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The Flash – Official Trailer 2

foreign that pain made me that I am I spent a life time attempting to write the misdoings of the past as if fighting and crying would bring my moms and dads back you really did it I can'' t picture what you ' ve been via I enjoy you monkey you shed both parents in eventually Barry currently I went back in time to save my parents but rather I totally damaged the world if you returned as well as altered the past this globe must pass away to transform the future do you know what the symbol means methods hope best I will certainly assist you if I thought you intend to get nuts allow'' s get nuts I have to undo what I did these scars we have make us that we are I'' m not ready to go back and fix them no that'' s your misfortune to find you whatever we do we'' re not going to have the ability to fix this no nobody dies foreign.

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