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YOU are the best cash-back program that exists

I interviewed an ex-employee at Capital One okay and she told me they run thousands and thousands of experiments on humans to figure out what's going to get them to spend more right and so what they found is hey instead of it being cashed back we should make it points cuz then you go I have 100,000 points I'm winning oh that's $100 whoops and oh I can only use it on these certain dates and these certain flights and I can only go to Boise in July and so there's all kinds of stipulations with points shout out to Boise love you guys big fans but there's always going to be a trap and if you think you're winning that's what they want you to think yeah they want you to think man I'm really sticking it to them I'm making so much money off of American Express and Discover card and what I found is you are the best cash back program that exists

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