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The Balance of Living in Two Homes in Retirement

however pay attention um having 2 houses is wonderful and it'' s transformed the means we live drastically you know we'' re much healthier and also we ' re better and we really really feel a lot more tranquil and it'' s also been a knowing experience and some job to obtain convenience in possessing two homes [ Music] we made the decision to live in 2 separate areas and also in the beginning it might sound amazing fun as well as perhaps also exotic and it is it can be all those things and also even more yet it didn'' t come or doesn ' t come without dangers there ' s anxiety and also a specific level of anxiousness you know when you own one house there ' s certainly a great deal of work you require to do to keep it up but having two virtually increases nearly everything you have to do as well as it can come to be frustrating sometimes we have good friends that have 3 and also 4 residences i know today we'' re mosting likely to stroll you via a method to make it simpler and also bring a balance to living in two places for the past seven years we'' ve experienced downsizing our large home in New York City which was a five room home and acquiring a villa in connecticut it'' s a three-bedroom residence and afterwards we vacated new york completely making connecticut our main which we discovered was also small and afterwards we in fact upsized connecticut as well as added an office for retirement transformed as well as and another bedroom which is always helpful and now moving our long-term home to florida to a three-bedroom with an airbnb spillover more on that later yeah every one of this took thoughtful conversations not just in between jody as well as i however actually we included our six kids and also their loved ones and with some of our close good friends and also extended family we intended to see to it we did this the proper way it wasn'' t a simple choice now we totally welcomed owning these two residences you recognize the huge modification for us was the awareness that none of it needed to be permanent as well as none of it had to be forever it could change or be reversed at any time and we were dedicated simply to live our best life ever before especially now while we'' re still active and also healthy and balanced and by the means for those of you that are new right here today my name is mark rollins and i'' m jody rollins and also we started retirement change in 2017 not only for us however for every one of you as well as the 10 000 individuals a day that are transforming 65.

Currently we put on'' t concentrate on the monetary elements of retired life yet instead way of life health relationships and also even more and if you'' re new right here please hit the subscribe button as well as obtain informed when all of our brand-new video clips appear so allow'' s delve into exactly how you and also i and also others that we understand are creating equilibrium when having new house as well as the initial balancing act focuses on your funds right you need to start there this should function and it simply can'' t be a stress on'your funds you ' re not mosting likely to appreciate it so you wish to see to it you collaborate with your economic organizer as well as your accounting professional to ensure you ' re doing the best point and you know if you think of it there are some significant financial considerations you understand do you get a home mortgage what are the rates do you pay cash money do you have that do you desire a home or a condominium one comes with costs perhaps they both include charges do you want to rent or acquire or do you actually intend to go and build a residence so there'' s a great deal of points to think about there and also some individuals really desire to build a residence because they ' ve always intended to develop a house as well as truthfully it ' s a fantastic task to carry out currently the various other questions to think of is do you scale down where you live currently as well as get a bigger second residence every one of these considerations the one that jody stated in me is that you'' ve you ' ve got to all these factors to consider enter play however here ' s things you require to be intentional regarding everything that you do can'' t just be you understand possibly we'' ll attempt this maybe we ' ll try that and also now with the real estate market as hot as it is possibly renting makes sense for awhile the 2nd balancing act focuses on your objectives if it'' s not remove what your objectives are and also honestly if you'' re not in sync with your companion it'' s going to be a hard thing to pull off you understand some inquiries to ask is why do you even wish to consider this this concept of having two homes you know if you'' re not hundred percent persuaded and also my suggestions would certainly be to go slow-moving you know why do you want to do this does it please a need or is it an impulse as well as will it in fact make your life far better as well as or better as well as if you have kids speak to them also what do they think as well as are they going to come travel to visit you you know in our instance they did they intended to pertain to florida in the wintertime the various other point is are you going to transform your residency that that'' s a big decision for some people to make because there'' s some tax effects for that and it can'' t really feel like a worry your state of mind is crucial to make certain you have excellent equilibrium owning these 2 residences alright so funds we spoke about check intentions and also mindset check currently let'' s discuss place i mean for us it was very easy we wished to live all year long in warm weather condition so we did an entire video clip in prior youtube'' s on why we selected marco island as well as the link is below however you'' ll see some excellent pointers because as well as that additionally connected back to our intentions you recognize we wish to invest the next twenty years of our life living a really active outside way of living when we can so we did this to have cozy weather condition all year long to deal with our physical wellness and our psychological wellness we needed warm weather condition for exercise we'' re now cycling we'' ve spoke about that recently on the youtube the coastline for our state of mind we'' re massive followers of sundowns as well as daybreaks so reaching the coastline actually has actually aided us emotionally hasn'' t it maybe today today some other considerations when you'' re thinking of location is you know we picked not to utilize to possess two houses in the exact same climate system ideal mark that was something mark used to preach to me when i was looking for a house on the jersey coast to be truthful since i matured going to the jersey shore yet we already possessed a home in new york or connecticut and also in mark'' s mind they remained in the very same weather condition system to ensure that was one of things that we agreed on you recognize the other thing is it a viable market for leasings or hotels for site visitors when they come not all visitors wish to stick with you as well as for us with six youngsters we couldn'' t get house large sufficient to host every person as well as like mark said earlier you recognize it was essential for me to choose a place that the children would come and also go to right you know continuous reflection for us now that we have two residences is just how are we doing do we like what we'' re doing can we enhance one or the various other more as well as that'' s where we are so we'hope you people are enjoying this we ' re concerning midway via the video if you like it please hit such switch or leave an inquiry or some remarks it truly is important for us to hear what you'' re thinking as well as'don ' t forget to subscribe but the 4th location where balance enters into play and having 2 homes or several residences is making both of the residences comfortable you understand that the point is that we located having two homes that we want to make comfortable really suggests in more build-up of stuff as well as things i indicate if you consider it right you have two energetic kitchens so you'' re going to have we enjoy to cook comparable appliances in both you know maybe 2 residence fitness centers which might imply you recognize 2 pelotons or 2 you know bozey rounds is that what you call those bosy bowls what are those points called uh not a bosey bowl i assume it'' s a bozy round okay you know it likewise may suggest and also especially for mark you understand duplicate attire and also clothing i'' m not quite as good at that as you are you recognize we have a pal who comes down here in florida in the winter months and does cape cod in the summer which'' s the very same environment it ' s the same climate it'' s cozy both locations he has this interesting idea where whenever he purchases a brand-new t-shirt or a brand-new pair of footwear or shorts he always purchases two one for each and every house he has the specific very same clothing at each house which is really intriguing and we started thinking concerning that to a point however like you claimed you'' re not you ' re not anywhere near that yeah however not really a bad concept when you think yep you understand i can do it with a few things however if i'' m mosting likely to spend cash on clothing i i type of like that selection in both locations soon we'' re mosting likely to address just how to make owning 2 residences very easy and this comes under that category too yep now we selected not to ever before lease our houses out so we make them comfy with the same linens and cushions and nice televisions we have sonos in both homes as well as all of that stuff including household pictures jody'' s a large candle light person you ' ll always see candles shedding in our home at evening and individual items in both homes so we'' re not stressed over someone can be found in and also damaging any one of that you know we truly made it and also my viewpoint was i want individuals to stroll into each home and as well as feel the exact same despite the fact that the houses are completely various our home in connecticut is historic it'' s 300 years of ages as well as our house in florida is just twenty years old as well as it has a much more coastal feel yet when you come in you still feel comfortable yep so we'' ve spoke about funds intentions and state of minds where do you have the second house making it comfy all of these are very important to make balance in having multiple houses currently allow'' s speak about the important things that we both enjoy one of the most which is identifying a means to make it easy and straightforward you understand it'' s vital that you have those for first 4 points in place and afterwards this part actually can be found in when you'' re discussing interest to information you recognize large image you'' ll require an excellent residence watch or caretaker for each residence a person or a team of people that will certainly care for it when you'' re away in our connecticut residence due to the fact that it'' s 300 years old it requires constant maintenance that home is a great deal of work it'' s a lot of job so as well as it mosts likely to have winter time for snow using so we have a landscaping company we have electrical contractor and a builder all of them have access to the residence they all have accessibility to our cameras so they all play a role in keeping that residence healthy you recognize in florida it'' s a lot much less maintenance you recognize we have a pool company we have the house watch team as well as we do a couple of handyman available for chores there'' s very little to do down here yet connecticut'' s complicated it is a few other means to make it simple is we spoke a little bit about this we actually can fly back and forth and not worry concerning clothing at each residence since truthfully connecticut many of our apparel up there currently is for cool climate we have all of our favored wardrobes at both residences we have safety and security video cameras in both houses we have on-line thermostats and also alarm so we actually have eyes as well as ears on the on both residences when we'' re away and with all the brand-new applications that you can utilize on your phone for all of those various points it makes it easy to be somewhere but given that florida'' s a little bit new we still drove a cars and truck down below so our sense of seriousness for several of these comforts remaining in both place wasn'' t as essential however we also have this service so we haul the electronic cameras and also the illumination to and fro and also i'' m truly confident that'' ll change yeah we need two collections of everything and also we additionally simply bought brand new e-bikes that were pricey as well as it actually doesn'' t make good sense to possess duplicate bikes yet so we require to bring them back and forth in the cars and truck but the whole suggestion right here is to be able to fly to as well as from each home with only carry-on and we seem like that we have whatever that we need in both homes so we can do that right as well as so that makes it easy for us as well as you understand the last area to speak about as well as actually have a policy between you as well as your partner on is you understand non-family visitor policies best don'' t obtain me incorrect we enjoy to entertain however we also enjoy our new retirement life and also the flexibility it affords us so you kind of requirement to have a calendar as well as a guest policy and also we obtained some help from this with honestly next-door neighbors nearby who are truly cool regarding having people check out but the ability to for jody and i to proceed our habits and also routines that we'' ve created when company arrives that'' s really crucial to us and as visitors began to turn up we began to imitate hoteliers i indicate we would certainly simply wait on them to stand up we would certainly prepare them morning meal what can i do for you that was our selection but it truly place us kibash on our life a bit as well as we we determined a way around that well i'' m respectable um as well as always make an agenda for whoever is coming down currently i constantly have dinner bookings some organized enjoyable some down time yet i think the real essential thing is we currently establish guideline for our morning right you understand we basically inform our guests you know we'' re active till 10.

you recognize i have yoga exercise or we'' re going to ride a bike or we'' re mosting likely to go for a coastline walk as well as we inform them join us or not however you'' re complimentary until 10. yeah i think when our youngsters come down they mainly join us for our morning activities so we do obtain that time with them yet some visitors like to oversleep i suggest they'' re here vacationing yeah they desire to oversleep which is great to ensure that'' s taken a great deal of pressure off of jody and also i as well as made it a bit much more comfy to have visitor business appropriate as well as but we'' re also improving at saying no and we'' re better at establishing limits you recognize our homes among things that we did when we'' re not in one of the various other homes they are not readily available for individuals to remain we require to be there to hold right including the kids yeah as well as type of well we'' ve bent the rules a little yeah some of the kids most of them don'' t also ask they don'' t i really think they like it when we'' re there due to the fact that we give the food sure we purchase all the food my program comes into play yet pay attention um having 2 houses is amazing as well as it'' s transformed the method we live significantly you know we'' re healthier as well as we'' re better as well as we really really feel much more at tranquility as well as it'' s likewise been an understanding experience and also some job to obtain comfort in possessing 2 houses we wish that all the ideas we provided you today have helped you today as well to make sure that you can think about having 2 houses and not tension out over it if you appreciated this please show your friends as well as also please subscribe by clicking the subscribe button below as well as if you have any remarks or concerns please leave them below as well as lastly put on'' t fail to remember to join our totally free facebook community where jody and also i go live every tuesday at 12 30.

thanks for listening we eagerly anticipate being with you once again.

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