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Why Downsizing in Retirement may NOT be the right thing to do!

the thought of downsizing makes sense to many people and for those people there are great benefits but it's not for everyone so many people have left comments on our Channel about the fact that they don't want to downsize so we decided to do a little research on that and put together why it might not work for you so you can actually feel good about that decision and give it a a different look instead of thinking you have to do it maybe you don't have to do it I mean staying put in your current home may be the smartest thing you ever did all right so you've got this couple that we know really well they're our age their second generation owners of a home her dad who just passed away lived with them until he died at the age of 93 right yeah yeah and while at times that was difficult having him in there it really was a good end of life situation for him and they enjoyed their last time oh absolutely and now it's two of them you know all three of their kids have moved out and they actually have a second apartment second income apartment yeah which is literally a separate entrance you know and that pays a lot of the house costs I think it pays all the house costs because their mortgage is so low now because they've been they've been there for so long right and they have this younger couple now that checks in on them right so and there's still plenty of room for the kids to visit and they host events so it really made sense for them not even to think about the idea of downsizing right yeah and you know you and I talked a little bit about it you know the sign of the times is that you know a lot of our kids aren't even buying homes they're not so when they when they want to come back somewhere for a holiday it's our home so let's talk a little bit about some real concrete reasons why downsizing may not make sense right the first is financial reasons maybe the numbers just don't make sense and this is what we get a lot on our on our comments right is it they it they can't afford to move out into something even smaller right because they have they have no mortgage right and or you can just afford to stay put yeah like it's just like a no-brainer you know in a lot of instances the real estate market dictates whether or not you can afford to sell your house at a high but then where do you go well the thing is the real estate market right now in 2023 it's hot I mean everything is up so if you can sell your house at the highest it's ever been when you go to buy something it's at the highest it's ever been so it really it doesn't really matter so that's one of the aspects of financial the other aspects of the financial is maybe the monthly cost for your current home works for you yeah I know that works for like my pop right for example we wanted him to move after my mom passed away because he's in a big town he has a three-bedroom townhouse for one person he has a three bedroom three-story townhouse with a full finished basement but there's nowhere he can go two-bedroom townhouse is more money and and the monthly costs yeah you know and all of that so monthly cost is really a good thing to kind of plug in the other the other uh financial piece is a mortgage if you've paid off your mortgage you just have a little bit left why would you want to take on some debt so these are all good reasons not to want to sell your house and move and you should always check with a financial planner or a banker right just to get a little more clarity on the finance piece of downsizing or not so so the first reason you may not want to downsize is financially might not make sense that'll sum that up secondly you know you may just live in a community where you have family nearby that are going to visit yeah and a lot of people have that their kids are there their grandkids are there this is not us our kids live in six different states all over the U.S right but for people that have the children who have grown up they have jobs and they live in the same town they're having their own families and they want to come to Grandma and Grandpa's house for uh Thanksgiving or whatever the holiday might be or birthdays or sleepovers right then you know it's hard to get up and leave from that yeah and that's if the kids are there you know we're still in a generation where maybe our elderly parents still live nearby either at their home or in a facility you know of some kind so you know we are that generation that you know is still kind of figuring out what to do with our kids and grandkids and then still maybe have elderly parents so you know it's not the case for us because our kids do live all over the U.S in in six different states right and our grandkids live all the way in California although that idea of living in the same town with everybody that would be awesome I mean if that's really sweet if that was the case I think we would rethink where we live right now yeah so we're we're I'm not fortunate that they don't live near us but it's not a reason for us to stay in the same town we grew up in you know interestingly enough I found an article in AARP that did a survey and three quarters of the people over 50 wanted to stay in their house as long as possible that's a that that's a big chunk of people it was a big chunk of their survey my parents stayed your your mom stayed in in their house she did my parents never left and the survey went on to say 69 of the people said they have a relative living within close proximity to their home which helped make their decision right so you know there are reasons with family and proximity that may make sense not to downsize and move right so we talked about financial reasons not to downsize we talked about um having the family or kids live nearby or sisters or brothers whoever it might be the other thing is where you live right now might be the greatest Community ever and the lifestyle is great for you so why get up and and leave it doesn't make any sense that's right you know you might have the best if you if you have neighbors who were still there and they've been there for 30 or 40 years these are really good friends and it's critical to have these kind of people in your life yeah you can't underestimate the value of the friends that may live nearby or you may be able to walk to town and love your village and your shopkeepers and your restaurants and your local markets you know some sometimes your community provides you an opportunity to be an active volunteer yeah the other thing is as you retire you find new things in in your community that you can do right you didn't do before because now you have this 40 plus hours of free time that came your way you could volunteer right you could join a gym maybe your town has bicycle pass and you want to take up walking or cycling and just live healthier so you get to investigate what your community has and maybe you didn't know before right we joined a YMCA down here I've never belonged to a YMCA before ever in my life and I'm like why didn't I I know because they're everywhere but it really has become a good Social Hub for us and also a lifestyle yeah and a lot of studies show that towns that have a ym or YWCA really promote community and we did find that and if you live in a home or a condo or whatever it is and you can walk to Town versus drive that is a huge plus yeah because once you leave that and move out you know where you have to get in the car to go somewhere you're going to find you walk less I grew up my hometown I grew up in a college town in a big college town and there was something about that as my parents aged that kept them alive and with a buzz and you know living in that college town feel with all of those kids and all of those restaurants and all that comes with it I think if you're in a college town that might actually be a reason not to doubt I I agree because there's just an energy about it that's really really important yeah now another reason why you might not want to downsize or move is because you want to age in place and that's listen if that's what you want to do then you should try to figure out a way to do it right yeah I mean it's a big decision it's a big decision a family decision a financial decision it's whether or not you have the room to age appropriately in your house you know I know our house in Connecticut it is a vertical house four stories it would not be a great place to age you know no because it's an old house the stairs are really steep they're right they're steep narrow yeah not real deep stuff but if you can age in place in your home because that's a new thing and there's a lot of research we should actually do a video on that no Aging in place because there's a lot of new resources available there is but the other thing the other reason not to downsides is maybe there just aren't any good choices where you live yeah you can't actually go smaller your current or your current home is the perfect size yeah sometimes it's harder to live with one less bedroom than it is just to have one extra bedroom right so you know sometimes if you own a home and you want to go into an apartment apartment living just isn't for everybody no no you know and so maybe your current home has a small yard and you can still garden and you still get some energy out of that so that's another reason I think the sixth reason is really important and that's just maybe you're just not emotionally ready you know you're not ready to downsize and that's a very personal decision it is and it's if you have a partner you have to figure this out together you know again there's other videos we have on our Channel about downsizing and the Dilemma and how to work it out but maybe you know just take a pause say you know what we're not going to downsize we're going to stay here maybe we'll right size well you were ready to downsize way before I was ready to downsize and it caused friction for I would say a couple of years yeah every time you brought it up I wasn't interested and it took some time so if you're not ready that's okay right there's there's a long life ahead of you you know we we talk a lot about um because we think we're in a good spot right now but what is 10 years from now look like where will we live our kids are all somewhere else we would like to live at least near one set of kids that might help take care of us I don't know but maybe not hard because how do you choose one set of kids to go live near yeah I mean I don't know how you do that so but anyway if you don't feel the need to downsize that should be okay have comfort in that decision and you can always do it at a later date and lamenting over it time and time again it's going to wear you out and you're going to wear out your partner and your kids so if you can't decide right now just be okay or do what we did just agree to talk about it annually you know be curious about your future don't have a closed mindset as to where you think you need to be but be clear where you stand right now and if you like this and you're dedicated to staying where you are right now watch this next video because it's called instead of downsizing try this just putting in some basic upgrades into your home decorating ideas to stay put and just spruce up your home and we give you 10 inexpensive changes you can make to your home so watch this next

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