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How We Retired Early and Quit Our 9-5 Jobs: Money-Saving Secrets Revealed!

People are always asking us how did we retire early and quit our 9-5 jobs. But before we get into that today, I'm Sarah. I'm Olivier and our channel is called "Enjoy Retirement Life". So one of the first things we did was to have a look at our debt and to see if we could reduce it in any way. And the other thing was to look at our weekly spending and to see if we could trim that back.

So when we started to analyse our debt, we figured out that there were two cars. Why do we need two cars? I don't know, because where was your car all week? On the drive. Because where did you work? I was commuting to London. I used a train. The train is very expensive as well. So we decided we didn't need two cars. I actually had a car loan on mine. So we decided to sell mine, clear the loan. And basically I ended up with a bit of an upgrade because he had a much nicer car than me. So we just had one car, no mortgage, nothing. Win-win, because I had a decent car and we were paying less each month. So we noticed as well the number two in our spending was the TV subscriptions. We have, how many do we have? We have ***, we have ***** Video, we have ******* and even ****** Channel for our children. A lot.

That is too much because we don't have time to watch all these channels at the same time. So we had to make some decisions about which ones we were going to keep and which ones we were going to give up. And actually that was quite a nice saving, wasn't it? Every month. Very nice saving. So we kept just one, the one we watched the most and all the others, we cancelled. And we haven't really missed them, have we? Not at all.

To be honest. So one of the other things we noticed was how much money we were spending on restaurants each month. So we love going to restaurants, whether it's on our own or with friends, but we decided as we wanted to quit our jobs and retire early, perhaps we should save money by switching to takeaways. So that worked for a while. Until our kids ordered a pizza from our favourite place and I almost had a heart attack when I saw the bill. They ordered four pizzas and some nibbles and the bill was 60 quid. Don't forget pizza is flour, salt, water and baking powder. It's true. A little bit of toppings, that's it. 60 quid. So from then on our kitchen at home became a pizza kitchen and we did it ourselves and we saved even more money. So that was another win. A win, win. Again. Another point where we noticed we spend a lot of money is on food and we spend a lot of money on supermarkets.

It's not what we were buying, it's where we were buying. So we made a switch. We went for a lower cost supermarket and we were quite surprised because the prices were good and the food was very similar quality. For example, if you buy pasta in one supermarket, and pasta to the other supermarket, the only difference is the label because it's still flour and water inside. And some eggs. Yeah. So another plus was that there was a better selection of wine and actually that was less expensive too. So it was another win. A win for us because we love wine. So another way that we started to save money was also to think about leftovers and how much we had left in the fridge and what was going to waste each week. I don't like to waste food. No, he really doesn't like to waste food. Even if I need to eat the same thing for one week, I'm going to do it.

So we started to make shopping lists, really plan the meals for the week and then make sure that we were cooking enough so we could eat the same thing. Maybe not the next day. So I introduced to your family, the leftovers. We need to eat the leftovers. Yeah, the problem was before that we didn't have any leftovers. Yes, they ate everything. Anyway, we cooked a bit more. And of course, there's economy of scale and it means that you've got some for maybe a couple of days' time. Because the benefits to cooking more, you use the same gas, you use the same electricity, you just buy a little bit more food and you can switch that for this day and to another day.

And actually for us, when it was a night where we didn't have to cook, it was brilliant. We could just put our feet up after a day at work and enjoy the fact that the food was already in the fridge and we just had to heat it up. So not only did we save money, it was very convenient too. Yeah. As you notice, it was very easy to save money each month and that was part of educating our brain to our new retirement journey. Because we knew that in the end when we retired early, we had a five-year plan, that we wouldn't have a monthly pay check anymore. We would be too early for a pension and probably not able to get any support from the government. So we knew that we had to adjust to having less money. So not only did we save money, we also re-educated ourselves about how to live, what was important. With less things because we don't need all these things. So that was one part of our journey to quit the 9-5. It's kind of an essential part that we needed to go through.

Yeah. So don't forget to subscribe and to click on the thumbs up. That is helping us and helping our channel. Don't worry, it's free for you. And we've got plenty more videos to come about our retirement journey to France. So hopefully you'll watch us again soon..

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Follow this step-by-step process to retire early than 99% people | Financial Planning

hi everyone so here is my holding on four big stocks that I own in my portfolio and if you aggregate the numbers you will see that my investment amount is huge on the flip side this is the car that I drive it's a tat Nixon so I naturally get asked a question that aat you have a lot of money a lot of wealth this that so why are you driving a basic car the short answer is that it is a part of my retirement planning living frugally spending less being sensible about it being practical about it is the core tenant on which I operate basically my my viewpoint is that I would rather have a lot of flexibility in my life not stress about money live wherever I want to live for example right now I'm in South Goa I keep on traveling here and there peaceful environment weather right and all that stuff so I prefer this flexibility so this is a practical Insight that I have discovered right from the time I had a corporate job K sensibly I have to save and invest and I have to keep my lifestyle inflation in check in order to achieve early Financial Independence SL retirement so on this video video I'm going to share with you practical insights practical strategies that I have personally used in order to achieve early Financial Independence after watching this entire video you will get a very clear idea what is it that you should be doing what is it that you should not be doing because most of the people that I see who are interested in getting early Financial Independence SL retirement they just keep on doing Excel all day right we will become like retired in like this amount of time no all this will not help you study the math also so first and foremost please like this video so that these type of fundamentally research video reach out to more people I speak from life and practical experiences whatever I have personally done second key point is please watch this video till the very end it's a very humble request I will condense a lot of interesting insights for you in a very short span of time watch it till the very end you will not need to watch any other retirement oriented video all practical points will be spoken about so on that note let me me share a very broad framework and the rule is called as 991 Rule now what is the meaning of the rule so here is the snippet take a look at this this rule is applicable across a wide range of Industries let's pick the example of Internet what you will observe is the fact that 90% of people waste their time on internet scrolling we scroll all day we'll just watch like shorts after shorts after shorts learn nothing do nothing so 90% people on the internet waste time 9% % of the people use internet intelligently probably to gain knowledge learn something new upskill themselves do good good things probably watch my channel subscribe to my channel and like this video and 1% who are at the top of the internet food chain they are the one using internet to make a lot of money and turn it into a profession so this split of 99 and one is applicable across a bunch of Industries and it is also applicable in terms of Investments Exel EX all day long that you know what okay if I save this much amount of money grow it at like this much rate then I will be retired in like these many years that's incorrect that will not work you have to have basic principles sorted out you need to have basic practical wisdom on this topic in order to understand this concept more let me give you some math here for example let's say that it is the year 2023 you have saved roughly 1 rupe right now and you'll say right and now I can retire just live off by growing my money at like crazy rate and I'm done but see the point is that if you study inflation and the way the inflation is being played out practically in the economy the cost of raising a kid has gone up like crazy on top of that foreign education has become extremely expensive the inflation there is crazy so from that perspective you know what the rate of inflation in the economy is 5 6 7% but practically the type of services that you might be availing the inflation there is absolutely mindboggling for example consider health insurance the premiums on health insurance term insurance is growing at roughly 14% kager 14% kager every single year so it is critical to Avail these type of services as soon as you can so on that note let me introduce you the sponsors of today's video which is Max life insurance imagine that you're 35 years old and you won a lottery of 10 CR rupees you'll feel yeah oh 10 CR rupees I'm just going to rule the world with it I'm going to resign from my job live a retired life this that all good good things but here is a problem and let me use the math of 1 CR rup and the value of it after a few years so 1 rupe after 10 years only remains 50 lakhs if you assume a 7% inflation similarly after 15 years the value will be only 36 lakhs after 20 years it will only remain 25 lakhs of buying power at current inflation of roughly 7% so the point I'm trying to drive home through this example is very simple that retirement planning is not that easyl models and we follow so many things systematic withdrawal plan this is that but it is not easy those are not practical practical things so retirement planning is an area where I have had some bit of practical experience because I currently live in Goa I could technically call myself retired I'll not use the word retired because that has a negative connotation to it but I would call myself financially independent that I get to work wherever I want whenever I want how much ever I want so from that perspective I can call myself semi-retired so to say on that note the very first thing that you absolutely need to do literally the ABC of retirement planning is that you need to protect yourself and Safeguard your family and for that you need to have an insurance and on that note let me introduce you to the partners of today's video which is Max life insurance they offer the plans at very affordable premiums by paying 700 rupees monthly you can get a life cover of 1 CR rupe now this comprehensive plan comes with a host of advantages SL riders for example you can get disability cover you can get protection against 64 critical illnesses you ALS also get accidental cover life cover on top of that one of the key components that you need to remember while buying an insurance is the claim settlement ratio which simply means that if an insurance organization is getting 100 requests for processing claims how many claims are they actually processing out of it Max life has a claim settlement ratio of 99.51% which is good Max life also offers free cost of term plans with special exit value which means that with Max life term insurance plans you can get back your premium at no extra cost so do check out all the details in the description and comment box and let's move on to point number two so with that said let us move on to the concept of retirement planning practical points the first critical point that you must understand about retirement planning is the retirement planning math Excel spreadsheet I will tell you in very simple back of the envelope calculation of critical points that you need to understand in order to grasp the concept of retirement okay so the retirement math formula comprises of these four buckets I will quickly explain it highly practical points right so the first point is that you must understand what your current lifestyle is and what is the inflation on that lifestyle so let me give you an example so let's say that currently you live in Delhi and your monthly expense is one lakh rup home you have a family and right now one simple choice that you can make is and if your work permits that you're working from home online then probably you can go to some other smaller City so that maybe you will be able to cut down your expenses by 30 40% and studies show us that you can cut your expenses so these are some of the Practical tips that you must keep in mind so the first practical tip in terms of your retirement planning that I will give you is that if you're planning on retiring early then always look for scope to shifting to smaller cities because this 30 40 dip in expenses will be there right so this is part one part two is that see your life will always be upgraded right that we want like better phones better Hospital facilities better education kids then more expenses on kids so lifestyle inflation will always be there so the first challenge that you will witness is that you need a very honest assessment that okay I'm living in Delhi and 1 lakh rupee is my ker what is the realistic expectation in inflation I expect in my lifestyle where I will be happy for example okay that okay if I have like a wife and if I have two kids or if I have a husband two kids then then my will get doubled right so this is the base amount that you need to consider and here there will be an approximation only right you cannot again like sit on Excel spreadsheet that okay today the education expenses like this after one year it will only grow by 10% and my rent will only grow by 10% right so this is the Practical point that I I'm telling you and one mitigation strategy is that always figure out early in your life and get that that location Independence Point very very critical it can help you out a lot in terms of your retirement planning then comes the second point that it is pretty much irrelevant what your current salary is for example your current salary could be 1 CR rupe a month but if you invest 0% of it or if you save 0% of it then how much you have contributed to your early retirement or retirement planning the short answer is zero it is almost relevant how much money you are making more important factor is that how much you save and invest so this is the second critical point the third critical point is the rate of growth of Investments now this is a very interesting snippet it shows that bab India May that only 3 three and a half% people invest their money in mutual funds most of the savings of Indians savings means that okay if your salary is 1 lak rupe and you're saving 10,000 rupe then most almost 90% of Indians keep that in fixed deposit now this is not a rant against fixed deposit fixed deposits are good instruments under certain circumstances No Doubt about that but your growth money the money that you're looking to grow at a rate of 10% plus that needs to be put in something called as growth assets and FD is not a growth asset something like mutual fund is a growth asset something like real estate good real estate is a growth asset something like a stock or a good stock is a good growth asset now why am I calling this 10% as the Baseline there has to be some head or leg to this 10% right so what you need to understand is that even if you consider the official rate of inflation in India it is somewhere around 6% and please note that this is just official number this is unofficial inflation will be much higher but official because that is a number that we can all be sure of that inflation in India which simply means that in 2023 you are getting an Apple at 100 rupees then next year most likely the cost of that apple is going to be 106 rupees why because the price rise of apple has happened by 6% so that is what inflation means so inflation in India is roughly 6% and 4% you need as a systematic withdrawal limit or systematic withdrawal plan so how does this work out let me quickly explain that right so let's imagine that this is the year 2023 you have saved 1 CR rupe okay and then you say that you know what my current lifestyle is such that I live in a tier 2 tier three City Village and inflation be if I compute on my standard of living that I will get married have kids all this stuff hypothetically then my Kaa every year or my expense every year I'm talking on yearly basis is roughly 4 lakh rupees okay now as per systematic withdrawal plan what you can do is that in 2023 you can theoretically retire why and there is a condition that needs to be met here that your total Corpus is 1C right your current lifestyle plus inflation is how much 4 lakh rupees roughly four lakh is what mywp a systematic withdrawal plan would be so in 2023 you retire you stop working in 2024 how much money you need 4 lakh rupe because that is the estimate that you have run now what is your Corpus down to you will say that okay it is down to 96 lakhs because 1 CR minus 96 lakhs but here is where Point number three comes into the equation that this Corpus if you have invested it properly it will grow at a certain rate and what is the growth rate of that Corpus you need to achieve it should minimum be 10% why is that because that in 2023 1 CR by 2024 how much does this become it becomes 1.1 CR then you withdraw 4 lakh out of it then you left with how much you left with roughly 1.06 CR now where does this 6 lakh go it goes to inflation that ch% inflation 4% is your systematic withdrawal rule so what are the key takeaways that you must understand practically from this discussion number one have a very correct understanding of what your current lifestyle is where will you live and what is the expected amount of expenses you will incur on early basis have a very very clear handle on that fact so in my case that Kaa comes out to be 2 lakh rupees there is a video that I had done somewhere so please go and take a look that is the max limit that so 2 lakh is what I'm estimating then comes the second key takeaway that you must save and invest quickly in order to get to your goal which is based on that 4% withdrawal rule for example example that okay I need 4 lakh rupees every month as s swp then how much money you need to have as the kitty or the pool 1C okay so that is point number two point number three is that you must be able to grow your portfolio at minimum 10% why because there is inflation angle to it and there is 4% s swp to it okay so now since we have understood the retirement math and the formula around it now let us start getting deeper into the concept about retirement methods and what are the best assets where you could invest in order to achieve that early Financial Independence or retirement so see what people think is if I go and invest my money in mutual funds retir stocks same is the case if I go and buy like five shops then yes again I'll retire very early people retire by buying real estate also people retire by buying stocks also mutual funds also the point is that whatever you are buying that asset should be good there is no point in buying like absolutely nonsense stocks which are going to go to zero how will it help in retirement planning again a related Point here is that if we just simply go and buy dividend stocks then our retirement is pakka see guys what ends up happening is that when you are buying mutual funds or stocks the issue is that markets sometimes go up like this and then they fall like this now if you are banking on the fact that every month or every year I need to withdraw 4% of my portfolio and type situation 2008 type situation Market took four 4 years to recover that every year I need to withdraw 4% of my money market has corrected unfortunately 50 60% and now you're sitting unnecessarily withdraw and all that stuff so it becomes a problem for you so please understand that both mutual funds and stocks have a component called as volatility guaranteed regular return is not the area which is useful in mutual fund and stocks people just imagine pfolio pfolio but draw down is also quite massive so you have to mix and match with other three instruments here right so this is very very important that you use mutual funds and stocks for growing your portfolio at what math at more than 10% why 10% because I told you the math earlier that 4% is your s swp and 6% is what 6% is inflation so yeah say right if your average portfolio which is a combination of this part and this part if that portfolio needs to grow at a weighted average please Google what weighted average means if the weighted average return of your portfolio needs to be somewhere more than 10% then from the growth part well it should at least be 12 to 15% returns here and then also it's fine because what this part this blue part does is that this part of your portfolio gives you stability right and this part of your portfolio gives you what it gives you growth right lot of people in the equity Market Equity best real estate real estate invest no you have to mix and match in order to do retirement planning that is the key concept that you must understand so now let me quickly delve deeper that what are some of the best options within this space if you are planning your retirement if you are picking mutual funds and if you know nothing just simply go and put your money in something called as index mutual funds expense ratio is really low expense because the commissions that you pay to mutual fund people it ends up eating a big part of your portfolio here there is a tweet that I had made on that simple topic that if you're doing retirement planning then 30 30 years 40 40 years retirement planning right every for 30 years they will invest in some mutual fund what ends up happening if there's a difference of 2% commission 1 to 2% commission well here's a math that I explained that if you invest 25,000 rupe monthly at a kager of 12% for a period of 30 years the total portfolio or Corpus size is 8.82 same math at 14% kager it comes out to be 14% but we think what's a big deal no please read this tweet carefully very very important tweet from a retirement planning point of view so if you are picking mutual fund and your aim is to grow your money at 12% that is the historic kager of nifty50 or the entire Indian market simply go and buy Index Fund it has the lowest risk no problem there right so this is point right second key point that if you are going to stocks then you should pick stocks with the intent that how to exit the stock also now this is something that I teach fundamentally on my member Community also so please go and check it out you will learn a lot more Nuance techniques of Investments I keep on saying that if you're a serious investor give it a try try for 2 three months you yourself will see a c change in your investing style but stocks don't purchase unless you know the fundamentals unless you understand the basics of stock stocks are wonderful if you're looking to grow your portfolio between 15 to 20% cash and your timeline accelerates for retirement what about real estate FD bonds okay the real estate for example when you buy a house you are buying it for your own consumption a house is not an investment per se in which you are living for example you're seeing that I'm standing and shooting a video this house is on K I will always live on K house right why because I'm consuming this but the real estate that I own every single real estate is on commercial use or is doing some kind of commercial activ AC it so to say even the Villa that I have purchased in Goa that is on Airbnb generating somewhere around 6 to 8% yield for me every single shop that I own generates 6% yield now why am I talking about 4% 6% Yi simple see real estate it gives you stability for example imagine a situation where the stock market has corrected by 50% you require your 4 lakh of yearly expenses what will you do you will draw down in the stock market if you're 100% stock investor but on the flip side if you own some real estate that real estate gives you cash flows right you might have already bought I don't know right by the time you retire you might have four five shops so every year you might be making 68 lakh rupes of rental income a it gives you an option to put more money in a down market right because you have that stability of cash flow B it fulfills your requirement that from that example point of view now I know that many critics will say that time agree guys I I'm not saying that you know there's a full proof 100% proof method out there which you will use and everything will be Hy Dy but the point is diversification there are some assets like these which are for stability Viewpoint so rather than having all your money or stable money in real estate you can put some money in bonds right don't do fds but do government bonds because the return or rate of return on government bonds is slightly higher that of FD so that is the good part there right so please understand I'm giving you all the options you need to mix and match it eventual goal that you need to accomplish is very simple that your portfolio grows at more than 10% and that can easily happen for you the moment that starts happening you will have a fairly easy time now let me close out the video by talking about four or five actionable points that you need to start executing in the year 2023 to accelerate your retirement planning timelines so there are four action points that I will leave you with number one action point is that if you have just recent recently started making money or if you are already making good money but not saving much start with the target of saving 10% of your salary just 10% and all that please do it do it for your own you will get more freedom you'll have less stress in life okay so step one is that literally start saving 10% of your salary and every 6 months try to jump up your savings rate by another four to 5 percentage points so for example we are in October and you have just started saving money you start out with the goal of 10% budgeting it can happen now by like next March April get that number to 15% what is the goal till what point you should do it well ideally right or like in know extremely good scenario would be that you end up saving 70% of your salary I save almost 95% of whatever money I'm making why because I enjoy the flexibility and lifestyle inflation that does not mean yeah I do not drive a car no I do all those things I drink like good Italian coffee and bu buch of other good good things I do right I travel abroad but budget sensibly that is the point you should spend within your limits for example for Me 2 L monthly expense is a lot I can get a lot done now my income level might be very high so that 2 lakh might look very high but that is not the case I still spend good amount of money but despite that my savings rate is very very high and that is what you should focus on point number two that if you're new to investing don't be that 90% people in that 991 rule start with index investing if you know nothing just simply go and do sip in index you are fine there is no problem there commissions be come all good good things are there you will be able to grow your money at 12 12 and half% kager what is the average return and you will be okay so this is point number two this way you will migrate from that 90% while bucket to that 9% bucket right at least intelligent and then eventually try to get into that top 1% bucket by learning about direct Stock Investing third key point you need to bifurcate your portfolio into growth portfolio and slightly risk-free portfolio so for that if you understand bonds invest in bonds if you understand real estate invest in real estates point is that you must have some stability of cash flow and buy good assets there then comes the final point that have a basic sense of what that goal of money you need to have should it be 1 CR or 5 CR or 10 CR or 100 CR whatever that money is it depends on your lifestyle what you currently have and what you expect your lifestyle to be for example if your goal is I'm working in Mumbai and I'm going to earn money in India and my goal is to eventually retire in New York so for that versus if your goal is that okay I'm working in Mumbai now I want to settle in this particular Village in India right so I hope you got that perspective that this math or setting that goal is something that you'll have to figure out depending on where you currently are external comparison that for example if you're currently on 1 lakh rupe are you happy with your lifestyle that you're currently living are you married unmarried what future responsibilities you might have so as for today do that computation maybe it will be like additional responsibilities double right so 2 lakh is your target goal on a monthly basis this is your expense now run the 4% math that I had explained you and you will have a very simple answer what is the Corpus site that you might so on that note I would encourage you to watch this particular video which is around why the Youth of India is getting financially bankrupt if you watch this video you will avoid making a lot of mistakes in your retirement planning so please go check out this video and I'll see you soon

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6 Retirement Essentials (Most people only prepared 2 or 3)

I'm planning for retirement most people focus 
mostly on marshaling together enough money you   know Financial Resources so that they can last 
the distance and then maybe at the back of their   heads they have some vague plan right perhaps 
two or three things to fill the time with a lot   of the times this is stuff like travel family 
well unfortunately I'm gonna say that's not   quite nearly enough for Preparation we ourselves 
have been retired for two years and going looking   back on the past two years I kind of see like 
six essential things that if you prep for it   beforehand before your retirement starts I think 
this can really make such a positive difference   to your retirement so that's what I wanted 
to bring up and discuss with you guys today   number one first and foremost of course we have 
to talk about money most people's concern is the   amount of money that they have in retirement 
whether it will last them till the end come   comfortably and allow them to afford the Hobbies 
like travel good food Etc but I actually think   after going through the last two years building up 
our financial Acumen is just as important if not   more so what do I mean by Financial Acumen I mean 
stuff like budgeting tracking projecting investing   I mean if you think about it the money in your 
bank account can always be squandered we all   know that story I think more importantly what's 
going to make your retirement more fireproof is   having an ability to generate more money where 
it came from in the first place so the second   essential thing that you can prepare for so that 
you have a wonderful retirement it's definitely   the ability to be self-directing and disciplined 
self-direction definitely helps so much with   spending your retirement days meaningfully right 
after all there are no more like work schedules   or like demands from colleagues or bosses to help 
shape your days anymore you have to be the person   to take charge in retirement there's a study out 
there actually that shows that for happily retired   folks most of them actually have about 3.6 core 
Pursuits that's what they say and the unheably   retired folks tend to have less than 3.6 corporate 
suits coming in at about 1.9 call Pursuits that's   what the study reflected I guess it kind of just 
shows in retirement you really need to fill your   life to the brim and keep busy with activities 
you love and that is a really great formula for   happiness and self-direction will help you 
to achieve that state as well as discipline   because if you think about it like discipline 
directly affects the state of your finances right   it affects whether you stick with your retirement 
planning whether you keep fit and active and you   get to maintain your health in retirement even 
whilst you're left up to your own devices even   to find your cover suits if you don't have any 
when you're starting or in your retirement so   discipline and self-direction will be like 
the building blocks for enjoying your life   in retirement the third essential thing you might 
want to work on and cultivate or happy retirement   is people skills right so studies and research 
have reflected very consistently that the main   determining factor for happiness and Longevity 
for most of us is actually relationships Human   Relationships friendships relationship with 
your spouse and with your family I guess if   you look at most of us you know we all have 
a little need of work on some social skills   in some aspect I mean some of us are a bit shy 
paper hats or graph or maybe socially anxious   working on our people skills really will help us 
to get along and live happily with our spouse and   family members and also importantly to make 
new friendships at whatever age we all know   that making new friends gets a lot more difficult 
as we get older I mean I haven't heard anyone say   otherwise for me personally making new friends 
as I get older is the biggest challenge there's   this huge feeling that nothing can replace 
friendships with people who have known you   all your life but it is also a challenge as I 
have chosen to exercise through Arbitrage in   our retirement and we've moved away from home 
so those friends aren't with us in our present   I find that it takes a lot of intention I have 
to consciously push myself to broaden my Social   Circles and make the effort to get to know people 
on a more intimate basis I am also very happy   to be able to say that it has paid off in that for 
the last two years in Bali I have actually made   two or three new friends that I'm happy to say are 
kindred spirits and not just social acquaintances   so that's very nice and it's a huge Comfort to our 
daily life here in a foreign land away from home   now before we move on a big thank you to 
Mumu Singapore for sponsoring this video   Singapore is an online trading platform for 
stocks ETFs and options I've been using the   MooMoo mobile trading app myself for almost 
a year now and I think it's awesome it's   fast intuitive trading US Stocks is commission 
free plus they give free level to data and many   more perks now for a limited time when you open a 
Mumu Singapore Universal account they'll give you   a year of commission free trading of Singapore 
stocks ETFs and reads if you're trading us and   Singapore stocks just switching to the MooMoo 
app will save you so much money already when   you deposit at least a hundred same dollars and 
start using the mobile app to trade you stand   to receive cash coupons up to 128 Sing dollars 
and even a free Coca-Cola share worth around 87   subscribe two thousand Sing dollars or more into 
funds on the MooMoo fun Hub and MooMoo will give   you cash coupons up to 150 Sing dollars subscribe 
at least 100 Sing dollar us to Momo cache plus   and they'll throw in an additional tensing 
dollars cashback altogether that's 368 Sing   dollars worth of Welcome rewards absolutely free 
just for using the Momo app so if you're actively   investing anyhow I recommend checking out the 
MooMoo ad using my link in the description below   now back to the video the fourth essential 
thing that you can definitely work on and that   will benefit your retirement tremendously it's 
actually courage you're definitely gonna need lots   of courage in retirement and I guess this isn't 
a skill exactly it's kind of more of a quality   but in retirement you need a lot of courage 
to even plunge into retirement you need the   courage to you know take that leap of faith to 
stop putting it off due to fear of the unknown   feel or financial insecurities so then it's all 
about courage at that stage not let fear and   insecurity rule your life and your decisions it 
is also the courage to recognize that in life at   the start at the end in the middle the Domino's 
you need are never all nicely lined up you know   at some point you just got to jump into it and 
then learn to cross the obstacles as they come   so for retirement long term I guess the 
biggest issue most commonly is always money   but my perspective on this is that hey budgets 
can always be reduced money can always be earned   or recouped or whatever happens so I still 
think that you know it is actually beneficial   to Advocate an approach whereby you get to 
a point where you feel that you have most of   your Ducks lined up you've planned well you've 
prepped for it grab hold of your courage with   both hands and then take the plunge people tend 
to think of retirement as the end but it's not   it's the start of a new phase where you should be 
trying so many new things new Pursuits new ways   to live and for each of these new adventures 
you're gonna need courage to take action and   once you have taken the plunge you'll find the 
next fifth thing very very useful and that would   be a mentality of resilience especially in early 
retirement there are a lot more decades ahead of   you you know and therefore a lot more chances that 
they things can go wrong whether it be down to bad   financial planning or perhaps an unexpected Health 
catastrophe or even sometimes natural disasters   whatever comes I guess you will always need that 
strength of Will and the resilience so that you   can roll with the punches and then get back up 
you want to know that you have the mental strength   that even if things go pear-shaped you won't just 
give up and lose hope and certain Corner you've   got to Marshall what you've got inside you go out 
there find Solutions perhaps if necessary you've   got to go back to work but know that later on 
you can return to retirement and try again so the   sex essential thing that I believe will benefit 
everyone in retirement is to cultivate an attitude   of gratitude we all know life is a very long 
journey hopefully at least and so much of what   we Chase using most of our years actually doesn't 
really matter in the big picture once you have   taken a step back and then at that point is when 
you start realizing the earlier you cultivate and   attitude of gratitude and that appreciation for 
the simple little things that are probably around   you everywhere every day the happier you probably 
will be and it sounds silly but it's not really   automatic I mean we all live and grow up and 
work and go to school in a society that kind of   innovates us with messages that we need to reach 
for more have more ambition gives us you know that   High definitions of success in life that we 
have to try to jump to reach and nobody sings   the Praises of the pleasures of a simple cup of 
tea you know the importance of family time with   your loved ones or or just the pleasure of being 
able to take an evening walk on the beach with   your dog so I think that it's very important that 
somebody reminds you that you know you can not   overload what you already have what you're already 
surrounded by growing that muscle of appreciation   so that in each and every moment you are present 
in your own life you see all the little Joys that   you're surrounded with every day and if you 
live life like that I think that will help   you achieve contentment with just the small stuff 
around you and that's what majority of your life   in retirement may be about is just a small stuff 
every day but in my own retirement here in Bali it   is what makes me so grateful and so happy every 
day that I am surrounded by my loving husband   and very interesting and independent little dog 
that's very very cute you know that we have very   comfortable a bit simple house we have the ability 
to enjoy good food even if it's simple stuff   from the war rooms locally we have a garden and 
beautiful things are growing around us every day   the weather is great you know stuff is good yeah 
I think this is one of the most essential simple   things that's often overlooked simply because it's 
a matter of mentality but I believe this essential   quality or characteristic could make all the 
difference for you so these are the six essential   things that I believe are very very important for 
you to cultivate and prepare for in the leader to   actually taking the plunge into a return then I 
think that if you have these six strong skills and   qualities going for you you will be in a position 
much more well placed to make the best out of your   retirement however long that period may be let me 
know what you think of my suggestions whether you   agree or if you think they suck let me know why 
but in any event I really appreciate you tuning   in and sharing my thoughts for this week and 
wherever you are in the world I'm wishing you   a happy Saturday evening and let's speak again 
next week till then you take care and bye for now

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Singapore: Your Ideal Retirement Haven Unveiled! Here’s Why

Why is Singapore one of the top choices for 
retirement? Huh? Really? Isn't Singapore one of   the most expensive cities in the world? Hello! 
Sky high property prices and ridiculous car   prices with COE shooting through the roof! So 
why would Singapore be considered one of the   top choices for retirement? As we Singaporeans 
always say Sure boh? Well before I set some context   to today's video, a short introduction.

I'm John, 
one half of the Corporate Breakout Couple. In 2020, my   wife Fran and I retired young in Singapore and 
we love making retirement videos. Okay, let me set some   context. First, I'm addressing Singaporeans and 
Permanent Residents and because this group of   people will have no issues staying in Singapore 
for the long term. For foreigners without PR, I'd   like to share with you some reasons in today's 
videos why you want to make Singapore your Top   Choice as a retirement destination.

And that 
means of course getting a leg into Singapore   first working here, getting your employment pass 
and then getting your PR and then eventually   getting your Singapore citizenship. Allow 
me to share with you the beauties about my   beloved Singapore. For one, we have world-class 
infrastructures and amenities. For example the   transport system. The public transport system is 
amazing from the buses to the MRTs, they're so well   connected and very nicely air conditioned and very 
clean as well. Number two: Safety and Security. That   is something that we should never ever take for 
granted, even though Singapore has a low crime   rate. Remember low crime doesn't mean no crime. 
Number three: Singapore is a cosmopolitan city   and diverse in culture. As a foreigner, you will 
feel right at home here. Number four: Singapore   is a clean and green city, one of the cleanest in 
the world. Look what's going on behind me. People   are cleaning up the beach voluntarily. Number 
five: Racial harmony.

Singapore has many races   and multiple religions and Singapore has 
done a great job to keep everyone living harmoniously. I would like to talk about the cost 
of living in Singapore. In today's times, the   perception of Singapore Incorporated, that's how 
we call it, is that it's a very expensive city   to live in. That may be true from outside looking 
in but for Singaporean and PR who's working and   living here, it's important to have context with 
respect to your earning capacity, your salary, with   respect to your quality of life which is your 
basic needs and your wants, and importantly with   respect to your purchasing power in Sing dollars. 
If you actually dive in into the numbers, you'll   find that there's certain cost categories that's 
pretty affordable such as your public transport   and your Hawker food. If you are Singaporean or PR 
earning $5,000 SGD every month and the cost of a   unlimited bus and MRT ride card cost $128 SGD, 
that's only 2.5% of your total salary.   What about Hawker food? You can find meals going 
for three to four SGD and that's a very   small percentage of the salary.

What about cooking 
at home? Cooking at home can be really economical   as well and you can find everything in Fair 
price and Cold Storage, whatever you need. As much   as Singaporeans don't want to admit it, the cost of 
basic needs is actually not as high, with respect   to the average household income. So is it really 
as expensive as what we are complaining about? Let   me tell you something. What I really believe 
is it's the lifestyle inflation that's causing   all this talk and I'm talking about hipster cafes.. 
can you live without traveling every quarter, half   yearly or every yearly? Can you live without your 
restaurants, your Japanese, your Italian food? That   is the lifestyle inflation that's causing all 
this talk.

What about housing? It's true housing   can be pretty expensive in Singapore, even 
for public housing like HDBs. HDB prices are   no longer starting at $100,000 to $200,000 SGD 
but going for $400,000/ $500,000 SGD. However as   a Singaporean, I know that much of your property 
loan can be serviced by CPF, which you cannot take   out anyway and the government gives a lot of 
subsidies for first timers and not forgetting,   most importantly the prices of property in 
Singapore generally goes up so you're holding an   item of value.

Therefore, your top three expenses 
your transport your groceries and food and your   housing which is mostly serviced by your CPF, they 
are actually pretty low percentage of your total income. In today's video, I actually like to cover 
some technical aspects about Singapore, namely   the financial stability and strength and the 
geographical location and I'm doing comparisons   because I've been traveling around together with
my wife, going around the different places and   looking at different retirement destinations 
and I will still name Singapore as one of the   top choices.

Singapore is a Global Financial Hub, 
growing from strength to strength. Our pro business   environment, our regulatory system which is very 
effective, our infrastructure that supports all   that and attraction of top talents substantiates 
that. For that reason, we have attracted lots of   high net worth individuals into Singapore. 
For example Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater   Associates, one of the largest hedge funds and 
we have Google co-founder Sergey Brin, they   set up Family Offices here during and after 
the pandemic. And we also have high net worth   individuals who have converted to Singaporeans 
like Eduardo from Facebook, you have Li Xiting,   you have Forrest Li, who are from China. 
We have lots and lots more bringing more money   into Singapore. It's no wonder when the Singapore 
Government released their Securities and Bonds, the   demand is so strong from your MAS bills, your T 
Bills, your Singapore Savings Bond and lots more.   And they are all solid AAA ratings. All that is 
pointing to Singapore being a safe haven for your money. One of the important aspects of this video 
that I would like to cover is the Sing dollar   currency strength and the purchasing power.

This is 
one of the important things for you to recognize as   a retiree in Singapore, holding Sing dollars. You 
know that your dollar will work really hard for   you because of the strength of purchasing power 
that you can buy whether it's for imported goods   or traveling around, so this really supports your 
retirement lifestyle and your means. I'd like to   share with you some charts on the foreign exchange 
between Sing dollars and other currencies like   your US dollar, Japanese Yen, Aussie Dollars, your 
Pounds and how it has performed, to share with you why   our Sing dollars has increased in purchasing power 
over the years. Let's look at Sing dollars versus   Malaysian Ringgit which I'm pretty sure Singaporeans 
and Malaysians are familiar with. This is the last   20 years chart starting from 2003 which the number 
the Sing Dollars to Ringgit, it was at 2.20.

Today, it   has hit a high of 3.50, one of the highest. So you 
can imagine the appreciation that that Sing   Dollars have strengthened against Ringgit just by 20 
years. For those of you who are old enough, you'll   know that Sing to Ringgit was actually at par which 
is one to one in 1980. Here's the Sing Dollars   against Aussie dollars, one of the major currencies 
for the last 20 years. The earlier 10 years from   2003 to 2013, you can see that for Aussie Dollars 
it's stronger than Sing Dollars around 0.8 on   average with the exception of Lehman Brothers, the 
Great Financial crisis period in 2008/ 2009 after   which you can see that from 2013 onwards, there is 
a steady increase. Steady increase of Sing Dollars   appreciation against Aussie Dollars to around 1.1, almost 1.15 today. How about the performance   of Sing Dollars against the other major currencies? 
So for the last 20 years, this is the chart for   Singapore Dollars against British Pounds.

In 2004/ 
2003, it was around 0.31, 0.32 and has gone up to   over 0.6 today, almost double. And what about Sing 
Dollars to Euros? That was around in 2005, around   0.5 now it's around 0.7 against Euros. What about 
another major currency Yen. In Japanese Yen, in 2003   was around $1 SGD to 62 Yen. Now is around $1 SGD to 108 Yen, 109 Yen. So the appreciation for the last 20 years has been   very drastic and major for the strengthening of 
Sing Dollars. What about Sing Dollars against the   Greenback, which is the US Dollars? So in 2003/2004, 
it was around 0.6 and hitting a high of 0.8, 0.82   around 2011, and then normalizing to around 0.7 
to hovering around the range of 0.73, 0.75 for   now. So why has Sing Dollars not appreciated against 
the Greenback as much? Well that's because USD is   currently still the world's Reserve Currency. 
Based on data from IMF as of Q2 2023, they   are at 58.88% market share and what that means is 
countries of the world are holding their foreign   exchange reserves in USD. That's why the US Dollar 
continues to be the dominant currency with Euros at   a distance second at almost 20% and China RMB 
is 2.45%, still miles away from USD.

And what that   means is when the US Federal Reserve prints money, 
the rest of the world follows along because USD   sets the precedence. How does the dynamics of all 
this currency impact you as an individual, in terms   of inflation and the eroding of your currency? 
Now let's look at this chart. This is the Federal   Reserve debt from the Central Bank of USA and how 
much debt they're holding till date. Starting from   1971 when the gold standard was taken off when 
President Nixon decided that, you know, US Dollars   are going to be backed by the Government, that's 
when fiat currency was born and you can see debt   has started to increase steadily, linear actually, 
until around 2007/2008 and what happened was the   Global Financial crisis, the housing crisis where 
Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman decided   to go heavy into quantitative easing, printing of 
money heavily, you can see from a debt of around 9, 10   trillion, this is trillion not millions, trillion 
all the way for the last 10-15 years till around   32 trillion as of today. And what that means is 
inflation has severely increased because of the   debt incurred and that eroded your purchasing 
power all around the world.

You know, Fran and I   talk a lot about inflation and quantitative easing, 
about money printing and all the different money   dynamics in the world because we feel there's a 
need to raise awareness in this world, in terms of   financial literacy and that's one of the key 
reasons why we started our Breakout Academy.   Talking about finances, talking about breaking free, 
breaking out the rat race and talking about early   retirement because we really like to help people 
to find their feet in this world so that they   can then make powerful choices for themselves. Do 
check out our Breakout Academy. I will advise you   to not look at Singapore as a single retirement 
destination. The world is our oyster. Traveling is   the way how we can gain experience and really open 
up our eyes.

What am I talking about? For example   Singapore is an international hub, a regional hub 
for businesses. For example your Finance industry.   Do the same for your retirement as well. Use 
Singapore as your hub so that you can go around   the region especially Southeast Asia like Malaysia, 
Indonesia, Thailand where you can stay for 6 months,   one year, I mean depending on the visa requirements, 
but use Singapore as a hub so that you can really   explore all the different destinations in your 
retirement life.

That brings me to my next point:   Diversification. When you travel frequently and 
you're exposed to different countries, different   cultures and let's say their stock exchanges, their 
housing market and all that, you will feel more   inclined to want to invest in the different places. 
Why? Because when you diverse across countries, you   diverse across currencies and different assets 
that actually hedges your risk and reduce your   Risk of Ruin. So Singapore is actually in a perfect 
sweet spot position to dance with the rest of   the International Community and the Government 
has done a fantastic job to do that, so that we   stay very up to date, very up to tuned and our Sing 
Dollars holds its currency strength and continue   to strengthen actually, for us to improve and 
increase our purchasing power to stay strong and   relevant.

And as a retire in Singapore, your savings 
and Investments are protected here in Singapore   and you really get to stretch your dollars and 
as the Singapore government is doing a great job to   grow Singapore economically, strength to strength, 
you will continue to enjoy a stronger purchasing power. Many people feel very stressed living in 
Singapore because of the fast-paced environment.   However, you think about it, that is true for 
any metropolitan city that's very competitive.   However if you are retiree or early retirees like 
Fran and I who have Time Freedom, you have plenty   of opportunities to explore different aspects of 
Singapore in a very slow pace, comfortable, taking   public transport everywhere with no rush 
and there's no crowd like East Coast Park today,  at the beach, there's hardly anybody and we 
get to really go to different shopping   malls, enjoy our time to explore Singapore.

about cost? Actually in Singapore, you have lots   of choices. For example coffee. It can be as 
cheap as $1+ Dollar in a local kopitiam   or Hawker Center or you can go to Yakun and Toast 
Box with slightly more expensive about $2 Sing   Dollar or if you really want to splurge for 
specialty coffee, it can go as high as SGD6-7, it's really your choice.

The point I'm driving at is, don't limit yourself. Create your llfe by your own design. Think out of the box. Singapore can be your home base for retirement but you also can have multiple regional bases for you to enjoy other countries as well. And perhaps for those of you with kids, you can retire early as 
well. Think about this.

When you're in your 50s,   your kids would have grown up. You can also enjoy 
your life to the fullest and think out the box   and you don't have to restrict yourself to only 
one locality. Given a choice, would you consider   Singapore as your top retirement destination? 
I'll like to hear from you below in the comments   section. Do comment the reasons why you would or 
would not! We hope you have enjoyed a different   point of view about Singapore today. Do hit 
the Like button and Subscribe to our YouTube   channel to join our YouTube family. See you in 
the next video. If you interested in breaking   out of the corporate 9-5 rat  
race or embark on your early retirement   journey, do check out our Breakout Academy, 
where we'll support you further on your goals.

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Retired at 38: 5 strong reasons to retire as soon as you can (Retirement Planning)

so early retirement has actually improved our 
health so much that I actually think we'll be   avoiding higher health care costs down the line 
that may actually lead into our retirement funds   and then early retirement has also allowed us 
to achieve a state of intuitive living which   has been absolutely awesome financially the 
conventional wisdom is that early retirement   could potentially be disastrous but frankly 
I think so far two years into retirement that   our early retirement has been great for us 
financially these plus two or three more are   just some of the very strong reasons why I would 
Advocate that anyone considering retirement should   do so as early as possible let me explain why 
down below hey I'm Jean and for the past two   years I've been retired in Bali Indonesia 
with my husband today I wanted to discuss   about all these reasons why I think retiring 
as early as you can is a brilliant idea [Music]   so Health basically don't wait till it's too late 
I think that when most people think about health   and retirement planning they just kind of hope 
and assume that they will be in good health when   they enter retirement and then that they pray it 
remains status quo until the end but I guess most   of us pre-retirement might be involved in jobs 
that might be high stress with long hours at   the desk and then naturally Fitness just isn't 
what ideally it should be so all my life I've   been struggling with skin rashes and allergies and 
these issues tend to pop up every time my immunity   gets low because I'm stressed I'm tired I'm taxed 
but truly in the two years since we have been   retired the manifestation of all these problems 
have just gone down so much in retirement mode   I'm happily keeping very fit doing all the things 
that I know of like surfing walking the dog with   the hubby eating better overall probably further 
down the line maybe I might be avoiding higher   healthcare costs having this health is actually 
so much wealth it allows you to live life to the   fullest because frankly all the stuff that you 
want to do in your enjoyment of Life probably   involves a lot of Health you want to travel 
you want to scale that mountain at Sunrise to   see that incredible view you need your help even 
just to enjoy good food if you like us you like   to eat you need your health I mean I know so many 
people who have dietary restrictions because of   high cholesterol or diabetes improving health is 
actually one of the biggest and strongest reasons   why you should retire early so the second big 
reason for wanting to retire ASAP is actually   intuitive living basically intuitive living is 
really connecting with yourself and listening to   your garden stings and your feelings as to stuff 
like eating and rest and meditation relationships   even your spending habits perhaps I don't know 
how it is for you guys but I was generally living   my life governed by a lot of shirts right I 
mean I should be at the office by 9am so that   I won't piss off the bosses I should stay in 
the office stay late and postpone my workout   postpone dinner so I can meet the deadline set by 
my clients I should carry branded Handbags and of   course I should be a corporate lawyer I mean why 
would I want to be anything else right finally   in retirement we are free from the demands of the 
pursuit of money to listen to ourselves to truly   tune in and understand what is the optimum cause 
in life you can chart you really want to wake up   every day without an alarm clock naturally because 
you've had enough sleep you want to eat only   enough and not too much I mean you want to make 
better choices food wise intuitive exercise you   know you're doing what really only appeals to you 
maybe you don't like sweating in the afternoons   so then you know get a gym membership or play 
indoor record Sports whatever works for you I   only wish that more people have the opportunity 
to experience living life this way intuitively   away from the entanglements and distractions 
from regular running the hands the real life   the third reason why you might want to retire 
as soon as possibly is just that the earlier   you retire the more time you gain in life I 
mean if you think about it most of us live   life as though we are invincible as if life 
itself will never run out and therefore we do   things like squander our time or sell it away too 
cheaply in exchange for material things we each   only have so long to live right and the money you 
make in your lifetime you can't bring that with   you when you go home so well might as well you'll 
be the one to spend it when you can right Society   feeds us like so many different narratives 
about success and what it should look like   but actually I think success is really not 
about the achievements per se but it's just   really a Feeling and I like to think that at 
the end of our Lives when we're there in our   last dying moments what we'll be thinking 
about probably wouldn't be like stuff like   oh I closed that three billion dollar deal I 
think it would more be along the lines of like   I had good friends and I loved my family I had 
a good life you know I ate good food I laughed   Lots I took care of my kids and my dog stuff like 
that so don't squander the time that we each have   maybe you have personal goals that you really 
want to achieve stuff like learning Spanish or   scaling the Great Wall of China or just 
watching your kids grow up that's just a   million places that are better to spend your 
time at then at a job which you don't really   particularly care for and which maybe you're just 
doing just cause that's what everyone else is   before we move on a big thank you to 
skillshare for sponsoring this video   so skillshare is an online learning community with 
thousands of classes for anyone who loves learning   if 2023 is the year you promised yourself 
you're gonna finally explore new career or   side hustle options or work on personal growth 
then skillshare is the perfect place to start   for me one of the ways we have fun in our 
retirement is making YouTube videos when we   first started skillshare was instrumental 
in teaching us so many of the basics like   videography storytelling and more till today 
one of the best classes I ever sat through   online anywhere is still the class by Sorel Amore 
YouTube success build an authentic Channel that's   worth the follow so her advice about finding my 
Niche valuing authenticity over Beauty creating   meaningful messages and providing value to the 
audience really changed our perspectives on what   we were creating back then for the better of 
course we've gone from like 40 Subs to the 143   000 Subs of today and from time to time I still 
pull up sorel's worksheet when I'm creating   my videos just to check that I'm on track for 
making something good for our people our audience   it's always super easy to take whatever you learn 
on skillshare and apply it directly to your life   Pursuits whatever those may be I highly recommend 
checking out skillshare and if you want to do that   you can use my link in the description below the 
first 1000 people will get one month of skillshare   absolutely free you can try it out learn something 
new move a step closer to your 2023 goals reason   number four the earlier you start your retirement 
the better you'll get at it with every other   change in life we expect that we all need time to 
learn how to do it well so things like becoming   apparent for the first time even if like us it's 
just a fur kid or transitioning from being a   student to being a working adult and then there's 
the transition from being and actively working   adult to retirement mode it seems ridiculous and 
silly even at first I mean it's like saying who   doesn't know how to spend their free time right 
but if you actually truly observe things around   you retirement Falls really differently for 
different people we all know the people who   have retired and in their retirement seem a 
little lost lonely left behind and uninspired   and then there's the other kind of retired people 
right the ones who go like when we're talking that   I'm gonna grab Life by the balls and Max things 
out a big part of that may actually be the point   in life at which you retire whether at that point 
where you retire you still have your zest your   Zeal your energy your health your Fitness to help 
you max out the happiness potential of that free   time and freedom in retirement and then there's 
the thought that retirement supposed to stretch   out for a few good years at least right if not 
for a few decades and doing that requires skills   you know you need so many different skills to 
have a successful retirement I think that's a   topic for another day but basically you need time 
to learn those skills whether it's Financial money   management or social skills you know building 
relationships and stuff but basically you need   time to get all that down pat in order to have 
a successful retirement so then the earlier you   retire the better usually you will probably 
turn out for you so the last and possibly the   most controversial point I think that early 
retirement could possibly be great for you   financially and this is controversial because it's 
directly opposite to what a lot of the experts say   right you retire too early there's so much risk 
that you miscalculate your finances or that world   events take an unexpected turn and then you know 
things go belly up and then you're destitute in   your last years but I mean underlying all that 
seems to be this assumption that in retirement   we're all just going to be like one dead lazy log 
and I think that these days especially if you're   an early retiree that is just so not true maybe 
like us with YouTube in our retirement in your   own retirement maybe you'll learn new skills pick 
up new side hustles and stay busy doing something   that you're doing for the love of it for the fun 
not for the money but having the money come in as   a result of your side hustle is a nice bonus and 
you know what it becomes an additional buffer for   your later years so retiring early also allows you 
to take advantage of things like dual Arbitrage   Right Moving overseas to improve your financial 
situation and yeah so like us I'm from Singapore   but I'm now retired here in Bali Indonesia we're 
not just here because life is more affordable but   the fact is that our retirement sums in fact our 
whole entire retirement is only possible because   living here is so much more affordable as compared 
to back home you know this wouldn't be possible at   all if we retiredly and ended up having health 
concerns right mobility issues for example   retiring early and then using the time to keep up 
with current affairs learning hedging strategies   to minimize risk learning how to diversify our 
Investment Portfolio I feel that the time in our   retirement has been well spent to actually make 
us more resilient and the fact that we retired so   early also means that if anything goes badly up 
time and youth are on our side if our financial   planning for retirement had just sucked or you 
know things unexpectedly go failure so prepare you   know if we have to U-turn and go back to work or 
maybe start another business it's not a big deal   and then we'll go off Marshall the resources 
that we lack and then we'll come back again   and second time around third time around will 
definitely be better each time at doing this   so in terms of confidence and the feeling of 
resilience that we will be able to make this   last all the way I think that starting 
early doing it early diving into it and   understanding the parameters the potential 
the boundaries of what we face in retirement   actually really really helps well guys so 
these are the few takeaways from our last   two years living in retirement here in Bali and 
I mean if you have any thoughts or objections or   contributions to the points that I've made in 
this video I'll love to hear them let's start   a little discussion in the comments below you 
guys have a good week ahead wherever you are   and let's chat again next Saturday thank you 
for watching and bye-bye have a good weekend

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When can I retire? | How much Retirement Corpus is enough?

Hello friends welcome to
yadnya investment academy. Today is friday. So today we will talk about
a financial planning topic. Today's topic is Related to retirement planning A very common question of you all that come Obviously this all knows. Retirement is a very important goal. If we talk about financial goals. Mostly it should be. Mostly when i do financial planning So many persons financial
planning i have done personally Then in that comes. Retirement is a very important goal. In which we need a lot of money Nowadays early retirement is occurring. FIRE environment talks are occurring. Financial free retire early In such things When retirement comes in goal One important thing comes How much money do I need? Tell me this much money is enough. Then I can retire. That is a normal question. For this we have already
developed an interesting calculator but that was before pay wall.

Now we have removed that from pay wall because it is very useful calculator. So a retirement calculator we have made. In that with so many
permutations combinations We can get an idea This much retire corps I need. If I reach here then I have done well. I am at least financially free. Now I have to retire. We have to work further or not. Then it is my decision. If above that. Now I am just sharing my screen. Now you will see here You will go on investyadnya website There is a section named
tracker and calculator. In this there is a retirement calculator. Open this Now here we have to fill information. Suppose i am putting age of 30. You have to retire suppose on 60. Suppose we took an
example i have to retire on 60. Life expectancy we mostly suggest We should keep 90, 95, 100.

With a conservative estimate If you keep 100 then it is very
good conservative estimate. If you want to take optimistic If you took practical then it should be 90. Suppose i am putting here 95. Fourth information is our Current annual expense When we do retirement calculation Obvious we took assumptions. One assumption is this the
expense i am doing today Suppose when i retire Then also my expenses should be like this. Means my lifestyle of now remain maintained Neither i increase nor decrease. Suppose I am spending 50k per month today. The expenses that are occurring. After retirement I will do the same expenses. After retirement expenses can reduce. It can be your house if
you are living now on rent. It can be so much rental expense. That can reduce. Now your children's expenses are so much. They will reduce at that time. Sometimes after retirement
expenses increase.

Like vacation expenses mostly increases. Sometimes medical expenses increase. Some expenses have increased. Mostly as an advisor If we took a general advice then we say. Keep the same expenses as they are now. Don't do much changes in that. Some increases some decreases. For example if we want
to do a simple calculation Then considering to current expenses Suppose my expense is 50,000 The profile we are taking has
expenses of 50,000 per month. Then it is 6 lakh rupees per year. You have to put today's expenses.

You don't have to put off retirement age. That's all it will insert. Inflation number How much inflation number we have to take? 7% inflation is mostly suggested by India. If you want to be conservative
then you can take 8%. If you want to be aggressive
then you can take 5-6%. Inflation you should calculate by your own. Every year how my expenses are increasing? If you know little bit idea about that These things are increasing
according to my expenses. Edcuation expenses children's fees It increases almost 8-10% every year. Rentals mostly 10%. Landlords mostly increases rent by 10%. My personal inflation is 8, 9-10%. You take according to your. So for calculation here
I am taking 7% inflation. Then return on investment. On the basis of return on investment. How much is my return on investment? Before retirement and after retirement. Now I am retiring at 60. At 30 I am starting investing. How much should I invest for that? How much retirement corpus I will get? The reason I am investing now. On that how much return should I expect? It depends where you are investing.

If you feel I will invest
mostly in equity markets. Retirement oriented because it is very long horizon. I am of 30 years and retiring at 60 years. Horizon is of 30 years. All that I am investing I will invest mostly on equity. Then we can take 11-12%
return on investment All that we will invest now. Or we kept in equity we can take that. If you feel This house is my retirement corpus This will increase according to that. Then on real estate the return
on expectations that remains. Basically there is round inflation of 7-8%.

It depends on you if you have EPFO. That is a very big retirement corpus On EPF we get around 8%. According to that you have invested here. Overall that you are investing Or you are planning This is for retirement
and I am going to invest. What are expected returns on that? Till 60. Pre retirement is retirement on investment. Suppose it is 12%. Whole the money I will put in equity. Then you took 12% return. Then post retirement my corpse will become. How much will it grow? Suppose I retire and I get corpus of 5 crores. Then 5 crore rupees Where will I invest? Again very difficult question If you are of 30 years then in 60 years.

This is very difficult. This is a very big assumption. We have to think mostly at 60 our risk profile decreases. We will not take much equity allocation. Suppose now we have 60-70 equity allocation That time it becomes 20-30% or 40%. I go a little bit on conservative. I say to most of the people Take percentage equal to inflation I get return same as inflation. If I want to take. Then 0.5-1% extra. We took here 8%. Means 8% of post retirement. My corpus will grow 8% after that. Inflation will remain 7%. This is planning according to that. We will discuss these points later. Therefore I am doing all these zero. We inserted these things. What we say? Our retirement age, life expectancy. Our annual expense, inflation. These all are our compulsory fields. If I consider this now. Sorry some value needs to be inserted.

Randomly value we are inserting. So that it can work. If I consider this now. Then I need retirement
corpus of 14.6 crores. If you are of 30 years and you have to do expense of 50k per month. At today's value Today's 50k offcourse will not remain same at the time of retirement. They will increase with inflation. If you have to maintain today lifestyle The 50k expenses you are doing today Same you want to do at 60. After 30 years. This is the value after 30 years. Don't be so afraid. Today 14.5 crore is very much. After 30 years the value of 14.5 That should be arounf 70-80 lakh or 1 crore I am doing guess work. It will not be more than that. Think if I have 1 crore rupees today then I will be able to do for next 35 years.

60-95 years means 35 years 35k per month That to inflation to adjust it. I will get it consistently till 95 in 95 it will become zero. If i invest lumpsum then i can invest 50 lakhs. Considering I don't have anything. If I have 50 lakh rupees I will invest it. For 30 years they will grow by 12%. Expected pre-retirement. Then also my retirement money will be done. Monthly Sip that I have to do That is around 50,000 in this. 48,000 rupees sip i need in this. What is the meaning of step up? I will tell this in next. If you have plan in 30 years 60 years. I have to do all these things. Then you have to do monthly sip of 48,000. To retire for next 30 years. Remember this is a monthly sip. It will not increase. Every year you have to do 48k consistently. Obviously our salary will increase in years Inflation increases salary increases. Now 48,000 will seem so big But after 3-5 years You will not feel big amount. That's what I am saying. In that our step up point comes.

Now you will say I don't have 48,000 to invest. It is a very big amount. From where 48,000 will come. If we are spending 50,000 Then by saving 50,000 we
can invest in retirement corpus. That is not possible. Then in that our second comes step up sip What is the meaning of step up sip? What is annual increase in our income? Can we increase sip every year? I cannot invest 48,000 now but from next year i can increase. If you think my annual increase in income. If inflation is of 7%. With 7% income should increase If we take seven With 7% it is increasing. We considered 7% inflation. Salary is also increasing by 7%. In worst case salary is not changing. With 7% there is increase in salary. Existing investment Do you have any investment now? That you think this is my retirement income From that also it will reduce. Suppose if you have EPFO ‚Äč‚Äčcorpus Suppose of 5 lakh rupees. 5 lakh rupees i inserted here. This is my EPFO ‚Äč‚Äčof 5 lakh rupees. I will use it for retirement. On that how much return I will get on EPFO? Return are 8% Then we consider we will get 8%.

It is tax free means you will get 8% Suppose i have 5 lakh rupees On that i will get 8% more. Now let's do calculation again. Now since EPFO ‚Äč‚Äčarrived. From 48 it became 46. Retirement corpus remained same. So now we have to do Sip of 46,000. We can do step up sip of 24,000. We invested 24,000 rupees this month. Every year we increase that by 7%.

From annual increase in income we have to do this annual increase in sip. Today you started sip of 24,300. Next year increased 7% on that. Then again in next year increase 7% on that Compounding 7%. Increase 7% every year Till the age of 60. Then also your goal will be achieved. Then you will have 14.6 crores rupees. Considering these were our rates of returns So it is very very good. You can apply so much
permutations and combinations on this. I have little more money than 24,000. I can do upto 35,000. Can I retire early? Then can I retire at 58? On 58 it will happen at 29,000. I have 35,000. Can I retire at 55? Now your interesting calculation will start No you need 37,000 For retirement at 55. Early retirement you can take at 37,000. If i do 37,000 per year.

I invest in such investments
that give me 12% every year. 7% increase i put minimum. If you think 7% increase is less. Consider growth of salary minimum 8-10%. Why not? Consider 10%. Then in Rs 28,000 you can retire at 55. Retirement corpus also reduced. As early you retire that much less corpus you will want. Value of money comes less. At that time its value will be more. At the age of 55 we need 11.6 crores. How much lump sum funding we need? How much monthly sip
and stepup sip we need? I considered 10% annual increase.

Like this If you can do so many
permutations and combinations. You can plan yourself. When can I become financially free? I think this is very interesting calculator If you like as i am a conservative investor I am not taking 12% from whole equity. Suppose we take 9%. This we keep 10. The rate of return become 9% from 12%. Obviously both the sip's will increase. You can do calculation according to that. Which type of investor is I am? If you think here is also 9
then it will change again. These things you can do so many permutations and combinations
based on your profile. You will get so much support and understand If I invest this much money For this much time Then I can go towards a better retirement.

This is how you should work on these things. You can plan early retirement. You want to spend so much or not. 50,000 will not be sufficient. I want to increase my lifestyle. Now I am spending 50,000. But at that time I want to spend 75,000. Acc to that by using
permutation and combination What are my savings now? I can plan such investments or not. Then in those things you will get
so much help from these calculator.. Do check that on our website. If you have any comment If there are complications
then visit our website. Below is our email address and
whats app number is given. All things are written below.

You can email us there
if you have any query. Below there is comment section also. Must write in comment section. Hit a like if you liked the video. If you think some knowledge is added Then hit a like Have a great time ahead friends Jai Hind.

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Extreme Frugal Minimalists Plan to Retire by Age 35!

>>> > MAT: Hey every person in this video, we'' re conference a pair from Vancouver BC who are intending to retire by age 35. They'' ve adopted an incredibly prudent minimal way of life and for the previous 7 years, they'' ve been able to save over 65%of their yearly earnings.'They ' ve been carefully spending their financial savings and they intend to live off the passion when they do retire. Although very early retirement isn'' t obtainable to everybody, we do believe that what Stephanie and Celestian are doing is actually intriguing because economical way of life options might aid make some financial goals like getting out of debt, as an example, much easier to achieve. We'' re truly excited to share their tale. Let'' s go fulfill up with them. >> > > STEPHANIE: So basically concerning seven and half years ago, we chose to go after very early retirement. We identified a system including lowering our expenditures a lot, so we can obtain our cost savings rate truly high approximately around 60, 65% and just investing that and afterwards just gradually the cash simply kind of collects and currently at this factor we'' re possibly concerning 2-3 years away from having simply sufficient in investments that we wear'' t requirement to function anymore.So at this moment, we'' re nearing completion of the trip we started. [Music Playing]>> > CELESTIAN: What early retired life suggests to us, is being able to retire at a fairly very early age but still have adequate cash to be able to sustain ourselves via our financial investment income without needing to work. We may function if we desire however we wouldn'' t be compelled to function in order to spend for our costs and such. [Songs Playing]>> > STEPHANIE: The biggest things we do is make our huge expenditures rather a little bit lower. We lease a very inexpensive apartment or condo. We wear'' t have a cars and truck. I do all our food preparation from scratch. I do bulk meal prep. Typically, you recognize, we'' re extremely minimalist. We put on'' t really buy points. There are all these groups for a lot of people that simply don'' t exist for us. I suggest, we don'' t have a restaurant spending plan'; we put on ' t have an alcohol budget plan; we put on ' t have an auto budget. Most of those categories are$0

invested in those categories.So, it simply indicates our price of living is extremely, extremely low which allows us to … you understand although we don'' t make that much cash, we are still able to conserve regularly 65%, 70% of our earnings annually, in spite of making just extremely ordinary earnings for our city. [Music Playing] I'' m an assistant at an accounting firm and Cel is a freelance editor. >> > > CELESTIAN: So I primarily do novels, like people self-publish books on the Amazon Kindle Shop and similar markets. Those are the major people that I work with. >> > > STEPHANIE: Typically, our mixed revenue is around $80k/year. We spend regarding $9,500 on traveling, about $9,500 on housing, and regarding $2,500-$3,000 on food annually for both of us. To maintain our costs down for grocery stores, it'' s actually just an issue of food preparation everything from the ground up and not acquiring icy dishes or points like that, yet simply really cooking and baking every little thing from square one. It drives the expense way down. We invest much less than $300 a month on food for both of us, and that'' s no difficulty because we shop at the kind of areas that are very cheap.We buy a huge sack of flour on a monthly basis. That ' s at Costco, a$'6 sack of flour. That ' s all our bread, pizza dough, cooking, you know, muffins … I buy huge sacks of rice. >>> > CELESTIAN: We purchase like cases of soy milk from Costco which'' s a bit less costly too. So there are some points that we purchase wholesale that are less expensive and afterwards we likewise go to a neighborhood market and acquire

quite cheap vegetables.It ' s called Sunrise Market. That'' s component of it. And we try to obtain produce that'' s pretty economical and in season. We take 2 big worldwide holidays a year, usually one in the summer and one in the winter season and after that we do a couple of little journeys to neighborhood areas occasionally. It'' s something that we truly appreciate just going to new countries, new cultures trying brand-new experiences, trying brand-new food. >>> > STEPHANIE: I think every journey we do is actually just inspiration towards layoff because it'' s like a taste of it! We invest near to $10,000 a year on travel. So it'' s not like we do a traveling budget plan. A great deal of it is just we do the very same kind of things when we take a trip that we do in the house. We have a tendency to head to the food store, obtain active ingredients and cook. When we travel, we tend to go to perhaps a local market or the outdoor markets or something obtain ingredients, bring them back and cook or in your home we put on'' t use an automobile, we walk areas and bike places.When we travel, we do the exact same. We take public transportation or bike or we walk locations. I assume there'' s simply a great deal of it is just living the same way of living that we live at home, certainly reduces into the cost of taking a trip a bit. So our transport costs usually would be about $40 a month that would be with recompense, however it can frequently be much less than that, particularly throughout the summertime, where we would certainly just walk and bike a lot more. We really obtained major concerning it, once we understood layoff was even an opportunity which had to do with 7 years ago. So we'' ve been type of taking it a lot more seriously and servicing it and really concentrating on spending a whole lot and obtaining our high savings price and making development simply for around 7 and a half years now. When we initially started, Cel had a little web well worth. He was simply completing up institution. I had concerning seven thousand bucks of debt.I did one year of post-secondary before deciding I didn'' t intend to do anymore of that, however that was gone truly swiftly. We purchase index funds. We simply have extremely simple portfolios through a robo-advisor. When we make money, we transfer money, it'' s handled, and we wear'' t consider it and it just sort of grows behind-the-scenes. Annually, we obtain our tax slips and file our tax obligations. That'' s the level of what we pertain to our investments, however we don'' t truly do any kind of kind methods or psychological stuff to spend less. We just really check out our costs all at once and kind of determine exactly how we feel about that and we'' re either pleased with this amount or we'' re not and if'we ' re not, we would certainly simply >>spend much less. > > CELESTIAN: We attempt to set it up such that saving is much easier than not. Due to the fact that individuals just have so much psychological power therefore much technique they desire to make use of daily, right? One example is that we do bulk meal prep on the weekend breaks and afterwards we just put all of our food in the refrigerator therefore then after work with the week days, instead of eating in restaurants and mosting likely to the dining establishment or obtaining takeout, we can most likely to the fridge and put something right into the microwave.Not only is it the even more inexpensive alternative however it ' s the easiest choice. > > STEPHANIE: I would certainly claim in regards >>to that I assume an additional among things people face occasionally is they make this plan and they say day-to-day i ' m gon na go home from job and I ' m gon na cook a healthy and balanced supper. I suggest maybe for some people that works. For me, it doesn ' t. For me, when I obtain'home from job I ' m kind of weary.'I intend to just consume something. You understand, I don ' t desire to cook a meal. I might be able to maintain a system like that possibly I can manage it for a week, possibly 2 weeks, but after that, I wear'' t assume I might do it every day. So I intend around that to make sure that I have food prepared to go, prepared to simply essentially reheat during the week which makes a big difference. >> > > CELESTIAN: There are drawbacks, but it depends on … they are sort of subjective downsides.It depends on your values or your preferences like your individual preferences. A lot of people would certainly see not consuming alcohol as a significant downside. For us, it'' s not because just we wear'' t wish to drink it. Some people would see that not having a vehicle and not having the flexibility to drive, any place they desire as a big drawback. For us not having a vehicle and not driving, are not drawbacks, that'' s simply how it is. > > STEPHANIE: We have a blog. We'' re not incredibly energetic, however we have a great deal of details on there. It'' s called Incoming Properties. It ' s pretty very easy to discover. We have kind of updates in our lives, areas we travel, type of just how our total assets is going, and after that a little bit concerning spending and self-employment and penny-wise living as a whole, type of several of the important things we do.We want to do things like possibly longer-term traveling. We'' ve spoke about possibly relocating to an island, constructing a cabin and type of doing a bit of a homestead point. There are great deals of various things we'' d like to do or simply having the versatility simply to to relocate to various areas and not have to think “” Well, what about getting a job there or whatnot?”” Simply have the ability to kind of have that freedom to do type of some unconventional way of living options. I think that'' s among the real allures of early retired life is to have that flexibility to primarily live your life the means you desire.

[Songs Playing] As for how our way of life will look when we retire contrasted to exactly how it is now. It really depends. I mean if we make a decision to remain in a city, it would certainly be similar. If we do make a decision to relocate to an island and construct a cabin, there would most likely be some relatively significant distinctions. I think at the core a lot would remain the same. >> > > CELESTIAN: Without a doubt we have no intents after retirement instantly spending a great deal of money on dining establishments, acquiring lots of things on Amazon. It'' s certainly still going to be a prudent way of life blog post retired life. [Music Playing]>> > MAT: If you wish to adhere to Stephanie and Celestian'' s trip in the direction of layoff, you can have a look at their blog which is called Incoming Assets where they share all sort of information concerning their economical lifestyle and traveling adventures.Please share this video clip if you liked it and thanks for seeing.

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10 Levels of Financial Independence And Early Retirement | How to Retire Early

Long-term economic objectives can occasionally appear
so big that they feel nearly unattainable particularly when we're simply getting started
on our roadway to economic freedom. I and numerous others like me in the monetarily
independent, retired early area have actually discovered it helpful to damage down the objective of
becoming monetarily independent into smaller and a lot more convenient levels of financial freedom. Not just since it makes it easier for us
to track our development, which consequently helps us to remain motivated throughout the procedure,
Additionally since it helps us obtain over that initial obstacle of starting to chip away at
this hill of a task. In today's video, I'm going to take you
through what I take into consideration to be the 10 levels of economic independence along with offer
an example on exactly how to go from the very first level to the leading degree in your life time. Hey every person Daniel right here as well as invite to Following
Degree Life a network where you can find out about Investing, financial debt, retired life, and many various other
general monetary education and learning video clips since the institution'' s aren ' t going to

do it for us.So if any one of those subjects audio interesting
to you or if you wish to learn exactly how to far better handle your money and have more economic
flexibility make certain to hit that subscribe switch and also the bell alongside my name to be notified
each time I submit a video clip. And if you wish to further assistance the growth
of this network you can take a look at a few of the web links I've left down in the description
listed below which consists of a 30-day complimentary test of Distinct and 2 free audiobooks of your option
As a checklist of some books on money I ‘d suggest inspecting out, or you can share this
video clip with a buddy, and also leave a remark below letting me understand what subjects you ‘d like me
to cover in future videos.Now obviously these suggestions of the degrees of financial freedom are not exclusively my very own neither are they really new as there are several posts and also article that have covered this subject currently as well as have actually done so for years. So consider this more of a summary of many of the concepts revealed in those short articles and if you intend to find out more regarding the subject do not hesitate to have a look at a few of the articles for on your own. I have actually left some links in the summary. Keeping that off the beaten track, allow's get started. Okay so actual quick the 10 degrees of monetary Freedom are Level 0 Financial reliance, degree 1 Financial solvency, level 2 Financial stability, degree 3 financial debt Liberty, degree four coasting Financial Independence (also in some cases referred to as freedom from company), degree 5 Financial Security, degree 6 Financial adaptability, degree 7 Financial freedom, degree 8 Financial Freedom, and ultimately level 9 Financial abundance. The degrees are normally defined as something like the following: Level 0 – Financial dependence is when your debt settlements as well as other living costs are more than your very own income. This suggests that you are in somehow based on a person or another thing to help you pay for your bills or if you happen to be a child and wear'' t actually have any kind of expenses you require another person, typically your moms and dads, to pay to place food on the table and maintain the lights on and have a roofing over your head.This is the level that all of us start on as well as it is described as degree 0 due to the fact that as a monetary dependent you undoubtedly have no Financial Self-reliance. Level 1 – Financial solvency is when you are present on all your financial obligation settlements and you can fulfill your financial commitments as well as your various other living expenditures without any outside aid. Level 2 – Financial security is generally specified as when you have actually constructed some type of emergency fund along with being financially solvent. Level 3 – Is again financial debt liberty and it'' s specified in different ways depending upon that you ask.For some

, it is being totally debt-free, mortgage as well as whatever. For others, it'' s being just devoid of the high-interest financial obligations like charge card but you still may have a mortgage or other debts like student loans. As well as for a few other, it is repaying all of your financial debts with the exception of the mortgage but your bank card as well as pupil loans or vehicle loans all that things is all settled. Level 4 – Coasting Financial Self-reliance additionally in some cases called liberty from the employer, Barista Financial Freedom, or Company in blog sites as well as various other mediums. I directly like the suggestion of it being cruising Financial Self-reliance to ensure that'' s what I ' m going to be using in this video yet recognize that some individuals refer to it by among those various other titles but the idea is the same. You have actually reached the degree of drifting Financial Freedom when you could, if you wanted to, step down from a task that might be higher-paying May additionally be either much less gratifying or extra demanding or both right into a new work that is lower paying however extra satisfying or less stressful or both.This is because in the very early years of your occupation or simply thought newest years you have taken care of to conserve a really good amount of
Food, Water, Shelter, some type of transportation, clothes and most likely insurance.
If you were to obtain fired today and also you were on level 5 you would be all right you might survive up until you found
an additional work. This is essentially the initial degree that really provides you I think that item of mind even if the way of living ought to you have picked to live it may not be one of the most lavish. Degree 6- Financial versatility is comparable to Financial Safety and security just one step up.It is when you have the capability to live off of your present money circulation from your wide range presuming that you have a

versatile costs strategy that readjusts for up as well as downs in the marketplace. So if the marketplaces up 20% one year you ' re able to spend a little much more but if
the marketplace is down 20 %the next year then you put on ' t invest fairly as much. I have actually seen it defined several means It can differ depending on that you ask, however the one that I personally like the most is that it is about half of your full economic independence objective,
or approximately about 12.5 x. your present annual expenses if you follow the 4% rule to get a suggestion of just how much cash. you require to retire like I've discussed in previous videos. It isn ' t rather Financial Self-reliance. but it ' s close. Level 7 -Is economic Independence as well as it ' s. typically based upon the 4% policy which I have covered in a previous video. You can comply with the 4% guideline when you have conserved.
roughly 25x your yearly expenses.The substantial majority of the time this will certainly be.
adequate cash to permit you to keep your current lifestyle in retirement and also consequently,. you can be taken into consideration monetarily independent. As well as some posts finish it right there but I. assume there are a number of levels that are a little bit more than that that deserve thinking about. also if several of us might make a decision to never try to attain them because going to degree. 7 allows them to do what they desired the whole time. So let ' s speak about those other levels. Level 8- Is Financial Freedom which I ' ve. usually seen specified as the capital from your Investments is higher than financial Freedom. and also a few even more life goals.Life objectives,
naturally, will vary for everyone. This is can be something like taking a journey or 2 abroad or moving to a brand-new. area you ' ve always wanted to live however place ' t had fairly adequate money to live there up till. currently or whatever the situation might be for you like I said it ' s different for everyone. Level 9- Is financial abundance and also this. is quite merely just that the money circulation from your Investments is much more than you'will certainly ever. need.You could invest it if you truly intended to. however it would actually take some effort.
As well as the things from degree 8 doesn ' t actually. 3x your economic flexibility number since this would permit you to experience an awful bear. Those are the 10 degrees of monetary Self-reliance,.
now let ' s go through a theoretical example of how someone can go from
Level 0 to being. financially independent in a solitary lifetime.

John and Jane are just recently wed couple.
each making$ 20 a hr at age 23 or$ 83,200 a year in between them assuming no overtime.They manage this due to the fact that they are not only. excellent hard-working people however got terrific qualities in college and we ' re discerning about the job. that they made a decision to pursue
. Obviously much like every person else they would certainly. have actually started as Financial dependents and as
they were experiencing university they would certainly. have actually been developing trainee financings that they would certainly not

have had the cash to repay (presuming.
obviously that they didn ' t make enough cash while in school to maintain up with the rising.
In all they have credit scores card financial debt, two car. Considering that they obtained their jobs they are no longer economically reliant as well as their earnings. They are presently in level one Financial.
Currently if they ' re complying with the 10 degrees system. As well as various other Financial systems and plans may. In this case, I ' m going to presume that their.
require to conserve $18,000. Both John as well as Jane really feel that their jobs are. quite darn protected as well as the market is doing rather well so it ' s not likely a minimum of in. the near-term that they would certainly obtain laid off due to the fact that the business needs to downsize so they. choose together that they are comfy with having simply a 3-month reserve. of $9,000.

With $83,200 a year in revenue,$ 48,000.
a year and expenses, plus minimum month-to-month payments of$ 100 on the credit scores card which.
They desire to see if there ' s a method that. And also as it transforms out thankfully there are lots of.
After having a look at the choices they determine. that they ' re mosting likely to work as much overtime as they perhaps can( for Simpleness. I ' m going to think that they manage to work with average 5 hrs each week of overtime which.
will increase their regular monthly revenue by about $1,300 a month, indicating that instead of $1,660.
a month they will have$ 2,960 a month left over )as well as they ' re'going to market both of their. vehicles as well as purchase some nice previously owned vehicles with cash money to help knock down some of that first debt.After producing a number of advertisements online they.
taken care of to'locate customers for each and every of their automobiles that wants to provide them $15,000. They take that$ 30,000'as well as use$ 5,000 of. it to repay the charge card balance and another $10,000 to purchase a number of used automobiles.
from someone that they know takes great care of their Cars whether that be a family members.
The remaining$ 15,000 is tossed at their vehicle. This implies that the credit score card funding is fully. Over at the end of the third month to throw out their vehicle loan.Over the program of those initial 3 months,.
they took care of to bring the auto loan equilibriums to $18,423 many thanks in big component to the.
$ 15,000 that they threw at it in the initial month after marketing the vehicles and likewise making.
the minimal settlements in the first 3 months.
They ' re able to toss that$ 3,060 a month in addition to the$ 550 a month minimum. A mere nine months into their Journey John. As well as many thanks to the reality that they ' ve been making.
they finished with the auto loan throwing the $3,600+ which is what they now have actually left over at the.
end of on a monthly basis because they no much longer had a$ 550 cars and truck settlement to make and also they took care of. to get their trainee fundings settled completely in 13 months. So John as well as Jane have actually taken care of to end up being financial obligation. cost-free as well as'have a totally
funded emergency fund in 22 months. They have now reached level 3 and also because.
of that they currently have more than$ 4,200 a month left over to begin investing.
This brings us to level 4 coasting Financial. Independence. Allow ' s presume that John and Jane wish to retire. by the age of 65. That means that whatever they place in now needs.
to be adequate to expand to a factor where it can support their way of living in retirement by the.
time they ' re 65. If we think a price of return on an average. out there of about 10 %before rising cost of living and a rising cost of living price of about 3% annually. generally then we can get a rough price quote of how much John as well as Jane need to put away. in order to accomplish a state of coasting Financial Independence. In this instance, since they ' re 24 concerning to be. 25 they will have someplace in the area of 39 or 40 years to allow the cash expand in the past. needing to take any of it out.
If their expenses were $48,000 a year at age. 23 after that 42 years later on if we assume a 3 %rate of rising cost of living they would certainly

require a little little bit over.$ 166,000 every year to survive
. Again thinking we comply with the 4% rule to number. out how much they need as soon as they totally retire to be monetarily independent that implies that. they would certainly have to have at the very least$ 4.15 million invested in the market by the time they turn. 65. In their instance, they'would require around $110,000. saved up provide or take in order to achieve drifting Financial Independence and also because.
Like I stated cruising Financial Independence. They wanted to be completely Economic Independent. They keep functioning and spending for currently.
The next degree is level 5 Financial Safety and security.
which is attained when your capital from your Investments is more than your yearly.
survival expenditures which remember is$ 3,000 a month or$ 36,000 a year
in John and also James. instance.

Due to the fact that they are debt-free, are making excellent.
money at their tasks, and being willful with their financial resources they Achieve Financial.
Safety in a little over 4 years with over $367,000 in their profile. It is been a simple 87 months or 7 years and. 3 months given that they started their monetary Journey. John and Jane are 30 years old and also they are.
In concept, they can retire currently, it wouldn ' t. be the most glamorous retired life and also it wasn ' t their goal yet it is an option they have.They don ' t have to fret concerning losing their. This is really the very first level where
you start. Following is monetary adaptability which as I stated
of this video clip, I ' m assuming that it is roughly 12.5 x your existing yearly expenditures'which for. John and also Jane would be approximately $600,000 or around$ 855,000 if you represent inflation.

This implies that they would certainly Achieve Financial.
flexibility 9 years and 8 months right into their Trip not making up inflation or about. 11 years and 9 months if we do make up inflation.John as well as Jane continue investing via all. the highs and lows of the marketplaces till they get to Economic Independence precisely 14 years. right into their monetary Journey presuming we wear ' t represent rising cost of living or 18 years and also 3 months. if we do. So you could be asking yourself why did I split. up the accounting for rising cost of living time'frameworks as well as the not making up rising cost of living time. structures should we constantly be accounting for inflation? Well practically yes but the reason I split. them up is since in my experience taking this journey myself in addition to seeing others. take it, this trip modifications how you check out a great deal of points and usually those. adjustments cause you valuing points such as flexibility of mobility and also place and also freedom. of time to be able to invest with the people you like more as well as valuing a lot more worldly points. that cost perhaps
a lot of cash less and also less.That ' s not to say that everyone becomes minimalist.

They discover better usages for their money and also. Which suggests that even though
inflation is.And also, prior to I go, I do wish to discuss that
based upon what I'' ve seen on different posts and also forums some people really like to have
a lot more objectives to chase after as they experience this trip than what I'' ve outlined today
in this video clip so if that'' s something that would help you do not hesitate to damage down these
degrees even additionally after that I have today this is clearly simply the list that I utilized as well as
what functioned for me, yet you could take it also further.For example,

Financial debt Flexibility could be broken
down into three different stages: One where you are devoid of all high-interest financial obligation,
a 2nd where you are devoid of all debts with the exception of your home (if you have one), and
a 3rd where you are entirely debt-free. You could deal with the coasting Financial Freedom
level in a comparable way simplifying right into 2 stages: One where are you have actually spent
enough to survive in retirement as well as a 2nd where you have spent enough in order to
maintain your existing way of living, readjusting for inflation certainly, in retirement. And also the monetary self-reliance degree can
Be damaged down right into three stages: Phase one would certainly be where you are at a survivable
level of financial Freedom, stage 2 would be where you have attained leanfire status,
and phase 3 would certainly be where you have accomplished full Monetary Freedom on your present
way of life presuming that it is above the leanfire level.So what do

you people assume of this 10 levels
system of tracking our progress to economic Independence? Do any of you use a comparable system to track
your development? If so, what is it as well as what degree, action, or
stage are you men presently on? Let me understand in the comments area below. But that'' ll do it for me today once more
if you enjoyed this video clip make certain to subscribe and hit that Bell alongside my name to make sure that
you'' ll be informed of all my future uploads. I normally submit every solitary Monday, as well as
if you have a good friend that would certainly be interested in this kind of web content make certain to share it
with them as well as allow'' s really obtain this info around as well as begin our very own Financial change.

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Is 1 Crore Enough To Retire? How to plan your retirement?

Hi friends, welcome to Yadnya investment academy. We are going to speak about a subject of monetary planning on Friday. And also today'' s topic is extremely intriguing. Since this question is asked frequently on numerous social media channels and workshops. That individuals have an amount in their mind that is 1 crore rupees. We assume that if we have 1 crore rupees, our life will certainly be good. This concern continues to be in the mind that if I have 1 crore rupees, can I retire currently? Am I financially cost-free? I wear'' t have any stress of retirement currently. Now whatever work I am doing is extra. To make sure that 1 crore rupees is sufficient. And if you have retired currently and got EPF cash as well as total amount is 1 crore is it sufficient for you? And also if it suffices or otherwise, exactly how much can you invest in both inquiries, when is enough and also when is not. We will certainly touch on all those things in this video. I will discuss everything via a calculator. You can check that calculator on our site too. We cover numerous subjects of economic planning in this session. If you intend to make your very own monetary plan, after that most likely to website There are lots of items connected to economic planning.There are 1 to 1 sessions as well. You can check that out. Now I am mosting likely to my site and I am certain you can see my display. If you most likely to the device as well as calculator, right here you can see the retirement calculator. I wear ' t assume you will get this anywhere else. Currently the concern is, expect I have 1 crore rupees, is it sufficient for me to retire? Of all, I will be asked what is my age? I am simply providing an example, 50. Suppose I am half a century old, what is my life span? It is necessary to know when you will certainly be retiring. I think we should maintain it around 90. I am maintaining it at 90. Just how much is the expense now? If you are retiring as well as you have 1 crore rupees, just how much do you desire to spend? What is your monthly or annual expense? Intend I am believing that I have 6 lakh rupees. I have actually placed 6 lakh rupees here. Just how much rising cost of living are you thinking? How much will my expenses boost each year? If India ' s rising cost of living is around 6-7%, after that you can think that. Intend 7%rising cost of living till completion of life. Present possession, just how much cash do I have? I will put 1 crore rupees here.I have 1 crore rupees below. I will put that right here.

Exactly how do you invest this 1 crore rupees? Just how much return will you be able to make? This is a really crucial inquiry. What kind of financial investment do you intend to place? Do you wish to place it in PPF? Do you desire to place it in Senior Person Financial Savings Plan? Or do you wish to place it in FDs? Or do you intend to develop a portfolio of Mutual Funds like Hybrid Equity Funds? This is really vital. Let ' s take all the scenarios. Suppose I intend to place it in FDs. I put on ' t intend to do anything unique. I will certainly get 7%return in FDs. Whatever is the article tax. Or whatever you believe. You get 7.5 %yet let ' s keep 7%for computation. Let ' s maintain 7.5 %. Let ' s keep 8%. We'have put it in bonds, Elderly person Cost Savings Scheme. And'there is some money in EPF. We have maintained some money in equity. My 8%will certainly make 1 crore rupees corpus.Which is 1%over inflation. I have taken 7% rising cost of living and 8% returns. I have to place these 6 fields

. If I submit this, My retirement corpus is in deficiency of 1 crore. This implies that I need 1 crore even more to develop this situation. If I am 50 years old as well as I have 6 lakhs each month. As well as 7%rising cost of living. As well as 8 % growth. I need 2 crores. 1 crore is inadequate. Currently, allow ' s change the scenario. What should I do if I am unable to do it. I can either minimize it. I put on ' t spend Rs 50,000 per month. I can'do 30,000. After that we can alter the amount. We have actually done 36,000. And afterwards we have actually put this change. 21 lakhs is still less.So, generally it will come to 3

lakhs. So, now our retired life corpus is just 67,000 much less. I can spend 3 lakhs per year. If I can spend Rs 25,000 per month. And also if I take 7 %inflation. And also 8% growth. 1 crore is enough in 50. If I invest 25,000. If I invest 50,000 with same circumstance. I will certainly require 1 crore. Currently, you will certainly state that I buy shared funds. I understand spending well. And also I assume that my corpus can gain 10%. If 7% is inflation. After that I assume that my corpus can gain 10% per annum. Like our technique. You have to have seen many videos on retired life. If you desire to comprehend anything. Put it in the remark area. If I assume that I can do 10%. Allow'' s attempt it on 6 %after

investing 3 lakhs.So, now our corpus will certainly be 47 lakhs. So, it suggests that I can invest 4 lakhs or 4.5 lakhs. 4.2 or 4.3. Way I can spend around Rs 35,000 per month. If I can gain 10% return. Currently, you will state that I have currently retired. I am 60 years old. And also currently inform me what is this situation. So, in that I can invest 50,000 each month. So, in 60 years also if you are gaining 10% return. After that there is a shortage of 24 lakhs. If this situation plays. You state that I have inflation. I wear'' t invest a lot. 50,000 per month. Following year, I will certainly expand according to 5%. Then it is excellent. 5% rising cost of living, 10% price of return, 1 crore rupees. You have enough. You have simply sufficient. You can spend 50,000 per month. If you are 60 years old, you will obtain that cash for 90 years. Now, there is another thing. Several individuals believe that I have a pension plan. I have a residence. He is giving rental. Or I am obtaining pension. Mean you are obtaining pension of Rs 10,000 per month.Means it comes more than that. I assume 10,000 per month. So, I am obtaining a pension of 1,20,000. And we will make it 7 once again. Exists any development of pension plan? It appears that 2-3% growth is there. Let'' s grow it by 3%. Till when will the pension come? Will it come till 90? Will it come till life expectations or will it come quickly? Sometimes, for minimal time, cash is going to come. So, we market those things. Rental is mosting likely to come. I need to offer that home after ten years. You can put that. So, I have to get pension till last. Till 90. After that in 6 lakhs, 7% rising cost of living, 1 crore, 10% and all. So, then practically I exist. Way 3 lakhs is the only deficiency left. In this method, you can discover out that the cash you have, is it sufficient for your retirement? Now you can change the quantity. If you have 2 crore, 3 crore or 50 lakhs, then you can transform the quantity. As necessary, you can figure out how much expenditure I will certainly have after retirement, my job will go smoothly till life span which I have actually prepared. So, this will certainly be very very handy for you.So, if you like Calculator, after that do share this video with everybody. I assume this will be very valuable to lots of people in retirement planning. As well as from the perspective of financial liberty. And also if you want our financial plans and personalized approach, if you wish to recognize just how to obtain 10% price of return, or what all I can do after retired life, after that you can most likely to our site and also call our customer solution, sales group or connection group. You can WhatsApp or call or email. And after that we will certainly reach out to you as well as we will surely try to assist you on those things.That is all I have.

I really hope, do subscribe more. Since the subjects of monetary preparation are not taking place a lot. Do subscribe and such as the video clip if you like it. Have a great time, good friends. Jai Hind.

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