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Top Tips to Declutter Your Home for Retirement

living in a cluttered home filled with too many possessions that don't mean anything to you can create stress anxiety and depression and you have to know that this clutter is actually stealing from you whether you know it or not it's stealing your energy it's certainly stealing your space it's stealing your money and it's definitely stealing your happiness you know it's been proven that people are less productive in a cluttered environment now look this idea of decluttering is so hard for some people and maybe you have a little bit of a hoarder mentality I think we all do we don't like to throw certain things away or maybe you always disagree with your partner on what gets thrown away yeah exactly like that stupid frying pan from college that you had there had Teflon peeling off and was killing us one egg at a time you know clutter breeds more clutter Mark's mom loved pigs pigs everywhere not live pigs but she did like live pigs pigs in every way shape or form if they were printed on plates painted on cups she had knickknacks years of pigs every gift she was given I swear had a pig on it yeah and because over the years I was buying my mom so many Pig things Jody started buying meat Pig things and I said no no I'm not the pig person no only after so this is well it's an example of someone who has a I don't know roosters or pigs or pillows would do tchotchke names on it oh that's nice but then people start giving you all this stuff and in the end your house is filled with it I mean think about it how do we get clutter in the first place and if and if you go back to what we just said you do have objects that remind you of important things or objects that have sentimental value those are hard ones we're going to talk about that at the end actually how to declutter those but then there's the expensive yeah oh really like the snowshoes that you purchased top of the line snowshoes that we have those are going to my niece who lives in Vermont they've been going to Lucy for years okay so this is what this is how this is going to go today but so to your point an expensive purchase sometimes we're afraid to let go right right we also take a lot of comfort in our possessions sure you know they make us feel comfortable you know people give us gifts and maybe you don't really want them but you hate to just get rid of them because sometimes they look for them when they come into your house well we're talking about that at the end too because that's not fair that we don't get rid of it just because they gave it to us right so appliances from your kids wait we use the air fryer twice let's jump into decline we need better air frying stuff come on recipes yes all right so if you have a good air frying recipe stick it below yeah let's talk about our process right now this might seem mundane and very granular but this is what you need to do to start and you want to start small so you have some easy wins just try it try taking your kitchen utensil drawer and take that apart first start with the area above it can't have all sorts of stuff clean that out but then take your drawer open it up and everything comes out as you're taking it out if you know something's definitely going to go in the garbage put in the garbage but get everything out clean the drawer and then if you need any kind of new separators or organizational stuff you know you want to get that ahead of time well and I'd be careful I mean you know maybe you have two of something so it doesn't go in the garbage but it goes into a bit where you're going to well I know I'm just saying I mean I'm just garbage things well if there's something in there that's garbage I'm saying put it in the garbage don't put it on the counter right but if there's something that you can donate so here's the things you can do you take it out and you want to sort it some it's either going to go in the garbage you're going to donate it it's going to go back in the drawer or saved items might go in a different drawer so you might reorganize a little bit so you can actually start a new junk drawer no and we're not in a junk drawer we're in a utensil door you're right but it might belong somewhere else this is what I do you don't do this I know you mess up I clean them I love this stuff very true but you want to keep going until the counter is clean and the drawer is full and maybe you need to make a list of new things you need like the rusty can opener doesn't work anymore but do one drawer get it done and look at it and you'll feel great and then keep going if you have the energy but do not start a new drawer never mark never start a new drawer unless you have the commitment to finish it correct right don't look at me I'm like the king of this oh my goodness so just take pictures and leave them below there's nothing worse than having a drawer half empty on the counter in there and then you won't touch it for days yep but there's also some Rules of Engagement if you're married or in a relationship or you live with someone if you have a roommate right yeah you can't you can't create this d-cut cluttering plan and have it lead to fighting you know you got to make it fun you got to make it purposeful and you could even turn it into a game you know you can agree on some items and maybe you choose not to agree on other items and I know we have a few of those well the other thing to do is if I'm going to clean a drawer I make sure Jody is gone for the day and I do it and then she doesn't even notice it but it feels so much cleaner I feel great huh what do you mean is that when that happens that's when it happens you think a little munchkin comes in the middle of night and does it no so you're going through this process start small start small start with a drawer make sure you can finish it and make sure you stay till the end we're going to give you some tips on decluttering the sentimental items that's where we really get stuck yeah we'll all do all right so let's tackle the bathroom okay now we've done the kitchen kitchen drawer not the whole kitchen which is testing we're getting warmed up all right now we're in the bathroom okay another easy one under the sink in the drawers medicine cabinet get some divisors for down below but most of the crap down there you could throw out you just don't need it you know what's funny is there are dates and expiration dates on a lot of things you know and I know there's debate whether they're true expiration dates or not but I know when we did this recently and we went through like half of our sunscreens had expired well yeah they moved all over the place and so you know you got to look at the dates look at things that are half empty things that you can combine things you don't use anymore and pay particular attention to medicines right and you can't flush everything down like you have to figure that out but the same rules apply when you're taking everything out it's either garbage donate goes back or go somewhere else and you need to be rigid with yourself you can't mess around with this you got to make sure you do it right all right so now you've had some good and easy wins and everybody feels like I should start a new business how to how to declutter people's houses I would love to do like Maria Conde or whatever yeah we should switch shift from retirement transform to clean your house I should just go out more in the house would maybe be cleaner because apparently you do it well all right so we've had some easy wins everyone's feeling great now you got to figure out how to do the rest of the house so you want to set a time frame to finish it let's say six months well you can do six months I I would say do this you know count your rooms before you set your time frame so if you have three bedrooms a living room dining room and kitchen you know that's six so then the six month time frame give yourself a month in each room I was going to say a week oh I would do a week in each of those rooms and I would say the attic the garage and the basement for Less you are definitely the expert oh yeah because they're complicated they're loaded with things that always kind of move around the house and that's where they end up well they're also loaded with things that aren't necessarily yours what do you mean so our basement attic garage is loaded with things that are the kids well that too yeah yeah but the bedrooms that's another process and I think it's it's individual but you have to take your dresser take everything out touch every piece of stuff that goes in there and put it on your bed you do my dresser when I'm gone no I never touch your dresser but it's either going to go back in the dresser it's going to donate or it's going to go and that's where donating really feels good if you have you know things that you're not wearing or things that you're not using that you know other people can use and you get them together and you put them in the car and you donate them that really does feel good bedrooms are tough because you tend some people tend to have piles of things boxes and all of that so you just have to start somewhere and keep working your way around and that's why maybe six months is a good time but I do the stuff in my hanging my hanging clothes you know if I look at a piece and I haven't worn it in a year it gets donated and what's funny is when I go through that process every year sometimes I always find a few pieces that I haven't worn in three years right but now that you have some Rhythm let's in and then move on to the dining room if you have one you know you might have a dining room cabinet that's full of glasses and platters and you know just make sure you're using them all or donate them or hand them down to their kids if they're family heirlooms living which by the way the kids don't love like China my kids don't anymore China Crystal they kind of look at it and go like no what am I going to do with that living rooms you're going to run into problems because you're going to probably have a lot of sentimental things in there like we said we're going to cover that at the end so keep listening but it's the same process yeah and and I can tell you firsthand so while you're cleaning drawers and potentially under the sink I got stuck cleaning the attic before we moved out of New York so the attic can definitely be a multi-day project and here is really the time to be really clear with yourself that you're gonna get rid of junk I mean just yeah I need a dumpster that's where junk ends up and believe me I learned that firsthand attic basement garage yeah they're tough multi-day projects might want to do it on a weekend and then clean the areas up you might benefit from putting some shelving in there or some racks we like to use those racks that have wheels on them so you can move them around the garage and clean it when you need to but right it's really um it's for me it's a fun process it's painful sometimes but in the end gosh you just feel so much better well listen thanks for staying to the end but now let's talk about what to do with the sentimental things you know first thing you can do is see if your kids or any other family members want it and believe me we tried that we got a few things from our parents we didn't know what to do with them and I remember our kids looking at us with a few Furniture pieces and said no we don't want your brown furniture so um we had a hard time we actually had to donate it donated a lot all right so with sentimental things you need to be intentional is it something that we actually use or is it just feeding memories if it's that I don't know that spoon in the kitchen you never use it because it's all crappy and old and Rusty get rid of it if you're not using it are you talking about my grapefruit spoon with the serrated edges no that's that's up on a mount on the wall with a plaque my grandmother game but don't keep these things in your life just if it's for the memory if it's feeding memories maybe limit the number like one photo one spoon for grapefruit one serving dish one tool from your dad one beloved heirloom just keep one but not all of them it's just it's just too much gosh that's a hard one what you just went through I know I guess the other thing you could do and this is a big project but turn your photos into a digital format you know get the digital picture frame what is the name of our picture frame it's called Remember uh Adventure we'll find out what it is put a link below it's amazing it just flips through pictures all day long well you can upload them from anywhere that you have Wi-Fi and you can also Grant access to other people to upload so if one of the kids takes a great picture when they're here and they have access they can upload that so instead of having hundreds of photos just send baskets do that and it's hard to have hundreds of photos if then something happens to you like your mom we have 12 moving boxes of photos that your mom had now you also can make a scrapbook which is kind of fun and if you're not really good at this you can hire someone to do it but take some photos some letters some cards and notes and put them in a scrapbook put some handwritten notes in the column one why that item is important to you and maybe it's something you could pass on to your kids and this and this fifth one is hard for me be a burden you know if someone gives you a gift and you know you're gracious and you accept it and but it's not something you want to keep forever you can't keep it forever because that's really how clutter starts all over again look this is a hard process but in the end you lighten the load you make space in your home and you make space in your mind and you're gonna feel happier really having more empty space in your home will make you feel a difference in so many areas of your life now if you like this video you're really going to like this next one do this instead of downsizing now not everyone wants to downsize so it's not going to work for everyone but in this video we walk you through ways you can make your current home feel fresh and new and we give you 10 easy low-cost tips to upgrade your house so watch this next

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