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You’re Going To Lose Your Wife Over This!

[Music] foreign brought to you by the every dollar app start budgeting for free today okay welcome to the Ramsey Show hey good afternoon Ken and George thank you so much for taking my call well I got kind of uh a work life balance question for you and I'm wondering to try to get your input on it sure um basically I'm 43 I've worked multiple jobs my whole life up to three jobs my parents owned a local restaurant I cooked that for 10 plus years and I went to college and trade school worked in the automotive industry and when I graduated from high school I actually started and I currently owned and operate my own mobile DJ service so I worked three jobs gone seven days a week um me and my wife when we we got married we were high school sweethearts we got married we made the joint decision that she would be home and to raise our three boys which she had done and did a great job with well now uh like I said we're both 43 now she wants me home a little bit more and I'm finding myself struggling you know to try to find um mentally and adjust myself to to not work as hard or work as much as what I was doing um like I said we both own our own businesses she works part-time she pretty much picks her own hours um I'm gone pretty much all the weekends 43 weekends a year um why can't you hire some some young blood to go out there and travel for you well that's the problem I do I do have I do have another crew that goes with me to me it's not work it's a passion I love it okay so hold on seven days a week so so are you still working three jobs or just the one mobile DJ on the weekends and the 40-hour job during the week yep yep I'm a sales rep for a company okay in the Chicago area yep so what kind of money are you making as a mobile DJ how close to matching or uh uh over overcoming your current day job over I make more than what I do at my full-time job I make roughly 105 000 a year DJing I think about 93 with my sales job so you just begs the question why aren't you knocking the uh the uh 40 hour a week job off and more time with Mama and doing what you love on the weekends well health insurance that's the biggest one health insurance and I I I it's bad and my wife she says it too I'm I'm greedy you know why not make the money while I can You're Gonna Lose Your what you want to lose your wife and you're gonna lose your wife over this no I right and that's what she says to me she's like you know not too many wives would uh want their husbands gone as as much as you are but I have not missed out on any of our family functions we do have stuff the oldest is going to college EJ your wife wants you to slow down yes she may have been agreeable but I don't think she's going to continue to be agreeable and this isn't good for you and I'm going to suggest to you that there's more to it than greed I don't I think that's a I think that's a cheap excuse for you as to why you're working all the time and I'm not trying to put you on the spot I don't want to in any way um uh attack you and I there's something going on with you or you need to be busy all the time and you've got your wife crying out gently saying I want you here I want us to have more time together you've done a great job so far you got your kids out they're doing their thing you're financially great you've got this passion project which is spinning off more money than your day job and I think there's something that you're running from and I think the busier you are the less you have to listen to it am I right or am I wrong and I don't mind being wrong no you're yeah you're absolutely right I feel like I got to be doing something all the time I just can't like sit down and yeah but there's a reason there's a reason for that and you're you're and you need to you need to sit with a counselor and a therapist and let's and I'm not going to put you on the spot here but I'm telling you you're like the people who run all the time ultra marathoners they're running from something yeah they just are I'm not attacking I'm not no no listen some people are smiling in the booth listen I'm telling you if you're all the time like every spare minute of your day you're exercising or running it's because you're trying to stay ahead of something as opposed to meeting it head on and you've admitted this and your wife is crying out for you and you better listen and I'm just going to tell you you need to figure out why you want to be working all the time because that's not natural which means it's not healthy right nope you're absolutely right 100 right so TJ there's a few options here number one you drop the DJ stuff you choose the local gig spare and drop the DJ he loves that he loves it but what if he could do the local ones and hire the team out and he still makes some money off of that he can still choose yeah or you leave this full-time job you just DJ and that's what you do in your home all week with your wife and you're gone on the weekends get healthy but we can't continue doing all of this multiple jobs never at home and your wife wondering did I sign up to be single because the kids are gone now she's really feeling what she said dude that's a word for word of what exactly she said now we only have one of our of our sons is in college and we're casual in that so he's going to college debt free and we have two other Sons one's a junior in high school and the other is in eighth grade so we do have almost even more but it's even more important that you're in the home I misunderstood I thought all three were gone now it's even double important that you're there and don't get and don't play the whole I'm at all their sporting events doesn't matter if you're not around the house and you're not there you're setting a precedent and an example for your boys that it's okay to be checked out as long as you say you're working or you're busy and that couldn't be further from the truth and I listen I know that sounds tough it's not my heart's hurting for you and your wife I'm glad you admitted it I want you to go see accounts I'm going to challenge you you need to be in a couple therapy sessions before 30 days is up and begin to dive in deep as to what's got you running so fast what are you running from healing health everything's on the other side of that

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