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What Do You Do With Yourself After Retirement? – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru

Devi Shetty: Sadhguru, I am constantly torn between my senior colleagues, who are extremely skilled surgeons. Sadhguru, the… on the heart there are some procedures, which are done by very few people on this planet. I’ll give an example – I do an operation called pulmonary endarterectomy that’s the blood clots from the leg goes to the lung arteries and it clogs up all the arteries. So twenty… twenty-five years ago there was no cure for this. And once you are diagnosed, you are destined to die within a year. Today people who are on home oxygen for two years, three years you do the operation they can go back to skydiving or they can go to scuba diving.

That’s the transformative effect but there are only fifty surgeons less than fifty surgeons in this world who can operate. And like this we have some of my colleagues who are extremely gifted surgeons. They are in their fifties now. And some of them are constantly talking about retirement. Especially one surgeon he is a extremely gifted surgeon who can fix any damaged valve. He is single, he has no other commitments every other day he talks about going to Banaras or somewhere and retire and I keep telling him that God didn’t create him to retire and meditate. He has to be fixing all these problems So he gives me extension every six months Guruji. So at the end of six months the usual rigmarole starts, he talks about retirement and everybody is depressed in the hospital.

So how do you deal with this kind of people? Sadhguru: You must you must give him a one year sabbatical with me Yes, because the need or the idea of retirement enters anybody’s mind because of the monotony of what they’re doing, whatever it may be. Somebody else may think it's a great thing but in your experience somewhere it's becoming monotonous or stagnant. Stagnation is one thing that human intelligence and human system cannot take. And most of the ailments are because of stagnation stagnation of life.

They may be… they may be getting their you know once in three years promotion. They may be making little more money. All these things may be happening but somewhere experientially there’s a stagnation, which could be a major cause for many of the complex ailments that people manufacture within their systems. The more complex they get you try to create more talented surgeons. I am saying we are manufacturing the problems, we are trying to manufacture a solution. I think as we offer solutions people who have adl… already gotten into problems, they need solutions. But it's very important that we teach people how not to create these problems, so that instead of fifty, you have to produce five thousand expert surgeons to attend to all these people who are on self-help to illness. So I would say a surgeon who is who has a certain competence and who has worked through his life, if he wants to explore something of his own nature, that will be the greatest thing to do because he is not a man without commitment nor competence. When competence and commitment is there, you should not run him through the rig ram role (rigmarole?) and destroy that possibility.

It’s important that he explores something of his own nature, which will make him We don't know what he’ll come up with. You cannot even estimate what he may come up with. I think a sabbatical is good. He may come up with something that you have not thought possible. Devi Shetty: I will… I will convey your message Sadhguru. I am sure he is watching this program.

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