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What’s It Like For A Singaporean To Be Living In Johor, Malaysia? Let’s Find Out Together!

Hey guys! So guess what? You know that we've 
been doing a road trip right, from Penang   all the way to Johor, so we are now sitting 
in my friend's house in Iskandar Puteri in   the state of Johor. So this video is going 
to be a little bit different than all our   previous videos because this is just a casual 
conversation between two friends talking about   the differences between living in Malaysia, 
Singapore and this is my friend Sox who's   a Singaporean. Here's a fun fact about Sox, okay. 
She is the first woman Commanding Officer in the   Singapore Artillery, so that means she's 
pretty famous in Singapore, guys. I guess. So hi everybody, I'm Sox, I'm a Singaporean living 
in Johor and I've been living here for the last   6 months. Sox, so why did you decide to move here? 
Okay so I think the key thing here, as you can see,   it's the physical space.

You know it's like coming 
in here, driving into the estate, really is like wow   just so much physical space and with the physical 
space comes emotional space. It just opens up. Oh   what do you mean by that? So in Singapore, 
you know, everybody is going about their life and   everything, you know, even though I haven't, have 
not been working right and but with my mom and   the helper and all you know like activities just 
keep going on, it just like you don't have a lot   of emotional space so this gives me that openness 
to like oh okay, morning you can hear the birds, you   know, evening you can see the sunset, morning you 
can see the sunrise, just running around the estate,   you know, greeting people in the morning.
It's like it's different. Whereas in Singapore even   though I go and run, you know, and I don't I see 
people that I see often running along the canal   but there's no like hi morning, you know, it's like 
everybody is on a mission, I'm finishing this run   etc etc.

So it's, so the kind of emotional space 
is just very rigid. Rigid, very you know, I mind my   own business, you mind your own business and we 
done. Yeah, I mean, Singapore has always been the do   do, do. That's right. Yeah so I think it's not just 
the physical space but the the emotional space and   then also it gives my mother the space right. She 
gets to do whatever she wants. Gallivanting, you know   and you know, morning she goes for exercise, 
afternoon she goes for her afternoon activity.   She feels a lot freer without, you know, having to 
cater maybe to ask me having dinner, having lunch,   you know things like that.

She handles her life 
basically and I handle mine, you know. It's, I think,   that gives everybody that the space and also peace 
of mind. Yes I think to me, it's really space, you   know, to be able, to yeah, to be able to be me, you 
know, to be able enjoy the little things in life. If I'm not wrong, this house is situated in 
a golf course right? Yes and that's the reason   why we chose it. Okay. The golf course is just 
like 4 minutes drive away, you know, and I play   golf right, so it's no brainer to get a, to get 
a place right next to the golf course.

And what   facilities are there? There is swimming pool, 
yeah, there's also a gym, right at the golf, at the clubhouse. Okay and all this is part, like 
do you have to pay to be a member? How does it   work? Yeah so you pay to, you pay to use. Okay. Per 
time or per month? Yes per time. Pay to, so pay to   use the pool, the gym and also the golf course? 
Yes. Ah so actually it's pretty good. There's   no obligations or there's no long-term commitment 
in that sense. Yeah. Oh this is the first time I've   heard of something like that cuz usually like, 
we went to the golf course in Ipoh right, it's a   it's a membership.

Yeah so this one also has 
a membership. The only difference is they   also allow people who walk in. Okay yeah I guess 
to maintain the golf course. Yeah. Can you share   any more about the house? It's a lovely house. 
Yeah so this is an Inter Terrace. Okay. You can   park cars outside, there's four bedrooms, 
one downstairs which is like, I think it's   a Granny's room and then three upstairs.

how many bathrooms? In total three bathrooms.   Wow okay. So the grand question. How much is it per 
month? You guess. Wah lau ask me to guess ah. Okay. RM3050   per month. Way less. So to take you out your 
misery, it is actually RM2300 a month. Wow this insane! So Sox, it has been 6 months. How do you enjoy JB so far? Well other than the space, it's the makan lah.   Of course, of course. Yeah, yeah so guess what? In 
the last 6 months that, you know, we've been here, we   don't have to cook a single meal. Really? Yeah. So 
every time is eat out and it's, it's good food okay.   I mean the price is of course, you compare to 
Singapore, it's way way cheaper but I think it's   the quality of the food. Okay. The Taste.  
Tell us more, tell us more on this. Yeah like you   know, you simply, you go to any coffee shop right 
you'll find a dim sum and the dim sum quality, it's   like what you get in restaurants in Singapore, you 

It's different lah, it's just lovely. And your   surrounding area, because we drove quite deep into 
the estate, how where's the nearest hawker centre  or kopitiam? The nearest kopitiam is actually about maybe 2 minutes drive out at the other end because   you came in by the main gate. Oh I see. So there 
is a back gate, okay. Okay so about 2 minutes ooh   okay. So we have very good dim sum down there. We 
must go and eat okay. Can. Wow so just by food alone   right, how much do you think you save every month 
in Singapore dollars? At least 50%. 50%! Yeah and we only,   we don't just only eat the hawker food, but of course 
hawker food is like damn nice okay, but occasionally   we'll go restaurants.

Japanese restaurant, have  
steak, Italian restaurant and all. Yeah so it's   50% and it's easily available around your estate 
right? Right. So you don't need to actually go into   Johor Bahru town to go and get your food right? 
Yeah unless I'm going there to buy something, I   don't have to go there. So the surrounding like 
Gelang Patah, you know, I can't remember the places name.   Yeah, we can get a lot of good food and good 
stuff. Hey so Sox, I know one, I know you, I'm sure   you have done road trips in Malaysia already 
right? For sure, for sure. So where have you been?   So we went up to KL, Gentings, Ipoh, Penang and also this place called Sekinchan. Yeah we were just there.   Yeah so we've done a couple of road trips and 
I think the beautiful part about, you know, we   are on this side of the Causeway right, we just tsk and go. Whereas when we have to meet our friends, they   have to cater in additional hours to meet us.

the keyword is hours, not 1 hour. It's hours cuz   the Causeway now, the jam is quite insane, you know. Yeah, especially I mean, even though we set off early   in the morning, the difference is still at least 
2 hours. Yeah ouch. I'm so glad I'm in Penang. Yeah   so you know, and then going up there and you 
can actually hire cars yeah, private    hires and and go. You don't even need to bother 
about driving even. That's true. Yeah so then you   get there, Grab is so so convenient these days 
right. Of course you don't stay in places, you know,   you stay within town area and all this yeah 
very easy. You know what we should do? We should do   a road trip to Terengganu. All of us, that'll be fun! 
That'll be fun. How has it been shopping in Johor   as compared to Singapore, do you miss anything? 
Like can you find everything you need in Johor?   Okay so I'm a very simple person right, so the things 
I need, basically I find here.

Of course except for   like gourmet ice cream. You know, occasionally you want special like Movenpick, Udders, Creamier, they don't   have this kind. Yeah, because that one Singapore of 
course will have. I think for me, I miss Fair Price   the most cuz you know, Fair Price right, so big, 
everything is so neatly stacked. Then everything I   want, they have. So that yeah, I really miss Fair  
Price. Yeah I think what is on a lot of people's   minds right is the safety in Johor, cuz I myself as 
a Penangnite, I also have that question right. Can   you share more about your experience so far? Indeed. So every time I tell people, you know, I live in JB   this is the first question they ask me is how is
the safety? Yeah so I don't know, you know, it's   probably it's rumors whatever right, okay, really 
the estate that we live in, it's very very safe. So   it has a outer ring, you know, guard and then, 
every individual estate also has its own   guard. And when like, when you came in right, the guard will call me to see, to ask if I was expecting   visitors.

Okay. Yeah so only when I say okay then 
you come. Okay what about like say, when you're   traveling for your restaurant food, hawker 
food right, what's the sense of safety that you   get? I mean it's really a lot of common sense. 
Don't anyhow put your phone all over   the place right. So generally, you know, and also 
because we also dress casual, slippers and all to blend in,   yeah so I think generally, I don't see any issue 
at all you know. Okay that's a good, that's a huge   relief, I would say, cuz I think a lot of our 
viewers may have that concern.

I mean, I certainly   do, like I and I've been a victim of snatch theft twice 
in Penang in the past 20 years ago, so I do have   concerns about safety whenever we're traveling to 
a new state in Malaysia. So thanks for that. Yeah   so I mean, there are some of the neighbors that we 
talked to, sometimes they don't even lock their   gate when they go away. For like when they drive 
out? No, not just drive out, like you know, go   for holidays and all. Ha? Even in Penang, we don't do 
that. I know right. It's like, you know, quite unusual.   For me I thought it was quite unusual but they 
do do.

And then when they come back, nothing happened? Nothing happened. So Sox, you seem very happy and well settled here already, 6 months only. So what   are your long-term plans? Well I guess you know, 
JB seems like quite a viable plan with the cost and everything right and it's also nearer to home 
because my mom is growing old right. So you   know, for the next couple of years probably still 
very nearby then later on, you know, in the longer   term maybe 3 months here, 6 months there. I don't 
know. Okay. We'll see what happens. Awesome cool! What   would you say to people, specifically Singaporeans 
who might be even thinking of moving here or even   retiring here? Well I'd say, if you actually, if you are 
still working and if you work from home most of   the time, this is not, this is really good because 
you got a lot of space, you know, not cooped up, you   know, doing all the zoom and all this.

I think this 
is a very good option okay and you don't have   to travel in and out daily. Cost wise, you know, 
like food already save half, rental and whatever   it's no brainer. Okay if you are thinking of 
retiring okay, like me who has got a lot of   hobbies, I got space to practice my saxophone, I 
can do my wood work, I can take up hobbies, now   learning TCM and all, like there's just so much 
space to do it and at so much lesser cost. Yeah   the end of the day, it all comes back to space and 
cost. Yes. Yeah so not just space and in terms   of cost, you can really stretch your dollar. Yeah 
because the Singapore dollar now, what's the exchange   rate, Sox? I think it's 3.42 or there about around 
there. Do you know when I first came to Singapore   13 years ago, the exchange rate was 2.34 and 
I thought wow so much already! Yeah it's   already $1.10 more. There you go guys, just a casual 
conversation between two friends about Johor and   life in general and that's it from me, Fran from 
the Corporate Breakout Couple.

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