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Top Tips for How to Live a Long, Happy Life in Retirement

time and again we hear about the dangers of smoking unhealthy eating and drinking too much alcohol we know these are unhealthy habits and they put us closer to the Grave that's why if we want to live longer and you want to live longer and happier we need to understand that we need to possibly make some changes to our lifestyle so our question for you today is do you want to start changing your lifestyle in order to live longer if you've said yes keep watching we all know people who lived a hard life they either had a rough time at the end or they died before their time and my dad was one of those guys who died before his time he had a great career he was a wonderful role model and he was a fantastic business leader he was also a marine and that gave him that dose of feeling indestructible but he aged really fast once he retired he ate poorly drank way too much and he quit moving his body you know he died at 80 and I believe had he done what we're going to talk to you about today I believe there's a good chance he'd still be alive which would be nice today we're going to walk you through some tried and true healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors and if you apply these right now as you get closer to achieving your healthier happier life you may live longer what's the first one what do we want to talk about first the first one I feel like we talk about a lot but you can't hear this enough we all love eating but eating a balanced diet is critical to a healthy lifestyle the question right now is what type of food are you eating are you eating junk food or are you eating healthy food you asking me are you asking I'm asking you uh well then I'm just going to say that I eat mostly healthy food definitely go up the rails once in a while I would agree but our body needs a wide range of nutrients in the right amounts so that we can grow develop and it can maintain itself it's you know we have to give it nutrition in order for our body to behave the way we want it to behave but balance is the key right because basically too much or not enough of any nutrient can lead to problems the bottom line is if you're currently living on pizza or even just pure meat every day then it's time to mix some greens into your diet you know our nutritionist or no not a nutritionist our naturopath doctor um Dana Dana tells me that I need to eat seven cups of vegetables a day and when she first told me that I said there's no way but really it really isn't that much and it's just a behavioral change so we have three cups of vegetables with dinner three with lunch and maybe I'm missing one cup we might be probably missing one or two If we're honest for sure they do say that you should get 95 of your food from Plants there are places around the world where people eat like that and they do live longer so basically the real challenge today is for you to you know just push yourself to eat less meat and some more vegetables or at least bring more vegetables and plant products into your diet you know my mom used to say look at your plate and if your plate is a one color palette plate you're in trouble need to add as much color to your plate as you possibly can and you know that sounds really hard and and and it is it is but if you try this when you go shopping only shop the outside perimeter of your grocery store it's where all the Natural Foods tend to be and avoid the aisles see if you can get everything you need just from the perimeter yeah on the perimeter there's your your fresh beef Fish and Chicken your protein all the vegetables are there and we definitely suggest you look for organic it's a little more money but it's better for you and it can be healthy and just take baby steps here but if you pick up a can of food that you want to put into your mouth or a bag of food and you can't pronounce any of the ingredients you shouldn't be eating it because it's chemicals it's just not good for you easier said than done it is but baby steps for sure right another lifestyle change would be this as easy as this two words don't smoke full stop really just don't smoke because smoking is strongly linked to the rise of some diseases and even early death you know my mom smoked three packs of cigarettes a day from the age of 14.

to when she died at the age of not 80 because she went into the home but until 75 years old so 60 whatever 60 plus years three packs a day but she got dementia and in in my mind you know smoking can lead to diseases like that according to Healthline we found this note that men and women who smoke may lose up to 10 years of their lives and be three times more likely to die prematurely than those that never picked up a cigarette but you know what don't be too alarmed there is still time to quit and a chance for you to prolong your life that same Healthline report said quitting smoking in your 60s may add up to 3.7 years on your life in fact you can even still quit in your 80s and provide some health benefits so the long and short of this section is don't smoke or quit smoking yeah so no matter how old you are if you quit smoking now it'll be good for you now the other the other lifestyle change that's really important is to do brain training and you're like what is that well not only do we need to exercise our physical bodies what we need to exercise our brain as well you know I do Wordle every day some crossword puzzles I've tried Sudoku I'm just not very good at it but keeping your mind physically fit can save us from certain conditions that will shorten your lifespan even link to Alzheimer's disease like my mama yep here's a few fun ways that you can exercise your mind I feel like we did this when Luca was here our grandson oh my God we played hours and hours ago goldfish from 5 30 in the morning till 7.

How about learning a new word every day when I read my Kindle or I read my iPad in the morning and there's a word that I don't understand you can just hold it down and look up the definition and I really tried to do that on a regular basis I mean I Journal which you do which is great it's my brain you know you can memorize some lists I'm not good at that at the grocery store by the way so if I don't have it written down it's not coming home but memorize some other lists and sometimes you can just do some quick ad subtraction multiplication in your head instead of picking up your calculator you remember the back of the composition book they were black and white and it's great school on the back was the multiplication table yeah one through twelve I had that memorized 12 times 12 is 144.

Good for you that's awesome isn't that good here's another thing to help your lifestyle change go for a jog even a walk it's amazing what this can do for you you don't need to do it for long 20 minutes a day will do it science states that walking 20 minutes a day briskly can add five years to your life why wouldn't you do it you know it's funny I bet on all of our videos we probably have said this out of the 200 videos 10 times at least this is such an easy thing to do and there's a win just get out and move we take breaks throughout the day down here in Florida we'll jump on our bike for 10 minutes that's it five minutes out five minutes back it just gives you a burst of energy absolutely absolutely so the other thing you want to do is you've got to find a way to prioritize your happiness being happy is probably one of the best healthy lifestyle habits you can follow for the rest of your life now when we get up in the morning we have a choice how do we want to feel how do we want to approach the day do I want to give Jody a kiss and say hey honey how are you it's great to see you I'm so excited that we're here together for the day or God I'm so annoyed and I'm so sad and I'm so this that's all mindset so prioritize your happiness and just remember happier individuals have a 3.7 percent reduction in death over a five-year period we've read a bunch of studies about being happy and prioritizing what makes you happy will have positive effects on your mood and your ability to live longer you know um you have been if you have been following us you know I'm a big fan of quick and easy journaling in the morning every morning I get up besides giving Jody a kiss and saying hey it's good to see you tonight I always write three gratitudes three things I'm grateful for and one self-affirmation one um self-affirmation I am a good speaker I am a good husband I am a good father those three gratitudes in one self affirmation always get me in a good mood that's great that's great that's an easy tip for people to use another important lifestyle change is and I love this one I might love it a little too much not gonna lie but get some sun not too much but some sun I mean I love the sun I get energy from it my mood is improved and you know vitamin D the sunshine vitamin has been shown to fight disease improve bone health and ward off depression you know what I'm going to say now I know okay not too much so right I get out in the sun I have 70 all over my body I have a hat long sleeve shirt long sleeve pants I'm on the beach in a chair under the umbrella with all that stuff on I look like an idiot but that's you know I get enough reflection off the water and I do love we take breaks during the day we'll sit on the front porch and get a little bit of sun it is important to get some sun during the day you just have to be careful right you know how much sun you know 15 to 30 minutes a day with the adequate protection should give you the right amount of vitamin D from your sunshine I like sun early in the morning right between 12 and 3 30 or four I'm out yeah I'm in the shade another lifestyle change would be to stay hydrated this is something else we talk about quite a bit staying hydrated is easy to do and it's an important healthy lifestyle habit that you need to remember to live longer adequate hydration is essential for promoting Optimal Health and you know this because we talk about it a lot and you read about it a lot and your friends tell you about it half your body weight in ounces I need six to seven 12 ounce glasses of water a day to meet the minimum requirements so just do it another one is to laugh often you know you've heard the old saying laughter is the best medicine well it's the plain truth laughing is so powerful do you ever notice when you laugh your heavy burdens tend to get lighter yeah do we laugh enough no we should laughter is a powerful antidote for stress anxiety pain and conflict we need to laugh we do say something funny why'd the chicken cross the egg no what the road so I'm a terrible joke teller so what we need to do you know what we're going to do tonight what we're gonna watch a TV show that's gonna make us laugh we're gonna watch an old funny movie how about that that sounds good you know the other thing is to maintain and strengthen relationships according to a Harvard health article social connections and relationships are very important to a happier life we are social animals and Studies have shown that it's critical to have these in our life yeah there have been dozens of studies showing that people who have satisfying relationships with their family their friends and their Community are happier and have fewer health problems and they often live longer now here's another tip that we talk about we got a lot of tips in this one get enough sleep people tend to neglect the importance of sleep they focus their energy and I'm gonna have a great day they do all these kind of things and finally go to sleep and wake up tired and grumpy it's not it's not good to do that you know you have to treat sleep as something that's sacred and you can't sacrifice it it is sometimes the thing to sacrifice right I'll get up early and do that I'll go to bed late and finish that we actually do that with work too lack of sleep can also often lead to serious health problems so Sleep Quality not just the amount of time in bed is important to your lifespan I think that you'd all agree that you'd like to live as long as you can and on top of that live a healthier life well into your 90s or more there's no crystal ball to see into the future but your vision includes being healthy I'm sure so make the decision to make some changes now this video is helpful you're gonna love this next one finding your path to physical wellness we're going to help you find a baseline where you are today how to build a vision and then bring in healthy habits and routines to support that Vision so watch this one next

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