike or stroll in the huge city if you'' re even more of an outdoorsy individual then you may desire to stay in an area with more outdoor activities as you grow older though you may need to find a location where there'' s medical care providers or health centers that can provide you the certain treatment you ought to additionally research to environment any place you'' re looking to relocate in las vega it can get up to concerning 115 levels in july and august it can be extremely warm as well as completely dry if you stay in dallas or san antonio texas it'' s like 105 levels however it ' s also very humid so it practically really feels like 115 degrees according to capital hawaii california and florida have the very best environment they'' re also not the most inexpensive locations to live due to that if you wear'' t mind the rain then maybe take into consideration seattle if you put on'' t mind the humidity then i hear tampa florida and atlanta georgia are wonderful choices i'' ve been to tampa as well as that is a great city if you'' re on lean fire and you want to live in an area where it ' s more rural and calls for a reduced expense of living after that right here are the top 100 us towns with fewer than 10 000 locals i will publish this link in the description listed below you put on'' t necessarily have to live in a tiny community if you ' re on lean fire it just indicates that you'wear ' t have a lot even more cash to invest with lean fire i have a village in mind as well as i will certainly share that in the direction of the end of this video so where do we wish to live when we retire early we have actually numerous choices based on what we have seen we will certainly probably make vegas our home the climate is really wonderful in between march and also may october and november it obtains method too warm from june to september as well as it obtains really chilly in december as well as february there'' s no state earnings tax in the state of nevada and also the cost of living isn'' t so negative between january and also february we would certainly like to remain in hawaii i personally like the huge island since it was method quieter than oahu the weather condition there was just ideal the only disadvantage was the expense of living and also it'' s not low-cost to live anywhere in hawaii my other half wants to reside in all those areas in colorado i additionally found a treasure in this little community called white salmon washington with a population of 2500 people it'' s in the columbia river chasm right throughout the bridge it'' s oregon and also washington state doesn'' t have revenue tax as well as oregon doesn'' t have sales tax however neglect all these taxes momentarily and take an appearance at a few of these photos we went there a number of years back from my friend'' s wedding celebration the view there was absolutely lovely if i if i want some solitude then that'' s an excellent area to retire early so what we intend to do is to have different properties in vegas and also hawaii so we can reside in different areas based upon the weather as well as seasons we additionally wish to be home mortgage totally free as well as potentially rent out the locations in hawaii when we'' re not there this is still years out but that'' s type of our strategy this is why we want to travel to various areas annually so we can remain to explore our alternatives our goal is that fire with 2.8 million dollars but that'' s just our monetary independence number when we'' re prepared to retire our total assets should be more than 3 million deciding where to retire might take years but we have lots of time to travel and also explore brand-new places so with that said claimed i appreciate you enjoying my video don'' t neglect to subscribe as well as i wish to see you in the next video have a great one [Songs] you

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5 Easy Tips To 💰Save Money💰…Money Saving Hacks

I'm going to do a video on 5 simple things you can do to help your financial situation and I realized that I need to do a follow-up to the retired at 40 story video because there's a huge need for financial education in this country and really everywhere it pertains to every single person doesn't matter what your financial status is you can always use help and there's always little tip tips and tricks that and things that you can do to better your status it always amazes me how scared people are to talk about their finances to put something on paper to basically take a look at where their money is going what's getting saved and how everything is getting spent and I've met people time and time again that are highly educated very smart people but they know nothing about finances and they are terrible with money management so before we get into the 5 tips I want to strongly urge you to make a financial statement for yourself figure out where your money is going currently and figure out how much you're saving and basically figure out where you can trim the fat for so many people a financial statement or just finances in general is like a bad word they're just terrified of it but the only way that you're gonna be able to improve your finances is to face the music alright so now that you've had a chance to go through your financial statement you definitely know where your money is going but how can we save more and what you really need to aim for is about 6 months of reserves especially if you're getting ready to invest money into something or if you're doing some kind of career change or some life-changing thing and all of these five tips will more than likely be a line-item on your financial statement so let's go to financial tip number one hey I'm going to have to call you back I'm shooting a video right now so this first thing is something that we've all become very very accustomed to in the last 10 to 15 years and that is a cell phone and people tend to spend absurd amounts on their cell phones whether it's the bill or the cell phone itself mainly the cell phone itself so that's my first financial tip is shop on eBay or Amazon for a cell phone that's refurbished or used or one this may be just a couple years old I actually just purchased a cell phone on ebay because I'm having trouble with my current one and I got on to my cell phone providers website and the most expensive phone that's like mine now is $1,200 that's insane to me so I got on eBay I found one that's similar to the one I have right now it's new but it's a couple years old and I got it for less than $200 another thing that you can do is ask for some kind of loyalty benefit from your cell phone provider cell phone providers are constantly trying to earn your business and if you've been with them for a long time and you can convince them to keep you around by offering you some kind of benefit they'll jump on the chance just by going into my provider recently I have a cell phone bill that was about a hundred and ten dollars a month I told them that I've been with them for close to 15 years they knocked it down to sixty-seven dollars and I have unlimited everything now tip number two is what I call going to youtube University or getting a YouTube education we live in the most amazing time ever right now there is information everywhere and it's so easily accessible don't ever stop educating yourself it's so easy to find out how to do things these days you're doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't take advantage of that so how does that pertain to saving money well you can save money by doing tons and tons of things yourself instead of paying someone else to do it just look at the platform that you're watching right now for instance you're watching a video on how to do something so that how-to can be anything from changing brake pads on your car to changing the oil on your car to fixing a leaky faucet or the toilet flapper not working on your toilet all the way to how to the meal which brings me to my next point number three so food is a necessity in life but is it a necessity to go out to eat or go to Starbucks once or twice or every day the amount of money that people spend on food and going out to eat fast food Starbucks McDonald's it really adds up quick and I don't think that people realize how much money they're actually spending on it because it's just five or six or seven dollars here and there but if you add that up over the course of a month or a year or five years or ten years I think the result would be pretty staggering cook your meals at home pack your lunch for work make that fancy coffee at home it's not that tough to do there's so many great ideas and resources on YouTube and Pinterest and vlogs and blogs this channel included if you need a place to start scroll through my channel I have lots of cooking videos if you want to take that a step farther you can start growing your own food and if you don't have a big green house like this you can grow a lot of food just in five gallon buckets even on a little deck if you don't know where to get started see tip two number four is something that really hits home for me because me and my wife are both self-employed and we have been for 15 plus years so number four is insurance and although I don't like insurance companies because I think they're a giant scam it's a necessary evil and you can also use that to your advantage you can put them against each other insurance companies much like cell phone companies are begging for your business and they're constantly trying to outdo each other with with certain benefits or promotions so make them put their money where their mouth is and put them up against each other constantly and not just insurance companies you can do this with all kinds of different companies you should always be price checking these companies the ball is in your court make them earn your business all right I'd saved the best for last tip number five is taking advantage of bank account and credit card bonuses and this tip is begging for a separate video all on its own because I could go on about this for a long time but if you're not taking advantage of credit card bonuses for sign ups or credit card cash back or travel miles or if you sign up for a bank account a lot of them will give you a large sum just for putting your money with them now I want to be clear I'm not promoting just going out and spending a bunch of money on a credit card but more putting the things that you already spend money on into the credit card it's money that you're spending anyways put your mortgage on a credit card if you can insurance is a good one it's not super expensive but at least we'll get you a couple hundred bucks on your credit card unless of course it's health insurance and then you're talking in my case thousand to twelve hundred dollars a month here's another good one groceries it's something that you always have to have and depending on how much you go to the grocery store it could add up to three or four hundred bucks a month sometimes six hundred maybe even more no-brainer here put your gas on a credit card you can always put your utilities on your credit card too if your utility company will allow it next from tip one your cell phone bill now depending on how much some of these are and if you are allowed to actually put them on your credit card you're talking some pretty major money that you can get a bonus from if you're getting two percent cashback that really adds up not only that but you're increasing your credit score while you're doing that so as long as you're financially responsible and you pay this every month you're reaping a large benefit a lot of credit cards will give you a 2% cashback they'll give you a $500 signup bonus that's free money in my opinion the free bank bonuses or even better than the credit card in my opinion because the bank account is something that you have to have anyway a lot of them will give you $500 for a small deposit as long as you put your direct deposit with them all the way up to I've seen $1,000 before and if you have a little bit more money to play with some of the online money market accounts like Capital One will pay you up to 2% or some even up to 2.5% just for keeping your money with them so some of these things may not seem like it's saving you a ton of money but when you take up those extra fives and tens and occasional hundreds and you put them to work for you as opposed to something that you're normally spending you're not only saving the money because you're not spending it but you're putting it to work and doing something else with it and you'll find that your your finances will start to collect very quickly so if you found the video helpful and you enjoyed the content take a second to give me a thumbs up it really helps out the channel and it helps the YouTube algorithm get this video out to people who actually need to see it also don't forget to subscribe we do some gardening some frugal living some food preservation and cooking some gardening and you get to join me and my family on our retirement at the age of 40 after you've clicked subscribe click the bell notification also and it will notify you every time a new video comes out and it'll keep you in the loop of the community all right I appreciate you sticking with me through this whole video so I'm gonna give you an extra bonus tip with an extra 100 or 200 or 300 or more dollars per month that you're saving with just cutting back on a few things you take that extra money and you pay down debt with it the faster you get out of debt the closer you're going to become to financial freedom and whenever you're paying off debt always choose the smallest balance first because it gives you that extra little boost and if you can pay it off faster it gives you that extra bit of confidence to rock into the next one so once you've paid down your smallest debt move on to your next smallest debt take that money that you're saving from the smallest debt that you're not having to pay any more and add it to the money you're saving from the 5 tips that I'm giving you and apply it to the next smallest debt and when that one's paid off you roll it into the next one you roll that one into the next one and so on and so on in the meantime this is retired at 40 check out these other helpful videos if you have a minute remember to live a life simple and we'll catch you next week oh hey I'm gonna have to call you back and shooting a video right now this is right my god get out of debt

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