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㊗️He Was A Retired Soldier And Now He Became The Best Virtual Shooter | MANHWA

Once, a soldier of sergeant rank,
that concentrates on sniping called Ha Leeha, provides us a light description of the steps
that snipers do prior to shooting. After a round of shooting, an elderly position
soldier, who congratulates him and also commended him for having such an impressive method round,
He asks Leeha if he had actually ever before missed out on a shot. While they were organizing some boxes and speaking
regarding an examination the prota wished to carry out versus other snipers, when all of a sudden the various other soldier
Leeha ' s cousin closes him up and informs.
whining, so his cousin asks him if he wishes to walk again, after that the prota gets in.
the virtual globe as well as develops his character with his look and the same name, so he is.
sent to that world. The prota gets here in the digital globe and also.
upon seeing the level of detail of the middle ages globe is impressed and also questions if he is actually.
in a game, he ponders his hands and also discovers his character, remembering how the A.I. made enjoyable of his vanity. Leeha starts doing kicks,.
rejoicing to be able to utilize them in that world, but at that a man arrives and also asks.
Him if he is truly that delighted, and also informs him that although he fulfilled numerous outsiders.
none imitated him.Then the person introduces himself as the one. who helps the outsiders in that world, so the prota thinks he is an NPC, so Leeha asks. the NPC to inform him the rules, so re-excited he informs him that in that globe they can ' t. run continuous, as they will tend
to obtain tired, something like endurance reasons the prota. After this the NPC asks Leeha to touch the. breasts of a lady passing by
, in the beginning the prota concurs, however quickly reacts and starts. striking the NPC, declaring that this would certainly be a crime. The NPC stands and also tells him that it is. appropriate, considering that in that world there is usual feeling as well as if he devotes any kind of criminal activity he will. be labeled a criminal, so the prota asks him if he had actually touched the breasts of the various other.
NPC he would certainly have been condemned, then the NPC laughs as well as tells him to go to the training.
camp that is north for the next lesson. The prota questions if the game is well done,.
then Leeha wants to the north and after stretching he begins to run like a madman of life, being.
truly pleased to be able to run once more, keeping in mind the irritation he felt in the real world,.
so he runs harder.After a while

Leeha obtains a box educating him.
that he obtained an achievement for running and also after that reaches the training location where there.
were several training, so Leeha takes a sword and begins training, satisfied for the combat.
assistance, as well as seeing that other gamers had handicapped him, so he tries to strike as if.
he remained in genuine life. In the act he shatters the training dummy as well as.
the other players go nuts, and also the prota is a little bit modest, but he gives method to his course.
choice as well as is reunited with the A.I. the prota will choose the course of.
a stick, yet at that a demoness appears and also shows a gun to the prota.Leeha recognizes

the firearm, nonetheless he is. not exact in the design,
so he starts to describe the tool to the A.I. yet the prota doesn'' t stop asking yourself exactly how they.
have that weapon in a game that remains in a different era. Leeha then begins the shooting assistance,.
The prota is distressed by exactly how slow-moving it refills and also just how hefty it is, but Leeha says loudly.
that everyone who crosses his line will certainly be completed. Leeha soars in smoke and is amazed.
at having actually missed a chance at 4 meters, so the A.I. notifies him that the musket misses by 50%.
at a range of 4 meters, so Leeha intends to attempt again, once again annoyed by the musket'' s. refilling time, thinking it to be an useless weapon. So the distressed prota asks to be enabled.
to see the statistics of the various other lengthy variety tools, uncovering that they are a lot far better than.
the useless one he has, shouting that it'' s a harsh video game with the weapons, so the A.I.Replies that

it'' s due to the combat assistance,.
so after an analysis the prota makes a decision to pick the wand, but is by force separated.
by his mom, who saw him suffering. So Leeha tells him he is great, so the prota.
marvels what will certainly occur if he was forcibly separated while he was picking his class,.
which can not be done, so after investigating he discovers that in that case he is arbitrarily.
designated one, so upon entering he discovers he is a leaflet, which dispirits him, yet he.
tries to be positive by shopping skills, yet none rise accuracy and also charge time. At this the prota obtains clinically depressed, then an.
NPC arrives who helps the outsiders that have actually just chosen a course, so Leeha irritated asks.
him to show him what to do, so he is sent out to search bunnies. The prota attempts to hunt a bunny with his.
firearm, however misses out on and the rabbit continues to attack Leeha, then the prota has no choice.
yet to escape, however the bunny was following him carefully, and continues to kick Leeha, and also.
the bunny proceeds to strike the prota, so Leeha is forced to strike the bunny, buffooning him.Leeha continues his battle with the rabbit,. trading his strikes, the other players are surprised that the prota is utilizing the butt. as opposed to shooting,
and also after much effort Leeha takes care of to capture the rabbit, so the.
prota obtains dispirited for missing a bullet as well as because he observes a noob using the sword.
and comprehends that his class is the worst. However Leeha psychs himself up not to be beat.
by that system, so in the real life, the prota begins researching exactly how firearms were.
utilized in his time, discovering numerous characteristics of it. At that his mother can be found in and provides him.
a plate of fruit and also asks him if he is not so clinically depressed any longer, to which the prota claims.
he is not, so the prota tells his mommy that she can go to rest, but the mom informs.
him not to visit sleep so late. So the prota says he must go back to the.
game, and also with what he earns in that globe he can have money to fix his legs in the genuine.
globe. The prota go back to the video game as well as begins training,.
He is observed by a pair of players that slam and also make fun of the reload time.
of the musket, so they presume that he will certainly soon disable the game.But the prota without paying interest to. What they speak about continues to analyze exactly how to make his shots much more effective.
in that he discovers that he only has 23 bullets left, so he intends to use them in a genuine battle,.
He goes to hunt bunnies. And also applying the expertise he discovered around.
just how to use muskets, however the bunny ends up being alert, so Leeha proceeds to fire and seems.
to have actually hit it, yet he had actually only scraped the bunny'' s leg, so Leeha is compelled to engage.
in a melee against the bunny. After a long period of time the prota manages to hit.
the shot to a rabbit giving him direct fatality, this thrills Leeha, that obtains a number of achievements.
yet the flint of the weapon finishes up damaged, so he has no option yet to battle melee against.
the rabbits, getting the label of blood butt. After a while the lead character degrees up as well as.
is congratulated by the various other gamers, so Leeha proceeds to go to provide the objective.
that was to supply rabbit skin, so he gets money in return, and afterwards mosts likely to offer the.
meat to a huge woman, she asks him to bring more rabbit meat, however especially black bunny,.
Leeha accepts the mission.Then the prota

goes to stock up on ammunition,.
On the area and with a great deal of discomfort he has to spend everything he got for just 7.
bullets. Afterwards Leeha feels hungry so he chooses.
to go obtain something to eat. Leeha gets in the bakeshop, yet is told that.
they have already shut for the day, nevertheless the prota asks to be allowed for a moment,.
The baker allows him in. The prota comes close to the counter, but discovers.
that they are out of 1 copper bread, so the baker tells him that it is the fault of the.
rabbits eating his wheat, upon hearing this the prota means to utilize it to his advantage.So he informs the

baker that he can take care.
of it if they give him a piece of bread, the baker notifies him that there are numerous newbies.
who have actually informed him the same thing, however they get nothing, so for the safety and security of his organization.
Leeha tells her that she has a mission to
. Leeha is in the conflict of taking out.
a small bag containing the bait to draw one of those samplings, so the baker thinks.
him as well as delegates him with the mission to obtain an herb that expands from the black bunny'' s. feces and also in return he will certainly offer him a loaf of that herb and also 30 copper. Leeha is surprised to learn that the developers.
do not take into consideration that for such a goal they would certainly give her such a poor reward. The baker tells him that the black bunny.
is the meant reason why the white rabbits have actually ended up being aggressive.The prota agrees

, yet informs me that he is. really starving and also won ' t be able to do'the task, so Leeha asks to give him the bread. beforehand, nonetheless the baker doesn ' t trust, so she enhances the trouble if he doesn'' t. perform the job and also no NPC will offer him missions, so Leeha agrees as well as the baker offers.
him the loaves. After consuming the bread, Leeha listens to that a.
group of players are looking for people individuals hunt black rabbitsBunnies he wants to join.
they dislike him as a result of his look, nevertheless Leeha finds that there are numerous.
missions pertaining to black rabbits. So he searches for all the missions that belong.
to them, so the ecstatic lead character intends to go hunting them and also increase his abilities.
in just 4 hours. At one factor he listens to people talking and notices.
that they are the group of gamers who declined him prior to that are being eliminated by the.
Before this, the prota was psyching himself. And the hag begins to disrespect and demands. While the prota really felt poor for having actually made use of the.
Leeha strolls uncomfortably because the two. women are chasing him; The sorceress presents herself and also presents the ice girl, but the. prota bitterly tells her that he is not interested in them, and also also though the fire sorceress. tells him that the ice woman is renowned, yet he still doesn '
t care. The prota is leaving when the ice girl tells. the prota where to get the herbs he is searching for, which terrifies him as that was a trick. nobody must understand, so the Leeha counts on check out the ladies. The prota gets worried since the ice sorceress. appears to understand what he is searching for, though the fire hag doesn ' t appear to know them;. so the ice hag clarifies what the prota ' s goal is.Although later, the ice hag asks the.

prota how he killed the rabbit from afar, something the fire hag reaffirms this. considering that the bunny went to optimal health and wellness. Leeha modestly responds that it should have been. good luck; after these occasions, Leeha as well as the hags go to celebrate consuming and also drinking, but Leeha. asks who they are, due to the fact that everybody, also the NPCs appeared to appreciate them. The fire sorceress describes to her that. the ice lady is just one of the most effective players in the video game, so the fire hag presents. herself as Ram, and together the
ice girl is likewise surnamed Ram,( [Don ' t state it. in the video] let'' s tell her Ram Hi there, due to the fact that names are made complex to create as well as the Hi. will certainly be for ice ). Leeha teases Ram, as he saw
her running. away despite being a fire sorceress or pyromancer
, as well as Ram asks the prota again regarding the bunny,. The prota just says he shot as well as the bunny died. RamHi tells them that it was an insta-kill,. After chatting for a while, Ram as well as RamHi invite Leeha to join their guild, however the. prota attempts to avert them, yet Ram tells him that they will certainly offer him tools and help. him level up, but the prota rejects, so Ram insists him to do it, however the prota informs. him that it ' s not right for him to pick without recognizing the other options.The girls leave and tell the prota to get in touch with. them, after this Leeha mosts likely to deliver the mission and obtains his reward, among those
a. new tools and afterwards mosts likely to the baker that treats him incredibly as well as Leeha gives the. herbs to the baker. He goes to the cook and also offers her. the rabbit meat, but the cook asks him to get her a large eagle. After Leeha and the cook were discussing. the cook ' s dreams that she intends to open a second dining establishment and also for that she needs one more. type of meat. Leeha is surprised at exactly how corrupt they can
. remain in the video game. Previous this talk the cook offers a lunch box. of food to the prota, but what strikes him
is that it is a rare etiquette item, items. that are also costly, so he wishes to sell it, although the item is not interchangeable.So the prota goes to obtain all set to hunt the. eagle, however initially the Leeha eats a few of the meat and also is astonished, and also desires to level up. to perform several missions simultaneously, so he will go hunting, nevertheless when he opens up the. stock he is disturbed to find out that he will have to buy even more bullets. Coming to the gunpowder shop, Leeha longs. for a price cut, yet upon going into the gunpowder seller treats him terribly as well as mocks him for. the irrelevant purchase he had actually made previously. Besides the truth that he will certainly not obtain a price cut,. the prota utilizes his mathematics skills to learn how much he can buy, but makes a decision that it is. not wise for him to spend all of it, figuring that he will certainly endure searching the eagle, so. he determines to get 23 collections of bullets, which triggers some entertainment to the vendor, however the. seller provides him a mild odor coming from Leeha ' s bag, and starts bothering the prota. asking him for that which he has such an excellent odor. Then Leeha obtains the bread from the natural herbs. of the rabbit ' s feces, so the artificer comes to be crazier seeing the bread, so he attempts to get. it for 50 copper, but Leeha declines, so he informs him that he will certainly offer it for 5 silver,. so he declines saying that he will certainly not fall for that burglary, so Leeha decides to utilize. his bargaining skill to provoke the artificer to buy the bread from him.Starting a negotiation in between the two, the.

bomb manufacturer accepts offer Leeha 70 sets of bullets for the bread, so Leeha accepts, however. Leeha adds that he wishes to meet the gunpowder manufacturer. Leeha goes offline really delighted concerning the exchange. he had made, as well as mosts likely to view the news covering the mmorpg game which they saw the Ram. sis were in a novice village, but they began
speaking of the prota,. which dispirits him because they were making
fun of his having fun. Leeha was surfing the internet and found a. video where they show the Ram sisters talking with him as well as although it was only 2 hrs. old it currently had 1.8 million sights, and also in the comments they were
speaking about him,. which makes him anxious. Leeha thinks about the offer to join the Ram.
guild, so he sets out to raise his level even more. Upon getting in, Leeha turn over some fox skins,. so the man commissions him to try to find wolf skins, so the prota approves, this set already. recognized because he had actually tried to find it, plus he obtains a promo code to fix a gun for free, so. Leeha desires to fix his butt stock.The lead character reaches a meadow where.
he finds wolves and intends to join a celebration, but there is no one to sign up with, as it is a tough. goal for a degree 8, especially for him, thinking about that with a party he will be able. to fire even more freely. Yet as there is nobody he will have to do. it alone, so he sets out to spend just 11 bullets to clear the objective and also maintain the. remainder for the eagle objective, but while he was stealthily trying to find the wolves he locates.
an event searching the wolves.So Leeha leaves

crying, and locates a lone wolf.
peeing; so the prota does the actions to reload much faster, and afterwards continues to shoot.
the wolf, finishing him off instantly. A 2nd wolf shows up, so the prota.
must refill fast and also avoid a melee, but when he finishes refilling he recognizes that the.
wolf is not assaulting him and also let him refill in 1 min, so he guesses that the wolf.
found out just how to evade his shot, so the prota determined to wait for the wolf'' s attack.And when he has it on him the prota shoots.
finishing it off, as it ends up the prota made an incorrect shot to mislead the wolf, seeing.
that there disappeared wolves the prota proceeds to loot the wolves bodies, yet at that 2.
gamers arrive who being in shock ask the prota exactly how he did that. The prota upon seeing them is scared as.
he thinks they are beasts, so he escapes from them, but they kindly tell him that they.
are not beasts they are players, so the prota feels negative, then the lizard as well as the titan.
inform him not to fret. The lizard with an evil-minded look.
asks him if he is hunting alone, and also when he figures out that he is, the reptile, like.
a psychotic, informs him to join his event, claiming that the wolves relocate groups of.
3 as well as since he takes 1 minute to charge, he tells him that they can assault him from.
behind.Leeha considers that the reptile ' s words are. really sensible, so he informs them that he is just level 8, the reptile is dissatisfied,. since he thought he was a greater level, yet he doesn ' t inform him that the titan will.
be his healing storage tank. The prota thanks that they will certainly allow him join.
and also introduces himself, equally as the reptile presents himself as Biyemi, a poison mage.
and also the titan is called Jing; and by pure possibility Leeha learns that the titan is a blackout.
druid. Jing fanatics out, and also then gets depressed,.
The prota assesses that that event is rather respectable. while they were searching Biyemi was assaulting.
the wolves, but the prota can'' t assistance yet poke fun at something taking place to Jing, however takes care of.
to cool down and also fire a Headshot at one of the wolves.And also Jing supplies an effective impact to the head
of among the wolves and Biyemi stabs him in the head with a blade to finish him off,
3 of them.By the evening they had gotten to each other ' s. individual goals, so Leeha

as well as his friends go to provide the objective,
the prota deliversSupplies The prota was preparing to go up to degree. The prota gets a box that notifies Leeha that.
Once outside Leeha says he didn '
t want to. Hearing this Jing is stunned that even more NPCs. The prota goes to the artificer and acquires 40.
collections for his musket, grumbling about exactly how costly it is, then goes to the NPC who.
provided him the wolf objective and the last tasks him with eliminating the eagle king of the mountain. and also his subjects. After this the boys assemble as soon as they had. ended up preparing yourself for the goal, while they were strolling along the path, they meet
. a team that had actually stopped working in the eagle ' s goal and they were saying regarding it.
They satisfy several gamers and NPCs trading. tools to do their goals, so Leeha marvels if they will certainly succeed with them 3 that are such.
a strange group, so Leeha suggests that they complete the team, yet Biyemi in mockery.
states that nobody would certainly collaborate with them who are so unusual as well as additionally without some newbies. at level 10.
Biyemi tells him not to stress, that he. chose a hideous character for a reason, so Leeha counts on that Biyemi has a strategy, preparing. to go into through the website that will take them to the goal location. While that occurs, we see Ram as well as Ramhi combating. against a team of wolves on the mountain, due to the fact that Ramhi is assisting Ram to finish the. objective of the eagles, so
Ramhi asks Ram to strike the eagles that are flying, although. they are really high.
Ramhi begins reciting a spell with which. he tears down the eagles and tells Ram
to finish them off, adhered to by this, Ramhi detaches,.
while the prota and his companions when inside Biyemi tells Leeha to follow them from behind.
Leeha away, adhered to by Biyemi telling Jing to utilize his capability one with nature, as well as orders. Biyemi, so the wolves relocate away

, and also it seems Biyemi ' s plan functioned, so Leeha terrified asks. BIyemi asks Leeha if he had actually played that.
raven once more, yet asks not to see it, certainly they don ' t approve and also Jing has to.
do an absurd dance that triggers elegance in his companions and also after this the men head.
to the eagle mountain. Leeha is frightened by the dimension of the “little”. eagles.
Biyemi starts to discuss to them his strategy. of what they must each do, as well as the various assault patterns that the little eagles “will.
execute which they should kill them one by one
, so Leeha tells him to allow him shoot. the one in charge. Biyemi obtains worried and also claims that it ' s not.
sensible, that the secure point to do is to kill the little eagles and afterwards kill the large one,.
The prota desires to fire him, but his friends appear confused.And Leeha tells them that he is only 90 meters. Leeha continues to calculate the motion of. Leeha had hit the eagle and killed it, something that the prota can not think.
Jing and also Leeha were delighted, but Biyemi couldn ' t. clarify how Leeha killed the eagle that was a last employer, Jing asks him innocently if. He asks the hero if he has any type of renovation,.
Leeha is not able to explain it either and declares that it was just a fortunate shot,. Biyemi totally
doubts his word. Leaving that aside, Leeha gives the objective.
However Jing feels bad that they are separated,. Leeha informs him that they will see each various other again;
after saying claimingBye-bye Leeha analyzesEvaluates his success and character benefits, being shocked that he has above average. strength and also to cover everything he got popularity and also 40 indicate enhance his abilities and brand-new. capabilities, however he is disappointed and after that mosts likely to the giant to offer her the black eagle. meat, so he gets the benefit as well as also fulfills the large ' s guy, a beefy guy that squeezes. him with happiness for giving him the meat.So Leeha fearfully asks him to place him down,. The giantess ' guy asks Leeha with an evil-minded face if he wants to learn how. to cook, which leaves Leeha a bit confused. Leeha considers learning a manufacturing ability. as well as associated skill to make use of in combat, nonetheless, she takes into consideration just how helpful it would certainly be. to make use of the food preparation skill to create lunch boxes of the quality that the giantess makes. them and have the ability to offer them, it is in by doing this that she accepts. So the giantess ' s guy gets all functioned. Up and also starts his exercise to teach her to cook in one day, which worries Leeha. to complete the cake, the giantess ' s sweetheart tells Leeha that he will certainly get him to cook all
. by himself, at the same time the giantess chef starts shouting because he was doing it all.
The giant chef seems to be a wonder.
funding of Aelstock. The prota sees that the benefit is rubbish,. and the objective is reasonably basic, so he distrustfully asks the titan where is the.
Leeha thinks about that the route will be complicated, however as he is heading towards that exact same resources. He gets frightened due to the fact that it is a really beneficial things that can be taken. In the real globe, Leeha found that he.
Leeha obtains rid of the store owner and also asks.
Leeha tells him coldly that he won ' t get.
are not from his store, he requests for the map of the kingdom, although the shopkeeper attempts. to object since it is extremely expensive, then the prota blackmails him to leave, so the. store owner with splits accepts.After this, Leeha calls his relative and also they. catch up, Leeha informs him that he
is already level 12 and also caught the black eagle, so. his good friend is impressed, and afterwards he tells him that his guild is searching Ramhi, however as. she is so effective the time they faced her she only took pleasure in beheading as well as robbery them,. experience that created trauma to his close friend.
Leeha ' s relative tells him that she is making. After reducing, the prota is triggered right into.
a chaos for not knowing what to do, as Ramhi ' s guild had actually invited him to join them as well as now. his cousin remains in difficulty versus that guild, so he chooses not to obtain involved with the. Guilds, or anything like that, focusing on obtaining to the funding. The prota triggers, happy to have such a very easy.
to review map, after that in a rush he comes to a somewhat hazardous forest, as he entered. there was a team battling a bear, the prota was analyzing their formation, however at that. a bear boss appears, and also extra players turn up to join the Raid, the prota wonders where.
they are originating from and also speculates that they will certainly end up shedding for having actually developed the. team so sporadically.Leeha intended to pass by, however he can ' t assistance. Remain to see what will occur, he believes he is at a risk-free distance

to see, yet at the'.
look of the bear and the justification of the players, the bear barks influencing Leeha.
on a small scale, making him susceptible. As well as we ' ll see what happens in the following video clip,.
hit such switch and subscribe if you like it as well as if'you desire the following part, compose in.
the remarks words “soldier”, thanks for watching.

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