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Early Retired Couple Spends Six Weeks in Thailand

pleased Sunday everyone we invested six weeks.
in Thailand living our finest life and we'' re mosting likely to inform you the six points you need to.
do when you intend your time to come to Thailand we'' re Chris and also Steve an early retired.
pair who sold every little thing to take a trip the globe full time we share our Wanderer life walkings.
and also Eagan consumes order our book two carry-ons and also a strategy on Amazon and also follow us on social.
subscribe to capture our video every Sunday where are we we are on coke pipidon Island on the.
west coast of Thailand as well as just actually enjoying the the coastline life right here and also really thrilled to.
inform you regarding all the terrific points that we did in Thailand I just informed Chris that when we were at.
morning meal that this has been my favorite country up until now so after taking a trip for two years uh this.
is it I enjoy Thailand and also so why don'' t you kick it off and also uh inform us a little about what how. we started yep so uh it'' s intriguing that you assume this is your preferred I require to consider.
that a little all right so it'' s definitely my top five or top three anyhow we we really.
arrived to Thailand on different watercrafts Steve in fact went to Borneo why I mosted likely to Chiang Mai.
as well as you can see our our video clip here on how we took different getaways however I went to a yoga exercise hideaway.
As well as it'' s been a we went to I went to Chiang Mai and also went out to the yoga exercise routine for a week. currently if you desire to do a yoga retreat in Thailand there are lots of to select from a great deal of them are.
in the northern part of Thailand as well as absolutely something that you can do three 4 5 6.
7 days it take your choice I extremely suggest the one I did and also you can see so in the video you.
can see all the details regarding my hideaway but if you definitely intend to do a yoga Meditation.
Hideaway Thailand is a super area to do it and very budget friendly to do it I left very Zen as well as very.
pleased to see Steve when I returned um and after that you came back from Borneo after doing what yep scuba.
diving in in Borneo and also uh fulfilled Chris in Chiang Mai and enjoying a wonderful week together in Chiang.
Mai it'' s a remarkable City there ' s tons of holy places and excellent food and also incredible people this is just one of.
those locations that you recognize I found out about you recognize we'' re Backpackers go in Southeast Asia on 19 a.
day and as well as you recognize have this fantastic time this was Backpackers Haven but it existed were.
people from all different ages around the globe and we'' re truly just enjoying this great community as well as.
indeed it'' s filled with holy place so you certainly desire to go see the temples you understand you could by the.
time you make it through southeast Asia be a little Temple out however one of the things we really appreciated.
was chat with a monk you can go sit in the temple and chat with a monk ask them any concerns.
that you possibly believe you could ever ask a monk I assumed Steve and also I were finished with our.
conversation at concerning 45 minutes and afterwards the last of the month was tell me concerning Enlightenment.
for how long did that take I actually wasn'' t that wasn ' t that examine yet yeah it turned into a. concern concerning Enlightenment and after that we made use of to have an additional 45 minutes of finding out about the.
path to Knowledge and the 7 various methods in nine various methods as well as yet it was satisfying.
it was actually enjoyable not boring at all or not a lecture it was simply a real life month informing us.
concerning his life as well as really interesting and a lot of misconceptions that I had concerning Buddhism and.
regarding being a monk and it was truly informing being enlightened by the informing monk additionally.
in Chiang Mai we did another really amazing thing there'' s lots of things to do there it ' s great deals. of actually great food that'' s a great vegan food proclaim to Freebird Cafe for the Fantastic.
vegan food so among the things we did in Chiang Mai that we really truly loved was we went on.
a raise via some of the tribal towns in Chiang Mai or in North Thailand and after that did.
a rafting trip on a bamboo plethora which was just silly and fun and also just something various that.
we possibly would never ever have actually done anywhere yes the bamboo covered was actually a blast and you recognize.
dropping the river and also type of you recognize anyways um a whole lot of enjoyable it was a whole lot of fun and also oh by.
the method this would certainly be a great factor to click that subscribe switch and also give us a like I really hope.
you enjoy our video clips uh after that from uh after we spent our week with each other in Chiang Mai then we did.
something definitely superb here'' s a video below concerning offering at the elephant Nature Park now. there ' s a lot of havens in Northern Thailand uh where there are elephants and also those
sanctuaries allow. you to pet the elephants and also ride the elephants as well as feed the elephants and wash the elephants.
those aren'' t sanctuaries those are just a modern type a circus for the elephants where it'' s not a. good idea for the elephants they'' re not expected to be doing those points they'' re being trained.
as well as forced into being certain actions for the traveler communities please don'' t browse through those.
places please invest your time in elephant Nature Park now elk at Nature Park you can choose a day.
or you can remain overnight or you can offer for the week we selected to offer for the week the.
video clip informs you all regarding exactly how we scooped poop as well as what else did we do we made elephant sandwiches.
and uh just you'' ve got to stay stay for a week take the week program do it it was an amazing.
experience volunteering as well as remaining in nature with the elephants and seeing uh exactly how they''
re. being rescued from uh from around Thailand and also gave the Nature Park so they can live.
with self-respect for the rest of their lives yeah yeah um likewise it was extremely inexpensive to do the elephant.
Nature Park I believe it was like 300 each for an all-in comprehensive resort experience all meals.
consisted of in your real estate and also so on as well as so forth so uh most definitely a rewarding experience do the.
elephant Nature Park so to get down to Central Thailand we decided to take a train we.
took the Night Train it must be a track called The Evening Train possibly there is anyways the Evening.
Train was a hoot it was you know jump on the train that left at 6 pm as well as it'' s currently getting dark.
and also you understand the landscape that Thailand as the train is downing the Brewers is fantastic and after that.
the porter happens and also establishes your bed for you as well as uh it'' s kind of lights out and also you'know. you ' re hidden uh till uh morning and when the train shows up in Bangkok uh yet yeah I.
was truly stunned exactly how much sleep I obtained it was rather comfortable and also it was also enjoyable to simply.
socialize with the other individuals on the train or bunk friends following door we'' re from Poland learned.
a whole lot regarding Poland while we'' re there we shared some treats with them as well as stuff so it was just a.
truly chill way to to make our way via the country we reached Bangkok we were in Bangkok.
for 4 or 5 days we'' ll let you see a million various other videos about Bangkok and afterwards we''
re. mosting likely to tell you regarding the following thing we did um we flew down to Sarat Bunny and went um to a.
wonderful National Park called Cal soup National Park this was an amazing place where you stay in.
a bungalow on the water you don'' t have a choice because in the Park National forest there ' s
no. structure allowed ashore so every little thing gets on the water and also the little Bungalows that we stayed.
on were really comfy and you might simply walk out your front door and also enter the water it was.
really good crystal clear blue water with amazing Landscapes and Views and when our you know boat.
trips and also walkings in caverns and we'' ll have a web link for this uh for this video clip too for the national.
park the zoo is simply a great deal of enjoyable and you just you need to do it it'' s a little Obstacle on you.
understand exactly how to obtain there exactly how to go out it'' s it ' s in a remote place well worth it yeah obtained to make this.
part of your Thailand trip we'' re mosting likely to inform you regarding one more area as well as then we'' re mosting likely to kind.
of summarize just how much time we invested in each location to help you cancel your schedule as you come.
to Thailand however our last place that we mosted likely to was uh co-pp and island off of crabby between crabby.
and also Phuket and also spent 11 days on co-pp and had simply The Time Of Our Lives snorkeling the reason that.
we selected poke trick after doing lots of research study is we discovered out that there were numerous locations off.
co-pp where you can in fact snorkel from the coastline you didn'' t have to pay for a boat trip or.
some kind of Captain to take you someplace to drop you on a reef you could actually snuggle right.
from the coastline as well as we probably located two or three locations that were definitely wonderful snorkeling.
that we simply walked from our resort right placed our masks on as well as walked right bent on me certainly.
I did some terrific scuba diving also and saw some black pointer suggestion reef sharks which were fantastic.
while uh while I was scuba diving but yeah the snorkeling is outstanding as well as the most effective fit I'' ve ever. done uh at the coastline from the beach simply walking off the beach and out onto the Rocks onto the.
coral reefs and also it was incredible as well as I can'' t wait to return so we really did a video of cow soup.
versus hokey P if you only had an opportunity to choose among them which one you can pick and also all the.
details about where we stayed and also all the points that we did when we were on costumes so after.
being in Thailand for 6 weeks our schedule was a week at the yoga in between a week in Chiang Mai.
a week at the elephant Park five days in Bangkok for uh 4 days up until soup and after that 11 days in.
co-pp we most likely restructured that time a little little bit exactly how would you organize yep you understand Kobe.
island people told us when we were coming here that oh my gosh you put on'' t requirement Les well you can.
do 11 days 11 days is great here you do a great deal of coastline life a great deal of snorkeling as well as taking pleasure in.
the the little town below as well as and consuming and also simply swimming as well as you can do that my whole.
life yet possibly 11 days if we would certainly balance it out I assume I would certainly have spent a little even more time.
in the national park so beautiful so spectacular uh and a little bit much more in the north component.
although this time of year the during the fire uh season the air top quality is pretty negative as well as.
Northern Thailand so maybe pick a various season but there'' s certainly much more points.
that we could have done and also seen in the Chiang Mai location in New York town yeah so you intend to.
prevent Chiang Mai probably from February to April um the advantage from February to April is.
the dry season so it doesn'' t rain a great deal the problem is it'' s extremely incredibly Smoky and also the air.
high quality is some of the worst in the world yeah it can be well I imply it was when we existed.
Chiang Mai was the most awful movie eventually in Bangkok was 200 aqi on one more day so anyhow simply you.
can look at the Historical API documents for those areas as well as make your choice as well as attempt to balance.
out rain versus Smoke because that'' s actually the choice you'' ll possibly have to create Northern.
Thailand but we can have gone to Chiang Rai we might have gone to 5 we could have gone whole lots.
of the various other Islands but if I were to plan my Thailand getaway again I assume a week in all the.
areas would certainly have been the excellent time for all the locations so we can Bangkok however we can calcium.
a weekend break a weekend I mean Chiang Mai we did three weeks but it was 3 various weeks as well as those.
were all the ideal quantity of time for those 3 various weeks so a week everywhere it'' s. primarily that like that'' s a quite weak debate anyhow that is our extract from Thailand episode 11.
we will certainly 100 be back to Thailand due to the fact that there'' s a lot of places we missed out on and also we truly we want.
to experience crabby and Phuket and some of the various other yeah and if they'' re in the places that.
we did miss that you'' ve been to place that down in the comments so you know that we can come.
back below as well as aid other individuals find out about a few other locations in Thailand that are also.
have to see yeah what is your favored location in Thailand if you'' ve been right here tell us share.
with us and we'' ll see you next week from our next southeast Asia country where will.
we be have a look at following weekend break we'' ll tell you.

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